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Maudella Megginson

Maudella Megginson—Denison Artist

Memories from Facebook

This remembrance began with an email forwarded by a friend:

My name is Annella Gardner. I am trying to find more information on MAUDELLA MEGGINSON. She lived at 411 West Sears Street in Denison and was a local artist who did landscapes, flowers, and fruit oil paintings. She was a close friend to my grandmother. I believe it was just after or during World War II when she and Maudella became friends. To make a long story short, my grandmother was a model for Neiman-Marcus. She and Maudella would trade out paintings for clothes that my grandmother received from Neiman's. I have had all these paintings for over fifteen years. I have not counted how many I have, but there are more of a dozen of them.

Mavis Anne Bryant wrote: The estate sale after Mrs. Maude Ella Stewart Megginson died was incredible. She had a whole room full of fancy vintage clothes, hats, shoes, etc., labeled "Neiman-Marcus" and similar stores. Every other room was stuffed with fascinating antique furniture, paper items, jewelry, and on and on. The entire back yard was full of cast-iron things that had been collected over the decades. The old garage was full of pieces of the fence that used to surround the block where Saint Xavier's Academy sat. 

Bryant and Hunt, Two Schools on Main Street, shows Maude's DHS report card, 1924–25, on page 72, that I bought at the estate sale.

Betty Ferguson Johnson wrote: Mrs. Megginson was a neighbor on Sears Street when I was growing up. Quite a lady!

Bart Mitchell wrote: I remember that when I lived with my grandfather at 420 West Sears, I had a friend who lived in the 400 block of Morton Street. One day, the front and back gate were open along the Megginsons' driveway, so I took a shortcut. Mrs. Megginson chased me down the driveway and down the alley, smacking my backside with a broom all the way. Mrs. Megginson was a great artist. My grandparents had a picture in their house that she had painted.

Barbara Bailey Parker wrote: My mother has several of Maudella's paintings. I have one of dogwoods.

Dianne Henry Stiff wrote: Bill and Lois Jennings have some of her paintings, too. She was a good artist.

Becky Lucas Russell wrote: We had a painting by the artist you were searching for. It belonged to Jim's mother, and now my daughter has it.

Helen Shollenbarger Eller wrote: She is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Denison:

Megginson, John Kilmer, Septemper 03, 1900 - June 28, 1984

Born Texas. Son of John H. and Rosa Lee Megginson

*S/W- Maud Ella Megginson.

Retired from MK&T Railroad After 50 Years Service.

Megginson, Maud Ella, Feb 13, 1906—Apr 26, 1996

*S/W- John Kilmer Megginson




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