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The following researchers are on this list.  Join the list and add your names.  If you are already on the list and haven't added your names this would be good time to do it.  The more researchers to join will give all researchers of the Texas Hill
Country a chance to find their families.  Since this page is on the search engine it makes the chances of being seen even higher.  

Kenneth Bailey,

I need help with some HAAS connections in the area ------------ do you have a
C. A. HAAS married a BAILEY?
 I too need help with HAAS families in North and East Texas-----

Winnie Brooks,

Blanco Co:
(1) The Christopher Pruit and Joseph Campbell families who came from
Crawford/Gasconade Co, MO
(2) The Moses Snow family who moved over from Hopkins Co, TX, but Moses was
originally from Murray Co, GA
(3) The Edwin Posey family who also moved over from Hopkins Co, Tx (but were
originally also from Gasconade/Osage Co, MO)

Blanco, Gillespie, Hays, ??:  The Watsons - Jacob, Benjamin, John, James, &
Richard and their families and mom, Elizabeth.  They arrived in the area
from Osage Co, MO after 1850.

  "John Coers" <>

My name is John Coers.  I am researching the following:
Comal Co.:  Coers, Startz,
Hays Co.:  Eberhard
Blanco Co.:  Liesmann, (also Leasman and Luessmann related but with
spelling of name), Lindner and Simon.

More on Coers:
Although my older uncles were born in late 1800s, my Grandfather (A.C.  Coers) had been orphaned and no one knew any history of Coers (when they came to Texas, where they had lived in Germany).  In 1970s, I stumbled on the 2 Geue books listing passengers coming to Texas in 1845 and later.   The Coers came to Texas in 1845 on ship Gesina, have traced back to late 1600s in Woehle,

In 1983, I was fortunate to work in Germany for 3 years and visit Braunfels, Germany and then to find relatives in Woehle, Germany.  Recently found via internet that Coers probably came to Woehle from Netherlands and that spellings there were Cortz,  Cords and Cordes.

Great grandfather Heinrich Coers married Karoline Startz after arriving from Germany.  They lived where Canyon Lake is now (near Tom's Creek).  Their graves were moved to Fischer Store, Tx.  Karoline is related to Startz's at Starzville, Tx.  His son,  A.C. Coers was teacher and worked with New Braunfels newpaper.  Left New Braunfels in 1915 when my father was a baby and became Principal/teacher at one room school (Blum Schule) on York's Creek in Guadalupe County.  He wrote very interesting history of the Blum school (in old Germany script), I am in process of having it translated.  I have had his love letters (from his 1 year courtship with my Oma in 1800's) translated.  It gives very interesting history of life at that time.  He rode horseback frequently to Twin Sisters (near Blanco) to court his girlfriend (Alma Liesmann).  They married after 1 year courtship.  My father, uncles, and aunt all were raised in New Braunfels and Seguin area and German was their primary language.  I am working on Coers Ancestory Book.  I plan to submit some extracts to Comal County Geneological Society for their periodic publication.

More on Liesmann:
I have copy of some research done by Lisa Ann Williams of Houston, Tx which was passed on to me by my father.  The Luessmann's (again changed to Liesmann and Leasmann) came from Essel Germany.

  Dave Crane <>

SCHUMANN, KLEIN, ORTH and SCHMEISER (Comal), LUDWIG and SCHAPER (Guadalupe, Methodist Circuit Riders, Rio Grande Conference), MENG (Guadalupe and Comal) and MUENNINK (Medina).
OK, so Guadalupe doesn't count.  But they only retired there.

  Van & Nancy Estes <>

I have a book Kerr County 1856-1976 I could do some look ups if you had full names during these years.

A reply to another researcher:

I don't see Virgil Watson, but do have D.R. , Felix, James, R.A., Richard, & William.  Any of these fit?

 Sally Kelly Etebari,

UVALDE:  Kelly, Johnson, Dearing, Felts
REAL:  Felts
MASON:  Watts, Turner, Teague, Sallee
LAVACA:  Johnson, Dearing

Most of these ancestors migrated to Texas from GA, MS and LA from about
1850-1870.  If you have a connection to any of these surnames, I would love
to hear from you so that we can compare notes.

