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Fairview Cemetery
aka- Maple Grove Cemetery
Denison, Texas

John R. Rains
18 October 1859 - 3 September 1899

Dallas Morning News
September 1899

Denison, Tex., Sept 4 - Following is the evidence of Mrs. Raines given at the inquest this morning in the case of J.R. Raines, who suicided yesterday.
J.R. Raines was my husband, he was 39 years of age and we have been married ten years.  My husband handed me a note yesterday morning stating that he had better leave this world, that it was the easiest way out of his troubles.  About 8:45 a.m., Sept. 3, I noticed there was something wrong with Mr. Raines; he told me there was something the matter with his eyes.  After a while I went into his room and pulled his eyelids back and saw that something was wrong with them; I raised up his pillow and found a box marked morphine under it.  I immediately sent for neighbors and a doctor. We worked with him until a physician arrived.  The doctor told me there was no chance for him.  He died about 11:30 Sunday morning.  We have no children.  He had often talked of committing suicide.
L.W. Glover, a farmer living nearest to Mr. Raines, testified as follows this morning before Justice Cutler:
I think it was near 9:30 when Mrs. Raines sent for me by her sister.  I went to the house and found Mr. Raines lying in bed gasping for breath.  I felt his pulse and that seemed all right, but his breathing was very irregular.  He would gasp a few times and then cease breathing altogether, then gasp again.  Mrs. Raines asked me what I thought of the case, and I told her that Mr. Raines was the same as dead.  He was beginning to turn purple around the eyes and mouth.  I asked her what the trouble was and she said he had taken morphine, and showed me a note he had left.  She showed me a box labeled morphine taken from under his pillow.  She stated he had been despondent lately and that he had got up and dressed and been about the place yesterday morning, but later had complained of his eyes hurting him, and she raised the lids as he seemed to be asleep, and found that he was suffering.  The physician came after I got there and soon after his arrival Mr. Raines died.  He came too late to do any good, as the poison had operated before he could reach the place.
Following is the note left by the deceased, spoken of by Mrs. Raines:
"After due consideration, I have decided that the best way out of my troubles and for all interested, is for me to leave this world.  I am sick at heart and can be happy no longer and death is preferable to the way I am living, so to all, be charitable for I blame no one but myself for my troubles.
"J. R. Raines"

Christina Rains
17 August 1871 - 17 June 1948

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