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LANGE'S MILL, TEXAS. Lange's Mill is on Threadgill Creek just off Farm Road 783 two miles north of Doss in northwestern Gillespie county. The mill itself was established in 1849 by the Doss brothers, but it was later renamed for William F. Lange, who ran the mill from 1859 to 1878. In 1880 the community that grew up around Lange's Mill received its mail from Cherry Spring. A post office called Lange was established at the community in 1898, with Julius Lange as postmaster. In 1914 the Lange's Mill community comprised some 150 residents, a Baptist and a Lutheran church, and a general store. The local post office was discontinued in 1917, and mail for the community was sent to Doss. A historical marker was placed at the mill in 1936. In the early 1990s the mill remained in the Lange family and was still standing, though it had been closed to prevent vandalism.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Marker Files, Texas Historical Commission, Austin.

Vivian Elizabeth Smyrl

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