Cheryl Fair,  "Kenneth Fair" <> in Mississippi


My Watsons arrived in the mid 1850's from the Gasconade/Osage area of

Anyone have these names?  I know of Winnie Brooks who has already posted.

A reply to another researcher:
The D. R. I believe is David Richard, son of Richard Watson who moved to Kerr county around 1860 and then went to Arkansas in the war and died there.

Don't know Felix.

R.A. may be first son of James Watson, brother to Richard above.  James was married to Massy Rollins in MO but she died because he is married to Mary Jane (Lou) on 1870 Kerr Co. census with more children.

Richard could be the Richard Watson who moved to Arkansas and he had a son John William.  Brother James also had a son William and there was a William son of another brother Jacob that we have not found.  Jacob was brother to Richard and James.  He also moved to the Blanco Co. area from MO.

Does anybody have these families?

Cheryl Fair
in Mississippi

Edna Felps,   or 830 336 3306

Ackermann, Beauchamp, Carlous, Coker,  Danz, Davidson, Donsbach, Duelm, Felps, Forelich, Gembler, Gold, Olfers,Tjaden,
Schievelbein, Wagner,

 Ginger Goetze,


"Faye Herbort" <>

I am researching Schnerr, Hotopp and Welge of Gillespie Co. TX. Any info on these families appreciated.  Since I have saw that Bexar Co. is on the list of Hill Country counties I have a query. I am looking for three Hotopp sister- Mary, Meta and Clara. They were daughters of Carl Hotopp and Ida Schmidt Hotopp. I believe these sisters lived their adult lives in San Antonio, TX. Any Help
appreciated. Researching the Rischner family of Gillespie Co. Searching for information on:
Davy Jean Schnerr Alberthal
Dorothy Lee Schnerr Schmidt
Emma E. Schnerr Nagel
Geraldine Clara Schnerr Whitehead
Johanne Schnerr Mueller
Shirley Elizabeth Schnerr Lange
These people are from Gillespie County
Researching Emil & Meta Grona Schnerr. Believe they lived in Bexar Co. Any
info about their children will be greatly appreciated!!
I am looking for information on Albert & Lydia Ellebracht Schnerr of
Gillespie Co. TX.

Reply to another researcher:
I knew a Virgil Watson from Kerr Co. Any connection? Believe he had family in Colo.

 Janelle Holmes <> - Blanco County Webpage Coordinator - Dripping Springs, Tx

Anyone with roots in Blanco County that has your family tree please contact me. I am going to be putting up family histories on the Blanco County webpage for as many of the original or founding families in the Blanco County as I can find. Intend to get as much as I can from Families of Blanco County and other books, but it would be nice if it
came from more immediate sources.

  "Lee Lassus" <>

Beverly B. Watson is a direct descendent of my family too. I come from his first wife, Sally Locke. One of their sons, John Marion Watson, was my ggggrandfather. John Marion was born in Tennessee and moved to Comal County where in 1857 he married Serena Anne Johnson. John and Serena both died and are buried in Killeen, Texas. I don't have any information on the children of Beverly and Nancy Locke. Would be interested in sharing.

Reply to Lee Trail Lassus at:)  ...Native Texan

 "Priscilla Leddy" <>

I am researching the Lange family of Gillespie County.

 "Les Minear" <>

I'm researching  MINEAR, GUIN, and WIGHT, in BANDERA, LAMPASAS, BLANCO, and BEXAR Countys. But mostly BANDERA

"Cathy Morgan" <> in Oregon
My surnames of my direct line are
Crenshaw (Kerr)
Page(Blanco & Kerr)
Green (Blanco)
Burleson(Kerr & Gillespie)
Fred(Blanco & Edwards)
Bishop (Kerr, Kendall)

affiliated family names:
Carson, Wingenrhode, Johnson, Trainer, Maddox, Conn, Goar, Trotter, Council,
Archer, Hein, and many many more!

A reply to Faye Herbort:

Actually, it is an interesting connection.  Beverly B. Watson married Nancy Page, sister of Robert L. Page (first sheriff of Blanco County and my great great grandfather).  They had two children, who migrated to Texas I understand (hoping someone in the Hill County might connect to them). Another descendant of Beverly Watson by his first wife (not Nancy) used to take care of the Blanco website. I don't have any descendants of James H. Watson and Lily J. Watson yet.

