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1890 "Veterans Census"
Surviving Soldiers, Sailors & Marines, Widows, etc

The 1890 Veteran's Census is often confused with the 1890 Federal Census, as well as being overlooked or misjudged as being 'useless'. This special census contains nearly 75,000 special 1890 schedules enumerating the Union veterans and the widows of Union soldiers.

The U. S. Pension Office requested this special enumeration to help locate Union veterans locate comrades who could testify in pension claims and to determine the number of survivors and widows for pension legislation. To assist in the enumeration, the Pension Office prepared a list of veterans' names and addresses from their files and from available military records held by the U. S. War Department.

Nearly all the schedules for the states of Alabaman through Kansas and approximately one-half of those from Kentucky appear to have been destroyed before the transfer of the remaining schedules to the National Archives in 1943.  Fragments of some of these states were accessioned by the National Archives as bundle 198.

The upper half of page of the veterans schedules lists: 
  • Name
  • Rank
  • Company
  • Regiment or Vessel
  • Date of Enlistment
  • Date of Discharge
  • Length of Service

The lower half of the page of the veterans schedules lists:
  • Post Office Address
  • Any Disability incurred while in the service
  • General Remarks

The disability question was included because many claimed pensions under an 1862 act , based on service-related disabilities.  The "General Remarks" column provides the most colorful, anecdoted, and meaningful information on the schedules.

The special enumeration was intended only for Union veterans of the Civil War and their widows.  However, enumerators often listed veterans and their widows from earlier wars as well as Confederate veterans.

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