CEMETERIES, Gonzales Co.

Leesville Cemetery

This cemetery was inventoried by South Texas
Genealogical & Historical Society, Gonzales, TX.
It was printed in the quarterly of that society.

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Leesville Cemetery

---?---, Lucie Pauline
Aaron, Adolphus
Aaron, Clara E.
Aaron, Madora, wife of J.S. Aaron
Addy, Rachel J., Wife of Jesse Addy
Allen, Earnest
Alley, Ida E.
Alley, Pvt. Ross H., killed in battle, 1918, France
Anderson, Elizabeth A.
Baker, E.A.
Bailey, Elsie Marie
Bailey, Ernest B.
Baker, F.C.
Baker, Seabe L., TX Sgt. WWI
Baker, Russ
Baker, L.D., Wife of R. Baker
Ballard, Allie L.
Ballard, Barkley E., son of B.E. and M.J> Ballard
Ballard, B.E.
Ballard, George L.
Ballard, William B., son of B.E. and M.J. Ballard
Barnett, Jesse James, son of H.R. and Lottie Haynes Barnett
Barnett, Lottie Haynes, wife of H.G. Barnett
Beene, Jesse C.
Bell, Baby John
Bell, Baby Maren Miller
Bell, Ollie Caraline
Boatright, Leoard
Boatright, Leonard
Boatright, Mary
Boatright, W.B.
Bradford, Lura
Bradford, Naomi
Bradford, William J.
Brady, Baby Girl
Bratton, Cayloma
Bratton, Mellvine T.
Brelsford, C.A.
Brelsford, Alice Swann
Brelsford, Denisha Jane nee Turley
Brelsford, Ethel May, dau of R.W. and M.A. Brelsford
Brelsford, Frank
Brelsford, Ira Leo
Brelsford, R.W.
Brelsford, Sarah L.
Brelsford, S.B.
Brewer, Carrie Nee Alley
Brice, Cordie C.
Brice, John Lewis Jr.
Bricker, H.C.
Bricker, Wm. Henry
Brooks, Alice F.
Brooks, John W.
Brooks, Mrs. Rosetta
Brown, Emma E.
Brown, Eugene Huber, son of S.H. and V.I. Brown
Brown, Jacob W.
Brown, Jesse D., son of W.H. and R.H. Brown
Brown, John W.
Brown, Lydia A., dau of W>H. And R.h. Brown
Brown, Mary E., wife of E.S. Smith
Brown, Rachel A.
Brown, Villulia, dau of S.H. and V.i. Brown
Brown, W.H.
Caraway, Amanda
Caraway, Cynthia Ann
Caraway, F.M.
Caraway, Pearl C., dau of F.M. and F.A. Caraway
Carr, Emanuel
Carr, Hattie, dau of W.M. and L. Carr
Carr, Leo, son of W.M. and A.L. Carr
Carr, Loleat
Carr, Wallace M.
Clark, Jesse F., son of W.I. and R.D. Clark
Clark, Marlin E., son of W.I. and R.D. Clark
Clark, R.D., Mother
Clark, W.I., Father
Clayton, John Henry, VA Troops CSA
Clayton, Sophrona
Coker, James
Coker, James, son of J. And R.A. Coker
Coker, Jordan
Coker, Louis Allen
Collins, James A.
Collins, Rotella K.
Collison(?), Martha Y. (See note at end of listings)
Cowey, Wilie H.
Croft, Edward
Croft, Martha E.
Davis, Claude R.
Davis, Eva A.
Davis, Josephine
Davis, Lena Lenora
Davis, R.M.
Dawe, James Albert
Dawe, Mary Elizabeth
Denmark, Talley B.
Downs, Elva Louise
Downs, Emma Elizabeth Nance, Sister
Downs, J. Oscar
Downs, Martha A.
Downs, O.R.
Downs, Robert Smiley
Duke, C.A., wife of P.R . Duke
Duke, Homer E.
Duke, Katie
Duke, P.R.
Dupree, Edna Earl, Sr.
Elder, Coila Downs
Elder, George T.
Ellie, Edna Leona
Ellis, Mrs. J.D.
Ellis, J.D.
Ellis, Matilda A.
Falks, Benjamin M.
Fly, Dr. John M.
Fly, Ella J.
Fly, Ella John, wife of John M. Fly
Fly, Hattye B., dau of John M. And Ella J. Fly
Fly, Mrs. Annie Brown
Fly, Roger Q., son of Dr. J.M. and Annie Fly
Fly, W.K.
Foster, Mary Caroline
Foster, Wm. Epps
Gilmore, John A., son of Thos. I and Sarah E. Gilmore
Gordon, Callie Jane
Graham, John F.
Graham, Minaeva (Mina Eva)
Guinn, Dr. H.H., son of N.W. and E.h. Guinn
Guinn, M.A., dau of N.W> and E.H. Guinn