Jan Morrison,    Jan <>


Carolyn Blain Pruitt,

Burnet County, Cypress Mill, Marble Falls - FUCHS, GOEBEL, MARRS

Dorothy Sagebiel,    sage <> - Fourth Generation Texan

I'm looking for SAGEBIEL, DECHERT, OTTMERS, and many others in Gillespie and Comal counties.

Julie Kiser Scharff,
Searching for any Kiser's,  menard , junction, Mason county,  Brady and
Comanche counties..   Also Masters,  & Thompsons

Reply to another researcher:
 Charlie,   would you contact me regarding your Haas line..

Sheryl McNeely Shaw, - Crosby, TX

In Travis County TX, I am researching GILES, LAND, and JACKSON.  These
families were located in and around Austin.

 Dora Smith <>

I am looking for someone who needs some Texas research done and lives near a NARA center to trade some research with me.

I live in Austin, Texas, have access to the government records here and to the census, BMD and land records for the entire state that are at the state library genealogical department. Austin is in the Hill Country, and in Travis County.

What I don't have access to are a NARA research center. I think that the only one in Texas is in northern Texas near Dallas.

I need to find the possible military records for my great grandfather.  I have his date of birth, where he lived once an adult, date of and who married, children who lived, and date and place of death. I don't have anything at all on his family or where he was born, except consistently listed as Pennsylvania.  There is some kind of flag inscription on his grave that suggests that he might have had a military record.  This record could yield tons of critically important info on his background, family and apparently checkered career.

Charles L. Moore was born in July or August 1859, have exact date from death certificate with corroboration from 1900 census record, and also the different year which is on his grave. He allegedly was born in Pennsyvania, to Thomas Moore as nearly as I can make out the name scrawled on the death certificate, and Thomas was born in Pennsylvania and his mother probably in Maryland, though sometimes that is listed as Pennsylvania.  He was a roller turner, which is a type of steelworker, on the 1900 and 1910 census
and on his death certificate, which says he was a "Self employed roller turner".  A roller turner operates a very large piece of machinery that processes rolls of steel and makes very large steel parts.  He married Carrie B. Dehart, the daughter of a prosperous member of a prosperous Pennsylvania Dutch family who owned extensive land and investments in Reading, Berks County,
PA, and worked in a beer factory where they were currently living in Highspire, Dauphin County, PA, near Harrisburg.  There was a prospering steel industry nearby.  In 1880 census, "Carrie B. Moore", barely 18 years old, is found "visiting" in the household of her parents and Charles Moore could not be found, though I had no index to use and did not search Harrisburg.  I searched the three townships where I know my people lived, and the adjacent townships.  Charles Moore would have been 20 years old.
Conceivably, he was in the army at this time. I do not, however, know that they married in Dauphin County, or that they lived there.
Charles and Carrie had Bessie Mae Moore, in May 1884, family records have "Dauphin County" but no corroboration, and Nellie Moore, b January 1886, her death notice said in Reading, her death certificate said Pennsylvania, and her husband's death notice said HE was born in Reading, too, and he was born in New Jersey.  Now, there is some shadow on this family history. Charles Moore
may possibly have had manic depression. Looks like two thirds of his descendants inherited it and the other lines carried nothing as serious. The Dehart relatives big time didn't like the Moores, and the ones who survive refuse to tell either my father or me "the whole story of how they CAME to Drexil Hill!". The one garbled story I got mostly just sounded sleazy.  In PHiladelphia, the head of house was listed in the city directory as the younger of the two girls who both still lived at home. My father was ever told nothing about Charles Moore and only heard the man called Charles Moore, by his mother and grandmother who often stayed with my father's
parents for years at a time, and by his mother's cousin who was the only one to tell him any family history, and who told her own daughter only things she wanted her to know.  Charles and family seem to have done an odd amount of moving around for a steelworker in a prosperous area. It is possible taht Carrie sometimes stayed with her parents for reasons that had nothing to do
with Charles away in the army, or he could have been away in the army, or he could have been living in Reading in 1886.  The Moore family lived in Wilmington, Delaware, for some undetermined amount of time before 1908, and are found there in the 1900 census.  They reportedly had relatives in or near Wilmington, or elsewhere in New CAstle County, Delaware, who certainly were Moore relatives or Charles' mother's people, since every one of CArrie's Pennsylvania Dutch relatives lived in Berks and Dauphin Counties.
According to my father, Charles probably had a sister named Libby.  At some point, some of these relatives lived near enough to Charles' family, while Nellie was a teenager, to be sending "her out in clothes that her mother had".

