Gray County Family Genealogies

Turner, Hugg, Barnes, Kite and Related Families
submitted by Judith Grimes

Amos Edgar Turner and Ollie Mae Turner Hugg

Auna Turner Barnes

Ollie Mae Turner Hugg

Earnest O'Neal Hugg and Dovie Lavonia Kite

Ethel Ollie Jean Hugg

Elvin Leroy Kite and Katherine "Kitty" Hugg

Earnest O'Neal Hugg

Brooks or Noah Hugg

Maxola Hugg

Hugg Family

William Paul Hugg, Opal NELMS Hugg, Dovie Kite and Earnest O'Neal Hugg

Kite Family

Lois Dodd and Dovie Kite

Glen Kunkel

Wayne Kite and Pauline Sparks

Lisa Elizabeth Dodd Kite and Agnes Martha Dodd Lowrey

Elvin Kite, Wayne Kite, Don Kite, Nettie Kite McCutcheon, Katherine Hugg Kite and Beulah Kite Kunkel

Joseph Denson Kite and "Lizzie" Dodd Kite

Joseph D. Kite Family Bible Page

Amos Edgar Turner and Family

Joe and Lizzie Kite

Joseph Denson Kite and Lisa Elizabeth Dodd

Grandon Tobias Hugg and Ollie Mae Turner

McLean Gas Station


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