Hale, A.C.
Harden, Jacob
Harper, Jane
Harper, Martha C., wife of W.F. Harper
Harper, Wm. F.
Harris, Frank Lee
Harris, H.B.
Harrison, Lula Elvira
Harrision, Wm. Henry
Hawes, John H., son of J.R. and A.M. Hawes
Hawkins, L.H.
Haynes, A.C.
Haynes, Charlie August
Haynes, Estelle Caraway
Haynes, Geneva, dau of J.D. and M.S. Haynes
Haynes, H.D.
Haynes, Jesse Dean, husband of Sulie Brelsford
Haynes, L.E., wife of H.D. Haynes
Haynes, Roy, son of Annie and W.C. Haynes
Haynes, Susan F.
Haynes, Sulie Nee Brelsford, wife of J.D. Haynes
Hearner, Mrs. E.M.
Hill, Edna Ellis
Holmes, James M., son of N. And S.H. Holmes
Holmes, L.L.
Holmes, Lutie J.
Holmes, Margie May
Holmes, Melissa
Holmes, Nannie Belle Brelsford
Holmes, R.A., Our Babies, N. And S.H. Holmes
Holmes, Samuel Houston
Holmes, William A.
Humble, Mrs. Mae
Ivy, Ell
Ivy, John H.
Jarratt, Benjamine Franklin
Jarrett, James A.
Jarrett, Jemmy AS., son of A. And C.V. Jarrett
Jarratt, Martha Carolina
Jarrett, Mrs. C.V.
Johnson, H.W.
Johnson, R.J.
Jordan, L.A.
Keith, Austin
Keith, Dellphine
Keith, Effie H., dau of S.E. and J.T. Keith
Keith, Jasper H., CSA Veteran
Keith, J.T., son of J.T. and S.E. Keith
Keith, J.T.
Keith, Jorrathan R., TX Pvt 1 Cl 815 Serv park unit MTC
Keith, Malinda, Wife of A.L. Keith
Keith, Sarah Elizabeth
Kiser, Gus Eddie
Kiser, Odo K.
Kiser, Winnie Dee
Langley, William A., son of G.E. and M.I. Langley
Lay, Mrs. Susan E.
Lay, Myrtle O.
Lay, Wilson
Leaton, Asbury, son of Rev. R.M. and V.A. Leaton
Leazar, Hix L.
Leazar, Rachel
Leazar, William S.
Lincecum, Mabel
Lincecum, Norton
Littlefield, August 25, 1997elilah Talley
Littlefield, Aunt Minnie
Littlefield, Capt. C.C.
Littlefield, Charles E.
Littlefield (Judge) O.I.
Littlefield, Lenora
Littlefield, Mary E.
Littlefield, M.M.
Littlefield, Mrs. Anzo
Littlefield, Mrs. S.E., Wife of C.C. Littlefield
Littlefield, Pauline, inf of Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Littlefield
Littlefield, Uncle Zack
Littlefield, William Edward
Littlefield, W.W.
Livingston, Hugh G.
Long, C.M.
Long, Mrs. Mary Emma
Long, Ruby May
Lott, Baby
Lott, Ben Albert
Lott, Beulah Irene, dau of Albert and Annie Collins
Lott, James Ernest
Lott, Jimmie Ella
Lott, Maggie A.
Lott, Minnie Catharine
Lott, Mary D.
Lott, Wm.,
Mahan, Dorothy Jarratt
Mahan, James Ollie, son of J.M. and D.C> Mahan
Mahan, J.M.
Mahan, Laban, TX PFC WWI
Majors, Thos. S.
Marcrum, Eliza S., Wife of J.D. Marcrum
Marsh, Josiah
Martin, Bennie Jarratt
Martin, Cecil Augustus
Martin, DeWitt C.
Martin, Elmo C., TX Pvt WWI
Martin, Eddie A.
Martin, J.E.
Martin, Josephine D.
Martin, Lois Annie (Warner)
Martin, Lyudia Alzada
Martin, Mattie J.
Martin, Virginia F., wife of J.E. Martin
Martin, Wm. E., TXZ Pvt WWI
Martin, Wm. Orville
Mayfield, J.T.
Mayfield, Maggie C.
McBryde, Mattie, wife of J.M. McBryde and dau of E.Y. and M.J. Seale
McGlothing, Mrs. Virgie
McNemar, H.C.
McNemar, Hester Lay
McNemar, J.B.
McNemar, J.O.
McNemar, John Gardna
Meyer, Carolyn Ruth
Miller, Susie, dau of J.T. and J.F. Miller
Mills, Lois E.
Mills, Luther
Mills, Neola
Mills, Richmond R.
Mitchell, ? Andrew
Mohle, Elizabeth Downs
Mohle, George Alberrt
Moore, Anna Belle
Moore, Eliza L.(E.?)
Moore, Jerry B.
Moore, W.J.
Moore, Wm. Earl, Son of W.C. and O.A. Moore
Morrision, Elizabeth
Morrision, Louis
