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Floyd W. Duffey

Floyd W. Duffey's father was John Nelson Duffy (1811–1889), a farmer born in Mechlenburg County, North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Elise Maddox (1817–1901) in Butts County, Georgia, in July of 1817. The couple lived there until the Civil War loomed, then moved to Texas. Apparently the whole family, including the older children's spouses, migrated together. The Duffey children (one daughter, then five sons) were:

Martha Ellen Duffey (1837– 1916) married John L. W. McElroy.

Florence Pinkey "Francis" Duffey (1839–1871) married Martha Frances Webb. They lived in Hopkins County, Texas.

Dr. William Andrew Duffey (1857–1906) married Ada Frances Cain. They had one son and six daughters and lived in Emory, Rains County, Texas. Late in life, he retired in Miami, Florida.

Earl Calvin Duffey (1857–1906?) married Martha Unknown. They had a son and a daughter.

John E. Duffey (1861–?)

Floyd W. Duffey (1862–?)

Floyd, the youngest child, was born after the move, in Upshur County, Texas, in 1862. Between 1891 and 1896, at around age 30, Floyd arrived in Denison, Texas. The 1896 Denison City Directory listed him as a clerk at Finley S. Hull's grocery store at 429 West Main Street. He was living at 310 West Morgan Street, an address belonging to Michael S. Casey, a switchman on the Katy Railroad. Next door lived B. C. Murray, owner of the town's major newspaper.

Source of photo: "F. W. Duffey & Co., 429 Main Street. 'Everything Good to Eat.'"
Robinson, Frank M., comp. Industrial Denison. [N.p.]: Means-Moore Co., [ca. 1909]. Page 38.

By 1901, Floyd had taken over Finley Hull's store on Main Street. It was listed in the Denison Directory that year as "F. W. Duffey & Co. (Floyd W. Duffey and James C. Duffey), groceries, produce, 429 W. Main." Both Floyd and James lived at 215 South Mirick Avenue. The pair must have been relatives—father and son, brothers, or some other relation—but evidence is missing.

No Duffeys were listed in the next (1907) Denison City Directory. After 1901, Floyd dropped out of the historical record. It would be interesting to know what became of him.


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