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Ragsdale Family Tombstones

Robert E. Ragsdale
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Vera Lee Ragsdale
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Sallie Stephenson Ragsdale



Robert Edwin was born October 30, 1873, the son of S.A. and Jane Ragsdale, about one half mile south of Collinsville on the Al Neathery place. His entire life has been spent in this city where he was looked upon as a most estimable citizen and loyal friend. He had been manager of the telephone system for the past twenty-three years. In addition to keeping up all ends of the general work, he acted as night operator. About four-thirty each afternoon, it was his habit to go to his home, do up the night chores, have supper with his wife and son, and with her, return to the telephone office for the night, going on duty at six o'clock and remaining until seven in the morning. He was most courteous and pleasant with his public. His business life was not confined to this work however. Some years ago, he worked at the Dishman Mill for some time. He was again connected with the Collinsville Post Office and was one of the first mail carriers out of the city. Some twelve years ago he was one of a firm of three men who conducted a first class, well stocked grocery business. With his nephew, Herman Ragsdale and the late F.P. Varley, he helped maintain this business. About four years ago he purchased a small farm west of Collinsville after this store was burned out. He farmed in a small way and raised truck goods to some extent. He was quite enthused over his undertakings and was finding much satisfaction from the labor he expended there.

In 1895 he was married to Miss Fannie Reynolds. To them were born two children, Reynolds, who is still at home; and Vera, who when she was seven years of age was burned to death. When he was a boy, his mother gave to him and to each of her other two sons, Reed and Seldon Ragsdale, a Bible. In the Bible belonging to the deceased was found, after his death, his signature and that of his brother Seldon, under the temperance pledge. He made good his pledge; he never touched strong drink during his entire 56 years. Nor did he in any form use unbecoming language. His was a clean life. Early in youth, he became a member of the Methodist church and in every way tried to live according to the teaching of his God. He was a man of great talk; he was a quiet, observant, agreeable, pleasant man. His good deeds were performed without ceremony, with the doer making no reference to them. Many were his kind and gracious deeds, however, and often has he been a benefactor to those less fortunate than he. He was a member of the Praetorian and the W.O.W. orders. In these he was a loyal, dependable member. Listed among his strongest traits were his faithfulness and dependability. In his every day life these characteristics manifested themselves strongly. Though he did not assume the initiative, he was always willing and glad to support measures for the good of his town, his organizations, his friends and his church. He lived quietly, unassuming and practical - one of the most noble characters that ever lived. He died November 11, 1929. (Fannie died 1935; Reynolds died 1936).

Children of Robert Erwin Ragsdale & Frances (Fannie) Reynolds
Alfred Reynolds Ragsdale
Vera Lee Ragsdale, born c1897; died c1907 

Vera Lee Ragsdale, born c1897; died c1907 after being burned to death; buried in Collinsville Cemetery

By Elaine Nall Bay & Patricia Nall

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