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Cannon Cemetery

Eljah Cannon 
7 September 1796 - 21 October 1887

Moved from Pickens Co., South Carolina to Grayson Co., Texas

Hardy pioneers that they were, the entire family has a record of longevity of life seldom equaled.  Turning the barren land they found when they settled in Grayson County into carefully cultivated fields, the family was largely responsible for the early development of the southern section of the county.  Settling near Van Alstyne when Indians were roaming through North Texas, the family survived the hardships of frontier life, thriving in spite of the many discouraging obstacles that confronted them and emerging from the years of toil and danger powerful and influential.

Elijah Cannon, born in 1796, probably in England, died in September 1887 at the age  of 91, after having completed the here lean task of transforming the wilderness into flourishing fields and rearing to manhood and womanhood his motherless children.
The sons of the family have since the death of their father continued the work he began and have been excellent stewards of the material wealth bequeathed by their father.  The lands have been continuously developed and increased, until now the family holds many broad acres and is reaping the harvest of the years of earnest labor and toil expended upon them.  But the heritage of love and peace the struggling grieving father bestowed upon his sons and daughters endowed them with a democratic spirit of love for their fellowman, respect for law, reverence for God, and characters that have made for the entire family a reputation for peacefulness and kindliness among their neighbors that overshadows that respect always accorded wealth.
Funeral services for Mr. Cannon were held at the First Christian church of which he had for years been a consistent member.  Rev. Leo Johnston, the pastor, officiating, assisted by Rev. C. B. Fielder, past of the First Methodist church.  A large concourse of friends from this community and from other sections, gathered to pay the last tribute of respect and to echo in their sentiments the beautiful tributes paid to the memory of the departed neighbor and friend by the men of God.  Interment was had at the local cemetery, where the words which committed the body back to earth were spoken, and a profusion of flowers, testimonials of the love and esteem of family and friends, covered the mound which was fashioned above its last resting place.
The oldest and youngest living members of the family : John R. Cannon, 96, and Oscar M. Cannon, 77, are bachelors.  R. M. Cannon, 80, and E. H. Cannon established families.  The surviving sister is the wife of Dr. T. M. West and resides in Denver, Colo.  She was too feeble to make the flying trip to Texas to attend her brother's funeral.
Pallbearers were as follows: Active - John Umphress, Creed Taylor, Carlyle Moore, Walter Barron, Walter Judd and Col. Milam.  Honorary - S. L. McKinney, Dr. B. F. Hines, L. P. Welker, D. E. Ledbetter, F. R. Slaughter, D. S. Thompson, A. T. Leslie, P. P. Henderson, J. H. Arnspiger, Dr. S. D. Moore, Dr. T. S. Cartwright, W. F. Neill, J. M. Neathery, Will (illegible), J. D. L. McKinney, and L. Umphress. 
To the family and other relations the most sincere sympathy from the people of this community in this time of their bereavement.
Cannon Cemetery

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