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The 36th Division

from Ruth Walsh
On 25 November 1940, the Division was mobilized for World War II, with
active duty station at Camp Bowie, in Brownwood. It took part in the
Louisiana Maneuvers in 1941, trained at Camp Blanding, Florida, and Camp
Edwards, Massachusetts, and in April 1943 began its move overseas. It landed
in North Africa, conducted amphibious training and on 9 September 1943,
landed in Italy at Paestum in the Gulf of Salerno. The 36th was the first
American combat division to land on the continent of Europe.  The Division
fought in the Italian Campaign as part of the 5th United States Army in such
notable actions as Mt. Lungo, San Pietro and the Rapido River. In the Rapido
River action, the Division lost the better part of two of its three
regiments - 141st and 143d - in unsuccessful attempts to cross the river.
The attempted crossing was made to divert German troops from the landing of
allied troops at Anzio. On 25 May 1944, the Division landed at Anzio and led
the breakout toward Rome. The Division captured Velletri on 1 June 1944, and
opened the gates of Rome for the 5th Army. The Division was then pulled out
of Italy and landed on the beaches of Southern France on 15 August. Driving
up through Southern France, the 36th was attacking and breaking the
Siegfried Line when the war in Europe ended. The 36th had spent 400 days in
combat, accepted the surrender of Field Marshal Hermann Goering, won seven campaign streamers for its colors, taken part in two assault landings and 14 of its members had won the Medal of Honor. The Division had the ninth
highest casualty rate of any Army Division in World War II.

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