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Surnames: May, Atwell, Grinnell, Hastings, Klecka, Maughs, Cromie
Prepared by Karla M. May Warborg          Sept 1, 2011 updated Jan. 2013


Peter May and Eve Smith are listed as parents on Phillip May’s certificate of marriage to Ida Mae Atwell dated Nov 8, 1880 in St. Louis, MO.  In the 1850 US census, Peter M. May (born about 1805 in Germany) and Eve May (born about 1818 in Germany) were living in Preston, Virginia with children: Margaret (age 12 born ne: 1838 Maryland), Phillip (age 10 born ne: 1840 Maryland), and John (age 4 born ne: 1846 Maryland)



Philip C. May, Jr. died Oct 7, 1890 (50 yr. 2days conclude birth ne: Dec 5, 1839 or Jan 1, 1840) Middle name may have been Christopher according to one family record. Buried on southeast hill in Calvary Hill Cemetery Denison, Tx. (Note: name spelled with two “l’s” on tombstone - Phillip and a “Jr.” status indicating there was probably some former relative named Phillip C. May - maybe an uncle or grandfather)

He married Ida Mae Atwell (b. Aug. 30, 1859 – d. June 30, 1929 at age 69), daughter of Lucinda Pike and William Atwell. Bible marriage certificate record shows P.C. May from Baltimore, Maryland and Ida from Louisville, Kentucky. They married at St. Teresa Catholic Church on Grand Ave. in St. Louis Nov 8, 1880 with witnesses Thomas Tollis and Katie M.G. Kelley. Family lore is that Phil was a baker. Four children by this union: P.C., Charles, Gertie, and Daisy.



1. Phillip C. May (Oct 21, 1881- Feb. 4, 1963) born in St. Louis, MO married Lydia "Lyda" Weaver (April 11, 1886 - Oct.15, 1967) at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Denison, Texas Nov. 1, 1910. Middle name may have been Clarence according to one family record. He changed it to Chesterfield.  Known by grandchildren as “Tee-Taw”,  Phil called Lyda “Chief”.  Phil worked as a motorman on old Texas Electric Rail Road which ran from Denison to Dallas (1903 diary). Took Civil Service exam Oct. 25, 1905; joined post office as a letter carrier on Saturday, Nov. 1, 1905 and was appointed a regular carrier on Oct. 15, 1907.  He retired in 1944.  Interested  in horticulture,  he raised roses, peonies, apples, pears, grapes, black walnut and pecan trees; had horny toads and tarantula spiders as pets to eat the bugs in the garden.  He may have been left-handed from slant of his writing. Phil and Lyda are buried north side of entry road in Calvary Hill Cemetery in Denison, Texas. Two children:

1A - Frances Elizabeth May (Aug 23, 1911- July 22, 2005) attended Lamar grade school and DHS in Denison, Tx. Married Wiley Beal Grinnell of Sherman, Tx. on Nov. 24, 1929 (b. Sept. 21, 1911 – d. Jan 3, 1995) Both are buried in Beaumont, Tx.  Five children:  

 1a-1   Wiley Beal Grinnell, Jr.  b. Sept. 21, 1933 -  d. 1981(cancer); (married Sylvia Roberts, Elizabeth Waldrop Delord,
& Jeannie Bailey

1a-2   Emma Lynn Grinnell – b. July 30, 1940  married Paul Jesko in 1959 and had 2 boys 2 girls; divorced 1975, married J.C.Tere; divorced and married Kerwin Mellow; divorced and remarried Paul Jesko

1a-3   Maria Jean “Reecie”Grinnell  married T.E. Lyons in 1964 and had two sons:
1a-3a  Brad  & Teresa
2 sons:    Austin & Paxton

1a-3b Vic & Sheryl 
2 daughters:   Lily & Aven

Reecie divorced Lyons in 1975; married Ron McCrieght 1976, divorced 1982; married James Ronny McCrieght 1985, divorced in 1989


 1a-4   Thomas Kelly Grinnell married Sandra Lee Shepherd on May 15, 1981; 6 children:

1a-4-1  Brett Patrick Grinnell married Krista LynnVan Hess on Jan 25, 2002.
Two children: Jaeden Cole Grinnell and Samrra Tailor Grinnell 

 1a-4-2  Erika Lynn Grinnell  married Matthew Rhodes on May 25, 2008.
Harper Savannah Rhodes 
Liam Henry Rhodes

