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Delaware Bend
Deleware Bend was settled about 20 miles north of Whitesboro in 1836. This bend of the Red River is where the Deleware Indians had a village.

The Deleware Bend Community consisted of three smaller communities: Upper Bend, Lower Bend, Prairie.  It was located in both Grayson County & Cooke County.  Fannin County was established in 1837; the Lower Bend & Prairie became part of Fannin County.

Limited facts about Deleware Bend can be located due to the fact that it was populated with Indians long after the beginning of Grayson County. Early settlers immigrated from Europe and Germany.

Col. James Bourland, a military commander for the Confederacy, was a large land owner in both the Delaware Bend and Walnut Bend areas.  The Bourland Plantation home was built by slave labor.  It was used as a home and a fort for protection from the Indians. Under the kitchen was a cellar with underground tunnels.  The land eventually became part of the Burrell Ranch.

Millard Ragsdale moved to the area in 1860.  He was a landowner, farmer, store operator and ferry boat operator. He resided at Delaware Bend for 83 years.

John W. Shwadlenak owned & operated the Tipton Ferry when Texoma was formed.  John Shwadlenak II built a gin on the homeplace.  An Indian trail beside the home led to a whisky still.

David D. Thorn owend 1500 acres of land. He had a mill and operated a store for the convenience of tenants who rented land from him.  The Orlena cotton gin, located on the Cooke & Grayson County line, was moved to the Thorn farm in Grayson County.

The Charlie Sissney family settled in Deleware Bend in 1909.  Tom Sissney became the proprietor of the Orlena store after Millard Ragsdale.  For many years, it was the only store in Deleware Bend.

Local Cemetery was named Howard Cemetery.
It is also known as the Washington Cemetery.

First public school was Fern Bank, also known as Bug Scuffle.
Another school was called Prairie Valley.
These two schools consolidated in 1920.
The consolidate school & Riverside School serviced the Deleware Bend settlers.
The school district was consolidated with Dexter in 1947.

Riverside School
1916 - 1917

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