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1930 Federal Census - Collin County, Texas

Every-Name Index

I'm in the process of updating these pages - please be patient!

Thanks to several volunteers, we are creating an every-name index to the 1930 Federal Census for Collin County. Check back soon, as areas of the county are completed they will be added to the site.

    Current status of the web pages:
  • EDs 43-1, 2, 3, 4 and 12 thru 17 are indexed and online for browsing.
  • EDs 43-6, 7 and 25 are indexed and online for browsing, but need some more work to fill in the blanks.
  • ED - 43-8 is partially indexed but not online.
  • Alphabetical listings - not processed or online yet.
    Thank You Volunteers!!
  • Lynne Darrouzet
  • Joy Gough
  • Ned Hoover
  • Frank Kalbac
  • Carol Miller
  • Clare Molina
  • Lisa Pierce
  • Sidney Polley
  • Linda Stickler

This index is presented in two formats - an alphabetical (by surname) index and a listing of the people on each sheet in the enumeration districts. Use the links to the left to navigate through these pages.

Also, we are only human. If you find a typo or error, please let us know -

Like all indexes, this only gives a portion of the information that appears on the census. If you would like a copy of the actual census page, we can send you one for a donation of $5.00 - just send us an email -

Information included in index: Additional information included on the census:
Dwelling Number Street Name
Family Number House Number
Surname House Owned or Rented
Given Name Value of Home
Relation Radio Set
Sex Live on a Farm
Race Age at First Marriage
Age Attended School or College
Birthplace Able to Read and Write
Enumberation District Birthplace of Father
Township/City or PO Birthplace of Mother
Sheet Number Native Language
Stamped Number Year of Immigration
  Able to Speak English
  Occupation & Industry
  Class of Worker
  At Work the Previous Day
  Number on Unemployment Schedule
  Whether a Veteran & What War
  Number of Farm Schedule
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