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Russell Waldrop
Sherman Democrat - June 21, 1912

    There is no more striking incident in connection with the quadruple tragedy at the ranch home of Henry Waldrop, in the Southwestern part of this county yesterday morning than the cool deliberate nerve of the young woman who was one of the principals in the bloody feud battles.
    According to the statement of the only surviving party to this tragedy, this young woman, Miss Georgia Sharp, twenty four years old, fired five shots from a double barrel shot gun before she herself was killed.
    This shooting that resulted in the death of four people and the wounding of two others was the direct result of ill-feeling caused by a difference of just fifteen dollars in the settlement of a claim for work done.
    Henry Waldrop had cleared some timberland several months ago for LW and Walter Sharp. There was a misunderstanding regarding the amount of settlement for work done that resulted in a fight between Walter Sharp and Russell Waldrop, eighteen year old son of Henry Waldrop. After that, while the ill-feeling still existed, there was an agreement or understanding that the matter would be dropped and the family relations practically severed.
    Yesterday morning Levi and Walter Sharp went to the home of a neighbor and returning, started to pass through the yard of Henry Waldrop. They met Russell Waldrop in the the yard and the previous quarrel was renewed. Walter Sharp and Russell Waldrop came to blows and while they were on the ground, clenched and still fighting, Levi W. Sharp shot Russell Waldrop with a pistol, the bullet entering under the right arm and coming out at the right hip. Henry Waldrop was at work near the place and stepped to the door. He seized a single barrel shotgun and shot the elder Sharp killing him instantly.
    Miss Georgia Sharp came running from her home a short distance away with a double barrel shotgun. She was met by her brother ,Walter Sharp, who wrested the gun from her, turned toward Henry Waldrop who shot and killed him (Walter Sharp).
    The girl then grabbed the gun dropped by her dead brother and ran after her brother-in-law, Henry Waldrop, who says she fired five times at him as he ran around and around the house. One of the shots from the gun in Miss Sharp's hands wounded Henry Waldrop in the face, and his wife, the sister of Miss Sharp, was also wounded in the face and breast.
    According to Waldrop's statement, as Miss Georgia Sharp fired at him the fifth time he turned and shot her. The load from his single-barrel shotgun took effect in the girl's breast, killing her instantly.
    Justice Campbell, as Coroner, has made a written finding which in effect is that L.W. Sharp, Walter Sharp, and Miss Georgia Sharp came to their deaths at the hands of Henry T. Waldrop and Russell Waldrop  came to his death at the hands of L.W.Sharp.
    The complaint was filed against Henry T. Waldrop, charging him with murder and he immediately gave bond in the sum of one thousand dollars.
    After the inquest the bodies of L.W., Walter and Miss Georgia Sharp were removed to the home of Will Sharp, a son of L.W. and brother of Walter and Miss Georgia Sharp and prepared for burial which took place this morning at the Whitemound burying grounds East of Sherman.
    Levi W. Sharp, the elder of the dead was 66 years old. He is survived  by the widow, Mrs. Emily Sharp and three sons and three daughters.
    Walter Sharp is survived by his widow, one little child and two step-children.
    Henry T.Waldrop is a highly respected farmer in the community in which he lives. He has resided in Grayson County, for 37 years. He .... and was a native of Alabama.
    Levi W.Sharp was also a native of Alabama. He moved to Wood County Texas about 23 years ago and to Grayson County about 12 years ago. While living in Wood County Levi W. Sharp was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to two years, but after serving 13 months was pardoned and his full citizenship restored.

photograph and information by Janie Blanton Sieber

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