In 1908, Charles Moore and family turn up in the Philadelphia city directory, at 5222 Webster Ave in Philadelphia - or rather, Nelly turns up there listed as a dressmaker.

Nelly later married a man from New Jersey who was unusually prosperous for an accountant with a plumbing firm; they had a big house in the richest section of Drexil Hill from 1928 until their deaths. Also appears Nellie was a skinflint; she gave the minister who handled her husband's funeral $2.00! They had no children, and my father's brother, who was close to them, and his son, are long since dead, and I can't find anyone of the husband's rare name in the towns in New Jersey he was from and where a nephew was listed on Nellie's death on the funeral home records, who claims to be related to him. Ha, ha, ha.  It doesn't help that most of
them are dead, too.  But I found a widow with the family history her husband put together, very nice woman, wrote me a nice letter, her husband's work contained no mention of any of these people.
The entire family is listed at 5222 Webster St on the 1910 census, and the census states that they owned the house free and clear with no mortgage. Bessie Mae, my grandmother, who was working as a secretary or clerk both in 1910 and when she married, married in 1911, and she listed 5222 Webster on her application.  Now, I wonder if that is on account of Carrie, since her family had money and no reason to think Charles had any, also when she was old it appeared to my father that she had some money.  Not an outrageious
amount by that time; I think what was left of it may have helped put my father through seminary!

Philadelphia did, it seems from an extensive discussion on the PHILLY-ROOTS list, have an extensive heavy industry that would have employed a roller turner, and according to the 1910 census Charles Moore ahd been employed continuously as a roller turner for teh past year.  I don't know if Wilmington can make a similar claim.  The 1900 census does not show anyone obviously related to
Charles Moore living immediately near him; no Moore's, and no Libby.  They occupied a single street number by themselves.  Type of residence; nonfarm (big help).  But I still wonder why on his death certificate n 1920, he died of surgical shock maybe with bowel obstruction or something, Charles Moore is listed as a "roller turner", "self employed".  I had expected to find the man barely worked a day in his life.  His widow, who is listed as the informant on the death certificate, must have been out of her mind; his death certificate and the 1900 census give one date of birth for him - and his grave has a different date of birth on it.  Different year; I'm not sure any specific date is there. (I have it someplace)  She bought a whole bunch of grave plots at the time when Charles Moore died, and
her ghost still owns them (according to cemetery records).  I also have the date Charles L. Moore died in 1920.

I have no clue if he or his wife collected any military pension.  Also no idea what branch of the service.  His grave is so thrown together, he shares a single marker with his wife, Nellie and her husband, someone couldn't even get his birthdate right, that it is odd indeed that a flag would have been engraved, specifically on his grave, unless as teh person who viewed it for me suggests, it does mean he had a military record.  He is apparently the first to use that marker, though I do not know that it was put there when he died.  Could have been put there by Nellie, who was the last of the four of them to die.

I live nowhere near a NARA center, I am short of cash, and I understand that military records are hard to locate, which in my experence makes using LDS's films impractical and a dreadful waste of time, he may have been in the army, the navy, or the marines, though I think the army used the most recruits.  I want to find any relatives through this family before my father dies, which event is expected three months from now. I do get the idea that searching these records is not a brief lookup.  A genealogist would charge me about $100 for the project.

I want to see if possibly anyone who needs some research done in Texas and lives near a NARA center would trade work with me.

I am interested in locating Crocketts.  My grandmother was Matilda Jane Crockett, born in Erath Co.  Her father was Andrew Jackson Crockett.  Also, would appreciate a look-up in Llano Co. for any info on Thomas Tubbs. Believe he was buried at Six Mile Creek Cemetery.  Believe his wife, Sarah, was related to A.J. Crockett.  Both buried in Medina, TX.

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