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Jeremiah Cemetery
Located in the Jeremiah Settlement

(Mentioned in some documents as the Wilson Cemetery)
Contributed  Judy Nickson
Much of this cemetery reconstructed with death records, tombstones, newspapers and other records  and personal knowledge. 

Photographs of the Cemetery 

Bell, Calvin19 Feb 192820 Nov 1946s/o Joe Arthur Bell & Margie Smith
Bell, Charlie22 Dec 19092008
Bell, Clara Georgia 11 Apr 1893 5 Jul 1960w/o Pink Monroe Bell
Bell, Hazel Lee27 Apr 191230 May 1988w/o Charlie Bell
Bell, Henry10 Sep 1942TN PFC 404 R. Labor Bn
Bell, Joe Arthur 29 Mar 190524 Aug 1965s/o Pink Monroe Bell & Clara Georgia Morrison
Bell, Margie Anna17 Apr 19058 May 1991w/o Joe Arthur Bell
Bell, Maryland22 Jan 191116 Mar 1969s/o Pink Monroe Bell & Clara Georgia Morrison
Bell, Nancy C17 Feb 19457 Jan 1992
Bell, Pink Monroe3 Jul 187411 Oct 1968s/o Joe Bell & Frances Leggitt
Bell, Robert L30 Aug 193517 Feb 1973Texas T Sgt US Air Force Vietnam
Beovers, Jack10 Nov 18477 July 1912
Bowens, Mrs. Lola E21 June 189411 Oct 1940d/o Billie & Annie Wilson
Brinson, John B3 May 1942s/o Gracie McJinkins
Brown, Millie Lee 23 Apr 19053 June 1936w/o~ Tommy Brown; born Cameron, TX; d/o Don Grose
Clark, Laura 29 Sep 192328 Mar 1969w/o Gilbert Clark
Coffey, Alfred12 July 1937Age 90 yrs
Coffey, Lucinda Afila18621955w/o Alfred Coffey
Cyrus, Jeff11 May 1912s/o Jeff Cyrus
Darby, Tom15 June 185716 June 1920
Farmer, Verdie MayDec 1917 9 Mar 1918d/o George Farmer & Pinkie Pope
Finley, John Wesley13 Jan 1912Age 23
Gibbs, Arthur10 Nov 1922 TX PVT 804 Pioneer Infantry
Gilbert, Lula 12 June 190323 June 1950d/o George Franlin & Louise Smith
Hern, Infant13 Nov 191613 Nov 1916s/o Lee Hern & Fleecy Wright
Hill, Henry10 Sep 1942Tennessee, Pvt 1 Cl 404 Res. Labor Bn
Holland, Mrs. Isiah7 Dec 1914Age 20
Jackson, W. M.  5 June 187427 July 1937
Jones, Maggie C 5 Jan 18964 Nov 1965d/o George Wedlow & Georgia Jackson
Jordan, Erie19151992 
Jordan, Odis19152002
Jordan, Terrell Rev.20 Feb 187919 Jan 1974
Jordon, Amandy7 Dec 189530 June 1929d/o Geo. Ragsdale & Louise Givens
Jordon, Dorothy Dean17 Jan 193710 Oct 1975
Jordon, Louise188226 Feb 1939w/o Terrell Jordon
Lee, James E16 Oct 191007 Sept 1973 s/o Frank Lee & unknown Luney
Leeper, Joe7 Dec 186615 Mar 1938h/o Mary Leeper; s/o Guss & Nancy Leeper 
Lewis, Fannie M5 Feb 192014 Apr 1985 
Lorens, Brian A. Jr29 Dec 198112 Feb 1982
McCain, Henry24 Nov 191517 Apr 1991US Army
McCain, Nancy30 Aug 188418 May 1970d/o James Roberts & Millie Polk
McGaha, Stevens1 Jan 195711 Mar 1961s/o unknown McGaha & Genevia Coffey
Nelson, Cora Bell15 Apr 189731 Aug 1957d/o Ned Smith & Willie McClelan
Pope, John16 Nov 1912age 60 yrs
Pott, Randell13 Mar 186515 Mar 1937s/o July & Emmaline Pott
Potts, Harry Jean18 June 195730 Jun 1957s/o Harry Potts & Nannie Mae Gentry
Potts, Shirley Ann28 Mar 193712 Apr 1937d/o Overton Potts & Josie Smith
