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Gray County Family Genealogies

submitted by Eddie Kunkel

"Here is a bio my sister did when she was in seventh grade."

Bunia Kunkel
written by Vickie Lee Kunkel Upton

On September 18, 1880 in Atlanta, Georgia a baby girl was born to Henry and Lucindy Jackson. The baby girl named Bunia Lucile and was the third of seven childern. When she was three her father packed the whole family, and moved to Young County,Texas and later to Eastland County, Texas.

Bunia attended school in a one room school house in Eastland County, Texas. 

She walked one mile to school carring her lunch in a three pound lard bucket. Her desk was a seat with a writing table on the back. While Bunia was seated in her seat the person behind her was wriring on the desk part of the chair. Her teacher was a man named Ernest Lafoon, Bunia was graded on the readers she read, she recieved only one report card in her life.

Being a farmers daughter Bunia had many home chores to do. She would churn the milk. She would go get the old cows from the pasture and milk. She hoed and plowed cotten. Bunia feed the chickens and gathered the eggs. For some money one time, Bunia and her sister grubbed and cleaned off an acre of land and raised a bale and a half of cotten.

Here are some exciting high lights in Bunia's life. She attended Literary Society and was in several plays. She attended Sunday School and curch every Sunday. Her family would go to church and take their lunch. She attended Singing Conventions about once a month. Some families one Sunday got their wagons and lunches and went to see Cisco when it was destroyed by a cyclone. Bunia and her sister went to a neigbor's to get a puppy and on the way back, they took the wrong trail. Her sister keep saying they passed that way but they didn't. They ask the man at the house they ended up at if he knew Henry Jackson, and he instructed them home.

On October23, 1898, Bunia Licile Jackson was married to Hugh Mitchel Kunkel. They were marriede in her home. Bunia wore wore a tan dress and carried a white corsage. They lived in a two room house very close to relativies. 

In 1915 the Kunkels moved to McLean, Texas. The kunkels had five childern 

The First child Was named Buren Cosma after a cousin. The senond Carl Deris for a great historian. The third was O.Z. for a neighbor Oba Lee for a great uncle. The fourth was named Odessa Estele for Odessa, Texas. The sixth was named Rachel Estella, for a neighbor. She was born in McLean, Texas.

After Hugh died in 1935, the boys looked after their mother. Only three childern were at home when their dad passed away. The other three were married or working away from home. The boys worked to help support their mother. The oldest son came home to live with her.

Bunia now enjoys television and the telephone. She watches television every night till nine o'clock . She likes to call people and have people call her. She attends Sunday School and church every Sunday, along with Training Union and eveing Servicies. She also attends Womens Missionary Society. She visits her neighbors and enjoys being visited. Bunia has nine Grandchildern and five Great grandchildern.


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