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   Bibliography - Gillespie County, Texas

Chris Kneupper
The Bremers and Their Kin in Germany and Texas, Volumes 1 and 2, Robert R. Robinson, Jr., Porter Press  Copyright 1979
(Index of names A-L )
(Index of names M-Z )

Laurie Ackels
Texas Graveyards, A Cultural Legacy, by Terry G. Jordan University of Texas Press, 1982, contains a discussion on the Texas-German Graveyards (including Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, etc.) with a lot of information about German burial practices and traditions. For example, the tradition of grave markers having one or more hex symbols. These are those odd sun wheels or pointed figures, as well as the roses and swastikas that appear and leave us puzzled. He also talks about craftsmanship that is uniquely German such as shell-decorated concrete grave covers, glassed wreath boxes, and gorgeous metal work related to crosses, wreaths and gates.

 If you are curious about what those hex markings mean on your ancestors' tombstones, Laurie Ackels volunteered to look them up in her copy. 

Jeni Buckles
1.  Kirchen-Buch, Church Record Book of the Vereins-Kirche, 1849-1870. A
Translation by Ella A. Gold. Translation of original German records of the
Fredericksburg, Gillespie county TX community church. Includes baptisms,
confirmations, marriages and deaths.  (Index)
2.  Records of Der Friedhof Cemetery, Established 1846, Fredericksburg
Texas. Name, date of birth, date of death and location of tombstones in the
Fredericksburg City Cemetery from 1846 to 1990. (index)
3.  Greenwood Cemetery, compiled by Fredericksburg Genealogical Society.
Name, maiden name, notes, date of birth, date and marriage, and location of
tombstones. Includes index for maiden surnames. 1894 to Feb 1994. (index)
4.  Pioneers in God's Hills, Vols. I & II, published by Gillespie County
Historical Society. Stories and biographies of families of Fredericksburg TX
and Gillespie co. TX. Also includes 1850 and 1860 census listings, ship list
extractions. Names from biographies are indexed.  (Vol. I - Index)  (Vol. 2 - Index)
5.  Old Homes and Buildings of Fredericksburg by Elise Kowert. Collection of
newspaper articles of the history of homes (includes owners and heirs) in
Fredericksburg in Gillespie county, Texas. Incomplete index.
6.  Fredericksburg, Texas..., The First Fifty Years, A Translation of
Penniger's 50th Anniversary Festival Edition. Translation of original
document published during the 50th anniversary celebration of the founding
of Fredericksburg. Various stories and pictures. (index)
7.  The Gillespian, journal of the Fredericksburg Genealogical Society.
Issues include St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery survey, early Gillespie county
marriage records, 1870 census index, family group sheets, and some church
8.  75th Year Jubilee of St. Mary's Parish  Fredericksburg, Texas by Rev. H.
Gerlach.  A short history of the parish from 1846-1921.  A list of the
founding members of the parish and a list of parish families and single men
in 1921.  Also a list of members of St. Anthony's parish in Harper in 1921. (index)
9. A New Land Beckoned  German Immigration to Texas, 1844 to 1847 by Chester
W. and Ethel H Geue.  List of the German Immigrants to Texas 1844-1847.
10.  Ludwig Heinrich and Lisette Lehmann Schmidt.  Compiled by Ruth Schmidt
Dyar.  Decendants of Ludwig and Lissette Schmidt from Neu Klockenhagen,
Mecklenburg, Germany.
11. The Schmidt - Wahrmund Family History 1789-1988 by Erna Schmidt
Schneider.  Includes the families of Mathias and Elizabeth Schmidt and Louis
Wahrmund and Susanna Ressmann Wahrmund.

David Crane
The History of German Settlements in Texas, 1831-1861, by Rudolph L. Biesele, 1930. Reprinted by The German-Texan Heritage Society and Eakin Press in 1987.

James Forsyth

Fredericksburg 1943 Mesa Yearbook Lookups

Dianne Monreal

I maintain a large database of the descendants of George SIFFORD. Joshua Green SIFFORD (1873-1952) and his wife, Maggie Mahalia SUTHERLAND (1881-1957) lived on Morris Ranch, Gillespie Co., TX and had 15 children: Fred Lee; Bernice; Rosamond, Sterling Benton; Maggie Ruth; Julia Estelle; Marion Otis; Howard A.; Lois Ellendee; Russell G.; Ford D.; Gladys Alberta; Joshua Green, Jr. (actually the 3rd); Phannita Christine; and Ella Alvira. I am willing to help anyone researching this line or who thinks that they may tie into this line.

Tom Keyser:

 I have the following books available to do lookups. In addition, I have a family tree that encompasses Gillespie, Comal and Guadalupe Counties although the Guadalupe County side is a little weak. The families I have been researching are ALTHAUS, KOEPP, WAHL, KEYSER, ROEDER and numerous others that have been added in the research.

        Jean Schlather

         I have the books ;
         Der Friedhof Cemetery Records  1846-1996
         Kurchenbuch Church Record Book of the Vereins-Kirche 1849-1870   
         A New Land Beckoned, German Immigration To Texas 1844-1847 by Chester W. Geue
         New Homes In A New Land, German Immigration To Texas 1847-1861 By Ethel  Geue
         I would be glad to do lookups.   Jean Schlather

Gillespie County; A View of Its Past. A unique collection of photographs which chronicles the people who settled and developed this Texas Hill Country soil.

 This pictorial history begins with conversations of emmigration in the drawing rooms of Germany and tracks the settlers from their homeland to the Texas shores on the Gulf of Mexico, and finally to the hill country of Texas where peace with the indians was established.

 Beyond the early days of settlement lies one hundred fifty years of growth in Gillespie County which can be viewed on each page of this book.

 Full-color edition $38.95 plus $2.89 TX sales tax.
Leather-bound edition $100.00 plus $8.25 TX tax.
Add $5.00 shipping handling for domestic delivery by mail.
Send your check, name and address to:

 Gillespie County Historical Society
312 W. San Antonio Street
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

  • Or call 830/997-2835 for more information.