1a-4-3  Kevin Todd Grinnell

1a-4-4  Anthony Scott Grinnell 

1a-4-5  Brian Matthew Grinnell 

 1a-4-6  Lisa Ann Grinnell           

1a-5   Frances Margaret “Babe” Grinnell married Patrick Hugh Gallagher in 1968 and had two children:

1a-5a Lee Gallagher

1a-5b Regina Gallagher Halpert

1a-5b-1 Caroline

1a-5b-2 Garrett



1B -  Philip Chesterfield “Doc” May (Jan 24, 1913 – April 12,  2003) married Margaret Evelyn May (Dec. 16, 1917 – still living) at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Denison Tx on Nov. 2, 1940.  Doc served in WWII 136th Div. Signal Co.; worked 32 years as railway postal clerk retiring June 30, 1972.  Buried north side of entry road in Calvary Hill Cemetery in Denison, Tx.  Margaret is daughter of James Joseph May and Margaret “Maggie” Camp May of Denison,Tx. Three children:

1b-1   Karla Margo May married January 23, 1965 to Martin Anthony Warborg from Iowa (8 children: Tanya Lee, James Michael 1967- 1992, work accident), Jason Thomas 1968 - 1984 cancer, Martin Anthony “Marty, Heather Lynn, Chad Aaron, Jonathan Daniel, and Trudy Gayle

1b-2    Philip Kyle May  married Bettye Faulkner and had 2 children: Christopher Todd & Amy Michelle.  Divorced. Married Cindy unknown on Dec. 16, 198? . They adopted Matthew Jacob

1b-3   Adre Ann May married (Dec 22, 1979) to Thomas Knight Bower. Divorced 1997. Three sons: Thomas Elliott, Philip Knight, Adrian Edward

2. Charles G. May (Sept. 16, 1883 – Sept 26, 1884) born in St. Louis, MO  (unknown grave site)

3. Gertrude “Gertie” Elizabeth May (Dec. 2, 1885 – Nov. 7, 1962 age 77) born in St. Louis, MO. Moved to Denison,Tx when 3 years old according to newspaper obit. Adopted name of Maughs when she was 7 after her mother remarried. Attended St. Xavier Academy and Denison High School. She worked in Dallas,Tx. 20 years for Southwestern Bell Telephone then 32 years for Texas & Pacific treasurer’s office. Retired in 1952. Returned to Denison and lived with sister “Daisy”.  She never married. No children. Buried on south side of entry road in Calvary Hill Cemetery in Denison, Tx.

NOTE: in correspondence to her niece Frances, Gertie refers to a cousin named Lynn Flory (pronounced Flor-ee) who lived in New Orleans who was Daisy’s age. Gertie used monogrammed stationery with GEM in gold letters.

4.  Elsie Margaret “Daisy” May (May 27, 1888 – June 10, 1971) born in St. Louis, MO (Her mother must have returned to St. Louis for the birth} adopted the name Maughs at age 4 when her mother remarried. Daisy married George Roy Hastings (b. 1882 – d. Aug 20, 1927 age 45) Daisy was a registered nurse. She had a red irish-setter dog named “Shadrack”.  Daisy & Roy are buried on south side of entry road in Calvary Hill Cemetery in Denison,Tx. Three children:

4a - Philip Roy Hastings (1914-2003) married  Kathryn “Kaki” Elizabeth Welty (1912-1989). Second marriage - Marie Aase.  Phil is buried in California. One daughter, Latrelle Hastings Nation  (b. Feb. 9, 1938), had 3 children: Philip,Theresa Kathryn, Aaron 

4b - Harold Thomas Hastings (March 29, 1918 - June 2, 1999) was a  bachelor – decorated WWII  “ace” fighter pilot serving in the Pacific theatre. Living in New York and Greece, following the war he flew for TWA airlines for over 30 years. He retired and lived in Denison. Has a statue in his honor at entry of Perrin AFB between Denison/Sherman. Buried on south side of entry road in Calvary Hill Cemetery Denison,Tx 

4c -  Lura Hastings (May 2, 1923 – Nov. 29, 1998) married in 1945 to Major Theodore A. Klecka from Quero, Tx. Lura was a nurse and Theo was a bone-specialist doctor. Both buried in San Antonio, Tx. Six children:

4c-1 Candace Anne “Candy”, a veterinarian, married Terry Wesley Anderson in 1976. Divorced. Son Thomas Ray “Tommy” Klecka

4c-2  Daryl - married Laverne Unknown  Divorced. 4 children .  Second marriage to Unknown.

