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 Thomas Volney Munson
1843 - 1913

Graduated with a B.S. degree in 1870 from the Agricultural & Mechanical College of Kentucky

Thomas Munson started a market-garden and nursery near Lincoln, Nebraska in 1872.  His experience with the hot winds of summer and the clouds of grasshoppers made him decide to more to Texas in 1876 and join his brother William Benjamin Munson.  He founded his famous nurseries in Denison, Texas.
Thomas Volney Munson was an accomplished horticulturist, specializing in the study of wild grape varieties of North America. He developed 300 new grape varieties.
Thomas Munson is recognized for his greatest accomplishment in the 1880s. He assisted in a program to save the French wine industry due to a new disease that was rapidly spreading throughtout the vinyards of Europe. His help was sought to find the best American grapes that would thrive in Europe.
Thomas Volney Munson died in Denison, Texas.  His elaborate tombstone is carved with grapevines and clusters of grapes.  Mr. Munson and his wife, Ellen Scott Bell Munson (1849 - 1923) are buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Denison, Texas.

Newspaper clippings
Van Alstyne Public Library
Van Alstyne, Texas

Thomas Volney Munson
26 Sept 1843  Astoria, Illinois
21 Jan 1913 Denison, Grayson Co., Texas
Son of William Munson [1808 - 1890] & Maria Linley [1810 - 1890]
Ellen Scott Nellie Bell
3 Dec 1849 Lexington, Fayette Co., Kentucky
29 May 1923 Denison, Grayson Co., Texas
Daughter of Charles Stewart Bell [1823 - 1905] & Margaret Smith

Marriage: 21 June 1870

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