Morrison, Lula A., wife of N.M. Morrison
Morrison, J.M.
Morrison, N.M.
Murray, Mrs. M.L.
Nance, Mildred A.
Nance, James A.
Nance, Jesse Williams, Brother
Nance, Ruth Whitehead
O'Bannion, Albert Burleson, Father
O'Bannion, Mary Emma, Mother
O'Neal, Jimmie Don
Parke, Mrs. Otto
Peikert, John C.
Perkins, E.O.
Perkins, Mary F.
Perkins, Willie E.
Perry, John N.
Perry, Mrs. Fannie, Wife of J.N. Perry
Potts, Nancy Jane (Our Damma)
Pruett, Walter J., son of N.J. and I.A. Pruett
Rader, Ann E.
Rader, John T., Fatehr
Rader, Knox, Son
Rains, Elijah D.
Ratliff, Susan
Rhodes, Inf. Son of Mr. And Mrs. J.W. Rhodes
Rhodes, Levadah I.
Richardson, Elmer Ivan, son of M. And M.S. Richardson
Richardson, Nannie A.
Richardson, Wiley
Ritchie, C.C.
Ritchie, Emma
Ritchie, Mrs. Nolie
Richie, West, TX Pvt WWI
Rone, Delbert
Rone, E.R.
Rone, Fannie Ann
Rone, Floyd
Rone, George W.
Rone, Infant children (2) of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Rone
Rone, M.C.
Rosso, Little Minnie
Scott, ( ? )
Scott, Eliza D.
Scott, Geo. E.
Scott, Inf. Son of Mr. and Mrs. M.R. Scott
Scott, Oliver T.
Seargent, Martha Jane, dau of J.A. and M.J. Seargent
Seargent, M.J.
Sewell, M.L.
Shuler, Alice Gregory
Shuler, Claude Charles
Shuler, Ellis M.
Shuler, J.T., son of E.M. and M.E. Shuler
Shuler, Mandy Viola
Shuler, Mary E.
Simmons, Robert Wm.
Smiley, N.M.
Smith, Mary E., nee Brown
Smith, Roy
Stanley, Abbie Gail Clark
Stanley, Dr. Clarence J.
Stringer, Lorena
Sturdivant, Ladie Lois Nee Elder, Wife of R.R. Sturdivant
Svefje (Soefje?), Bertha
Svefje (Soefje?), Gus
Svefje (Soefje?), Robert A.
Swann, Frances E.
Swann, Maggie E., wife of F.J. Swann
Swann, Maggie Edward, dau. of F.J. and F.E. Swann
Swann, John A., Co. A, 4th TX Cav, CSA
Swann, F.J.
Talley, Allen
Talley, Alma, dau of R.F. and L.A. Talley
Talley, Alma Josephine
Talley, Bessie, dau of J.E. and S.E. Talley
Talley, Bessie Ethel
Talley, Dorcos, wife of James talley
Talley, Eren Patton
Talley, James
Talley, James C.
Talley, James Ewing
Talley, J.C., Mollie, Wife of J.C. Talley
Talley, John E.
Talley, Leonard
Talley, Lucy Ann
Talley, Lydia H., wife of Allen Talley
Talley, Robert F.
Talley, Sarah E.
Templin, Carmen Frances, dau of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Templin
Thurman, Mollie B., wife of G.W. Thurman
Underwood, Nancy, wife of J.W. Underwood
Walker, Cora Null
Walker, Lois Ethel
Wall, G.H., son of L.W. and M.S. Wall
Ward, C.
Ward, James P., MS Inf. C.S.A.
Ward, James W.
Ward, Minnie L.
Wardsworth, Nancy F. (Or T.), dau of Jno. And Elenora Allen
Watkins, J.P.
Watkins, Texana
Webb, Dr. F.B.
West, Eugene Beverly
West, Irene, inf dau of L.N. and M.L. West
West, Larkin N.
West, Little Olga, dau of E.B. and J.P. West
West, Rebecca M.
Willeford, Benn
Willeford, Lucille Marie
Willeford, Lue Cretha
Williams, John A.
Williams, Mary J.
Williamson, John Glenn
Wood, Gladys Mildred
Wood, Lilly
Wood, Maude Dorothy
Wood, Ralph Edward
Wood, Wm.E.
Wright, Fannie M., wife of W.H. Wright
Wyatt, Billie Gene
Wyatt, Edward L.
Wyatt, Elizabeth
Wyatt, Mary E.
Wyatt, Willie E.

In the Leesville Cemetery there is Martha Y. COLLISON listed.
She was Martha Yarbrough CALLISON,
second wife of Samuel C. Callison, who is
buried in the Sandies Chapel Cemetery.

Thanks to Joyce Speer Moore for thise correction.
Sun, 27 Aug 2000 19:57:52
From: Joyce Moore