4c-3  Diane - married Don Nunley

4c-4  Lura Frances “Pepi” a veterinarian - married James R. Braden Sept. 1, 1977. Divorced. Daughter Amanda Jane Braden received BBA 2002 UT at San Antonio. Amanda’s son - Ryan.

4c-5 Tedra Marie 

4c-6 Wren - married Douglas Edmund Knapp March 13, 1983 (twins: Matthew Arthur and Sarah Ashley)


NOTE: Daisy Hastings married Carl Parish April 18, 1839 in Atoka, OK. He was age 55 and she was age 50. THE MARRIAGE WAS ANNULLED. Married name of Daisy Parish appears on 1940 US census ( Film 2210200 dig folder 004532328 image 00694).

NOTE: Entry on family Bible records page for John May born March 14, 1869 is listed after Elsie May.  No other records for him - do not know relationship. Could he be a nephew of Phillip C. May (1840-1890) or a son by a possible earlier marriage? Could this be a death date rather than a birth date? MYSTERY RELATIVE!!!   NOTE: 1850 census lists John May born ne: 1846 as brother of Phillip C. May (1840-1890)

MAUGHS NOTE: After Phillip C. May died in 1890, Ida M. Atwell May remarried.  On Oct. 5, 1892 she was united in marriage to Leonidas Linville “Major” Maughs (Jan. 28, 1839 – Sept. 8, 1898 ) by Fr. Crowley, witnessed by M/M W.M. Peck and M/M A.S. Buchard in St. Patrick Catholic Parish parsonage in Denison,Tx .  Maughs was from Lexington in Calloway County, Missouri. He was a lawyer, credited with bringing first gas lights to Denison, served as postmaster, and was a charter member of Rod & Gun Club. Maughs owned “Evening Dispatch Printing & Job Office” which he sold to Mort Scholl on Aug 15, 1899. Ida and “Major” Maughs are buried on south side of entry road in Calvary Hill Cemetery in Denison, Tx. Three children:

1.  Leonidas “Leo” or “Lee” L. Maughs born in Denison,Tx April 2, 1894 died Nov. 16, 1942 in Los Angeles, California (Navy veteran of WWI).  In US 1940 California census, Lee married to Esther  (b. ne:1899 Illinois), and had two daughters living with them: Jewell Patterson (b. 1920 Calif ) and Jennetta Patterson (b.1921 Calif). Buried in California.  


2.  Ida May (Mae) “Mitzi” Maughs born in Denison,Tx Nov. 29, 1895 died in 1968. She married Frank Elmer Shappy on Sept.14, 1918 in Waxahachie, Texas. He was a 1st Sgt. in the 868 Aero. Rep. Squadron in Dallas, Texas.  Citing mental and physical cruelty, she filed a divorce petition Jan. 13, 1921, and it was granted by the courts on May 26, 1921 in Dallas County, Texas.
In Manhattan, New York on Nov. 11, 1922 she married David “Dave” Bennett Cromie (b. Nov 2, 1888 - d.1958). He became a naturalized citizen April 21, 1944.They lived in New York; Baltimore, MD; and Florida…  No children. Dave died 6 months after moving to Florida. Ida returned to Denison,Tx for nursing care (brain tumor) and to be near family shortly  before she died. Both are buried in Boyton Beach Cemetery, FL.


  3.  Roderick “Rocky” Atwell Maughs born in Denison,Texas Sept 24, 1897(or 1899) died Sept 12, 1950 at Vallejo, California (fell off a train and was run over according to newspaper article on file. He was on his way to visit family in Denison, Tx.) He was employed by the government at Mare Island, California and was a Navy veteran of WWI. In 1940 US census for Scotia, Humboldt, California, Rodrick A. Maughs and wife Edith Ammonette (b.1900 Texas) had one son Rodrick,Jr (b. 1925 Calif). Rocky is buried in California.

3a.  Roderick Maughs, Jr. b.1925 in California. At the time of his father’s death he was serving as a Corporal in the Air Force at Hamilton Field near Novato, California.  Last family contact is a letter dated 1956 where Rocky Jr. was working
in Houston, Texas.


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