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Samuel Star

Sept 1872Samuel Star arrives in Denison, Texas.
Apr 25, 1874Samuel Star & Emma Eppstein are married in the synagogue in St. Joseph, Missouri.
1877 - 1878Max Grundstein is partner with Charles Waterman & Samuel Star in Waterman, Star & Co., 203 West Main Street, Denison, Texas
- dry goods, clothing, gents furnishing goods. Max Grundstein is a boarder at the Alamo Hotel, Denison, Texas.

Denison Daily Cresset

Thursday, April 1, 1875
Denison Daily News
January 8, 1880
Pg. 1
The Great Star Store, the Pride of North Texas
The Boss Dry Goods Establishment of Denison.

One of the largest establishments in Texas and the largest outside of Dallas, is that of this well known firm.  The proprietors are gentlemen of immense capital, splendid business habits, experience and vim, and the stock of goods carried is one that rivals the palace stores of metropolitan cities.  They have in the jobbing trade alone $250,000 and $50,000 in the retail department.  A walk through their immense building, two stories in height, and of great depth and width, will convince the observer that master minds run the business.  With a small army of gentlemanly clerks, cash boys and other employees, the most perfects system prevails, business runs like clock-work, and with sales aggregating from two to five thousand dollars a day during the business season, all is order, regularity and skill.  The lower story is devoted to the retail trade, and here may be found everything to be had in that line in the country, from the tiniest article to the most costly, while above stairs is devoted to wholesale goods, carpets, clothing, hats, trunks, boots, shoes, blankets, valises, and other articles belonging to that branch of trade.  Every department of this immense establishment is fitted with goods suited to all tastes and all purses.
In many respects it is the most fashionable house in Denison.  It is especially a favorite with the ladies, and in their shopping excursions they invariably bring up at the Star Store.  This is not surprising, in view of the fact that the Star Store carries the fullest assortment and most endless variety of fashionable dress goods to be found in the market.  Their long and intimate acquaintance with the tastes of their customers, and their exquisite skill in selection, has made their house the fashionable rendezvous for all the belles, not only of Denison, but of the country.  It seems to be a generally understood fact among the ladies that the latest styles and the most attractive goods are always to be found at this house.  Acting upon the conceded opinion, the Star Store spares no pains to keep the fullest and most complete stock of fancy, plain and elegant dry goods that money can purchase or taste select.  They also carry a full line of linen, laces, gloves, hosiery, ribbons and indeed every conceivable article of fabric which can in any way form part of a lady’s toilette.   These facts of course, became known, and they contribute in an important degree to form that extensive custom which throngs the Star Store establishment every hour in the day.
Without going to the trouble of repeating the names of the endless variety of dry goods, clothing, carpets and oil cloths carried by this enterprising firm, it may be safely said that whatever is wanted can be found at the Star Store.
1881Original Star Store built at 129-131 West Main Street, Denison, Texas.
1887 - 1892Waterman, Star & Co. moved to 129-131 West Main Street, Denison, Texas.  Grundstein resides at 321 West Gandy Street.
1893 - 1894The store name changes to Star & Grundstein.  Max Grundstein lives at the corner of Gandy & Rusk Streets (301-307 West Gandy).  
Sam Star live at 229 West Gandy.  The surname Waterman is no listed in the Denison City Directory.
1896 - 1897Star & Grundstein store is still in operation.  Max Grundstein lives at 307 West Gandy.  Sam Star lives at 231 West Gandy.
1898 - 1899Star & Grundstein store is still in operation.  Max & Elizabeth M Grundstein live at 307 West Gandy.  Sam Star lives at 229 West
Gandy.  Harrison & Fannie B. Tone live next door to the Grundstein's at 311 West Gandy.  W. B. & Mary Ella Munson also live on
West Gandy.
1899Samuel Star dies.


1899 - 1900Max Grundstein is manager of the "Golden Rule" Dry Goods Store - notions, shoes, etc. - at 203 West Main Street.
The Golden Rule Dry Goods Store is owned by Henry Friedenheit (married) who boards at the Union Depot Hotel.
The Grundstein's still reside at 307 West Gandy.
About this time, the residence at 307 West Gandy becomes the Denison Elks Club.  The Denison Elks Club dates back to the
19th century, occupying this location since 1905.  A newer Denison Elks Club building stands on the same site at 307 West Gandy.

Postcard is postmarked 1912.
1901 - 1902The following surnames & businesses are not listed in the Denison City Directory:
     Golden Rule Dry Goods Store
Henry Friedenheit is a traveling salesman for L. Eppstein & Son - wholesale liquors, wines, cigars.
He rooms at the A. H. Coffin residence, 516 West Gandy.
L. B. Eppstein is head of the Denison Elks Club.

Denison City Directory

Max Grundstein Marriage Announcement, 1879

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