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McLean High School

Photo submitted by Thomas J. Bell

Here is the photo of my mother, class mates, and her older sister Myrtle. 
I suspect that the photo was made sometime around 1918-19. 
My mother b. 1903 is on the right side of the photo and Myrtle on the left, sitting. 
Myrtle was visiting so is not a member of this class. 

Note that the girl who is dressed in black also appears in my Dad's class picture. 
This may mean that this picture was taken during the last days of WWI when my dad was in Virginia. 
The reason again I believe that this is Mclean is that my uncle's draft information
and that of my dad's both list Mclean as the addresses of their parents. 
Prior years, my mother had lived at the family farm in Childress. 

But with the death of my grandfather in 1916 I suspect that they may have moved to Mclean. 
I need to check deeds to verify this. 

-Thomas J. Bell

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