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Denison City Directory

The Dallas Morning News
August 17, 1887


The W. C. T. U. have placed red barrels, which contain ice water, for the thirsty public in different parts of the city.

The Denison Daily News
April 30, 1874
A well dressed, matronly looking lady walked into a saloon the other day, laid her muff on the counter, and took out a pair of spectacles. The bar tender promptly informed her that no Bible reading would be in order there! Reaching down into her dress pocket the woman produced a flat bottle and cooly called for a pint of whisky -- much to the relief of the bartender.

Denison City Directory

Real Photo Postcard
between 1896 & 1898

Sarah Acheson (February 20, 1844 - January 16, 1899), the wife of Dr. Alex Acheson, a noted early Denisonian, was the head of the Denison chapter of the Women's Christian Temperance Union.  The fountain in the photo was apparently erected to honor the WCTU, and the women around it were the chapter members, including Mrs. Acheson.

The fountain was at 301 West Main Street, just outside Madden's Department Store.  Madden's was founded in 1896, originally as Madden & Graham. A. E. Graham was John Madden's father-in-law, who lived in Denton and had several stores in various towns.

Denison, Texas
1905 City Directory

Mary Elizabeth Lease

Mysterious Fountain


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