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C. J. O'Maley

120 West Main St
Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry Bought and Sold. Railroad and Steamship Brokers. Loans.
Robinson, Frank M., comp. Industrial Denison. [N.p.]: Means-Moore Co., [ca. 1909]. Page 51.

C. J. O'Maley : Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and General Merchandise, Musical Instruments, Talking Machines, etc. 120 W. Main St.

This famous house has been a feature of the business interests of Denison for the past fourteen years, and Mr. O'Maley has always been an ardent champion of the city and her brilliant future. It is well that he should be loyal to the up-to-date and ever prosperous city, for Denison has bestowed her bounties upon him with a generous hand. During the fifteen years he has been in business here, he has, by close attention and intelligent management, achieved great success. Mr. O'Maley is an able financier and understands marshalling his assets with judicious skill. In addition to dealing in the above lines of goods, he also does a general loan business, and there is scarcely any one man in the city through whose hands more money passes in the course of a year. He is thoroughly progressive as a citizen and does all he can for the benefit of the community. 

Source: “Denison, the Texas Gateway: A Busy, Progressive City with Golden Opportunities.” 16pp. Brochure. N.p.: N.d. [ca. 1908].

C. J. O'Maley & Co.
109 East Main Street
Denison, Texas

From 1896 Denison City Directory

Yellow Jacket
Denison High School
Christmas (December) 1910 edition

116 - 120 W. Main St.
ca. 1997

In 1888, C. J. O’Maley, who had started his jewelry firm on East Main Street, erected a new building at 120 West Main Street and remained there until the 1930s. O’Maley’s was described in 1909 as “O’Maley’s, Diamonds, watches and Jewelry Bought and Sold; Railroad and Steamship Brokers; Loans.”

The building, which always housed two separate stores as well as furnished rooms upstairs, is perhaps the only intact nineteenth-century storefront remaining in Denison. The structure is notable for original doors, suspended canopy, terra cotta foliar relief panels on second-floor windows, and corbelling.

In 1936, C. J. McManus established Dad and Lad’s store in this building. He moved it to 312 West Main Street in 1938, where he expanded it into a chain that even operated on Guadalcanal when McManus, in the Navy, was stationed there in World War II. A domino parlor and Davis Barber Shop were housed here in recent years.

O'Maley sign in sidewalk
July 2010
Courtesy of Brian Christopher Hander

In 1998, John and Raquel Tellkamp purchased the O’Maley Building, opening their Tellkamp Gallery in the west half. In 2000, they expanded the art gallery into the east half and renovated the upstairs for living quarters, installing an outdoor elevator-like “lift” at the back of the building.


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