Pratt, Baby28 Aug 191228 Aug 1912d/o John Pratt
Roberts, Amanda22 Jan 187914 July 1939d/o Jube & Eliza Roberts
Roberts, Arthur Jube8 Oct 1930s/o Jim Roberts & Millie Palls
Roberts, Dave James18981983
Roberts, Eliza 18444 Jan 1912
Roberts, Jube10 Feb 1911Age abt 75
Roberts, Jubee11 Mar 18857 Oct 1895 s/o Jube Roberts
Roberts, Julia8 Jan 188811 Nov 1951
Roberts, Lonnie19021977 
Roberts, Mrs. MillieNov 186218 Oct 1939d/o Eddie & Eliza Polk
Roberts, Mrs. Minnie9 Aug 188615 Apr 1942d/o Jeffrey & Mary Bell
Roberts, Phil20 Apr 188630 Oct 1954s/o Jubee Roberts & Eliza Wedlow
Roberts, Rob7 Dec 189924 Nov 1953s/o James Roberts & Millie Pope
Smith, Betty Hill15 June 18888 July 1961
Smith, Jim 29 Mar 188723 Sep 1932h/o Maria; s/o Ned Smith & Millie McClin
Smith, Jimmie26 Sep 192614 Oct 1957s/o Jim Smith & Miriah Roberts
Smith, Joe7 Mar 187628 Jan 1956s/o Ned & Millie Smith
Smith, John7 Mar 188614 Nov 1916s/o Ned & Millie Smith
Smith, Lucille King19 May 192030 Aug 1990
Smith, Mariah30 Nov 18801 Jan 1959w/o Jim Smith
Smith, Millie2 Dec 18571 Mar 1917 w/o Ned Smith
Smith, Ruthie15 June 188923 Jan 1972d/o Ned & Millie Smith
Smith, Thomas Elijah19 May 19125 May 1965s/o Jim Smith & Miriah Roberts
Smith, Thomas Jr22 May 193322 May 1933
Smith, Willie M15 May 19192011
Taylor, Cleave17 Jan 1887 5 Dec 1916s/o Robin Taylor & unknown Potts
Taylor, Jimmie Edna18 Mar 19206 Aug 1955d/o Jim Smith & Mariah Roberts
Taylor, Martha1 Aug 18846 Dec 1959d/o Jim & Susan Franklin
Taylor, Willie Jewel8 Jan 193830 Nov 2002
Thomas, Mrs. Maggie10 Oct 186925 Sep 1911d/o James & Julia Hayes
Thomas, Richard1 Jan 182024 Dec 1923s/o Tom Dollarson
Unmarked graves
Unmarked graves
Webb, Jewel27 July 192910 Feb 1932d/o Willie Webb & Laverna Noland
Webb, Willie6 Mar 19357 Mar 1935s/o Willie Webb & Laverna Noland
Wedlow George15 Mar 187225 Jan 1935h/o Tish Wedlow; s/o Ned Wedlow
Wedlow, Georgie25 Dec 186219 Dec 1939d/o Alex Wilburn & Tildie Livingston
Wedlow, Robert 4 June 189927 Aug 1915
Wilkins, Willis186226 Mar 1927 
Wilson, Annie27 Aug 18692 Feb 1936w/o W. M. Wilson 
Wilson, Coot W24 Sep 1968s/o William Wilson & Ann unknown
Wilson, Deloris L31 Oct 193325 May 1934d/o Charles Wilson & Myrtle Anderson
Wilson, Donald19412008
Wilson, Glenna Mae19171996 
Wilson, Mrs. Hattie18 June 188418 Oct 1959
Wilson, James A19 Apr 193923 Sep 1991US Army
Wilson, Joe15 Oct 189411 June 1958s/o Billy Wilson & Annie Lane
Wilson, Josephine5 Nov 189519 Aug 1959
Wilson, Lizzie5 Feb 188421 May 1935w/o Coot Wilson; d/o Tom Branch & Dolley McClure
Wilson, Lonnie19091987
Wilson, Maggie30 June 191517 Sep 1971w/o Lonnie Wilson
Wilson, Marshall 7 May 18879 Apr 1965
Wilson, Nellie Bell26 Feb 191218 Jan 1955d/o Pink Bell & Clara Morrison
Wilson, Riber29 June 189810 Mar 1927d/o T. J. Jordon & unknown Evens
Wilson, Wm15 Mar 186520 Mar 1860

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