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FORWARD TO THE PAST by Pearl Elley Bethune
(A copy of this book can be found at the San Antonio, New Braunfels, Seguin and Fredericksburg Libraries)
 As sent by:
 Walter Schupp

I recommend every Schupp or relation read the following book “Forward to the Past” by Pearl Elley Bethune.
For many years I have done my best to read most anything written about the German immigration to Texas, using
many recommended reading list on the subject. One title has always eluded me,“Forward to the Past”. None of the
libraries where I did research had a copy. Several days ago while searching the on line catalog for the Killeen library,
there it is again, so off to the library. I enlisted the help of the librarians, and the book can not be found. Saturday,
I am back searching for the book on my own, to no avail, again, enlist the assistance of a different librarian. She
tells me where to look. Been there, done that, So away she goes. About 10 minutes later she returns with book
 in hand. It had been misfiled.
About now you are wondering, Why, All the hoop-la? First, let me tell you this book  is in part a translation of a Diary
written in German. It tells of the voyage onboard the Bark Neptune, a three master Sail Ship, 115 foot long, 27 foot wide
and 18 foot high, with 214 passengers and 17 crew members, plus all their worldly goods, and some of the hardships
of coming to and settling in Texas in 1845. Do the math folks; that is 231 people in a space smaller than most of your
homes. AGAIN, WHY? Because; our first ancestor to come to Texas, Freidrich Heinrich Schupp, was onboard this
ship and shared the same hardships with the man who wrote the Diary.
Walter Schupp
Bark Neptune

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