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1012 Natchez : a memoir of Grace, Hardship and Love
Njoki McElroy

The author grew up in Texas, spending summers in her maternal grandparents' house at 1012 Natchez in Sherman.  Her grandparents, Jefferson and Julia Washington, move to Sherman in the 1890s and attended Harmony Baptist.  She mentions Sherman neighbors with the surnames of Tatum and by Marjorie Castle

Ancestors and Descendants

Grayson County Texas
Compiled & edited by Grayson County, Texas Genealogical Society

This book has an Every Name index.
Out of print, copies are in most large Texas Libraries and in all local libraries.
Also found in the Card Catalog of any Family History Center - microfiche.

Copies can be borrowed by interlibrary loan or request lookups by mail at the Sherman Library

100 years, 100 yards : The story of Austin College Football
Willie Jacobs
Sherman : Austin College, 1996

Baseball on the Prairie: how seven small town teams shaped Texas League History
by Kris Rutherford
published by Arcadia Publishing
The towns were Sherman, Denison, Paris, Corsicana, Cleburne, Greenville & Temple

Biographical books on Grayson County Families
published by Frontier Village

Available by mail.
Both books are in all local libraries.


Women Claiming Their Land : Women Homesteaders in Texas
Florence C. Gould & Patricia N. Pando
El Paso, Texas : University of Texas at El Paso


Daniel and Crabtree History in Martin Springs, Pottsboro, and Hagerman Texas
by Natalie Bauman

Denison in 1900 ~ series
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This remarkable collection of 140 photographs, originally publshed in 1901, documents the homes & businesses of leading citizens of Denison, Texas, at the end of the 19th century.  In these pages, today's readers can glimpse the surprisingly sophiscated world created by their great-grandparents as the frontier passed into history.
The North Texas town of Denison was founded by the MK&T Railroad as it built south across Red River in 1872.  In three decades, the small cluster of tents and shacks grew into a booming community eager to attract new industries.
Denison's Commercial Club asked real estate dealer Frank Milton Robinson to assemble a pictorial book to convince prospective settlers and investors of the town's glowing future.  The book INDUSTRIAL DENISON succeeded in doing just that.  Soon the volume was out of print, remaining hard to fine for over a century.
Now Dr. Mavis Anne Bryant has prepared a new edition of the book.   She identifies long-forgotten local landmarks and provides an introduction, based on extensive research, that traces Robinson's life.
IN 1901, a book entitled INDUSTRIAL DENISON documented the finest homes, commercial buildings, store interiors, and landscapes of Denison.  Just emerging from its past as a frontier railroad boomtown, Denison was on the brink of the largest growth spurt in its history.
THE DOWNTOWN COMMUNITY traces the lives of prominent railroaders, merchants, hotel owners, barbers, confectioners, & utility operators shown in INDUSTRIAL DENISON..  Some of them became town leaders.  But others were lost to memory - until now.
As the commercial center of a small town, Main Street brought together people from many different nationalities, classes, & occpuations.  It was also the place where changes of all kinds were first manifest.  The result was a fascinationg social mixture.
THE DOWNTOWN COMMUNITY is a comparison in INDUSTRIAL DENISON, recently reissued.  Together, the books enable general readers, local history buffs, and genealogists to explore the texture of life in a small town about to enter the modern era.
HEALTH AND DEATH traces the lives of prominent doctors, dentists, pharmacists, & undertakers whose properties were shown in INDUSTRIAL DENISON.  As their professions evolved over time, so did their fortunes & their personal lives.  Some became community leaders, while the remarkable stores of others were lost to memory - until now.
This book reveals the diversity of backgrounds & training of young physicians & pharmacists who went west before & after the American Civil War.  It also explores the customs & practices surrounding many types of death along the border between Texas & Indian Territory.
HEALTH AND DEATH is a companion to INDUSTRIAL DENISON, now nearly avialable after a centruy.  Together, the books enable general readers local history buffs, & genealogists to explore the texture of life in a small town about to enter the modern era.
LAND, MONEY, LAW, TYCOONS traces the lives of prominent real estate dealers, insurance agents, bankers, lawyers, & industriallists shown in INDUSTRIAL DENISON.  Some of them became town leaders and heads of majors companies.  But others were lost to memory - until now.
Holding the reins of power in a small town, those who controlled land, money, & major employment opportunites had diverse national origins.  They also differed dramatically in their talents & interests.  What all had in common was a special ability to visualize potential in the natural resources & new technologies to be found in North Texas & Indian Territory.
LAND, MONEY, LAW, TYCOONS is a companion to INDUSTRIAL DENISON, now newly available after a centruy.  Together, the books enable general readers, local history buffs, & genealogists to explore the texture of life in a small town about to enter the modern era.

Down by Dixie
by Dusty Williams
A family/community newsletter, 2013-2015.
Dixie is a small community in northeastern Grayson County, Texas that dates its existence to the mid-19th century.  The newsletter tells of family and community events and happenings as well as several histories that pertain to the area.

The Descendants of Owen Dogharty of Ireland
compiled by Donna J. Hart


Foundations of American Grape Culture
T.V. Munson

Books available at Frontier Village or by mail

Order now (order form) & pick up personally autographed copies by the author
at Spring Fling, April 18.  If you want to pick them up, there is no shipping costs.


Ghost Towns of Texoma, vol 1 ~ Preston Bend
by Natalie Bauman
available at or "Pottsboro Texas Genealogy - Old Times Remembered" Facebook

Ghost Towns of Texoma, vol 2 ~ Hagerman
by Natalie Bauman
available at

Ghost Towns of Texoma, vol 3 ~ Martin Springs & Mineral City
by Natalie Bauman
available at

Ghost Towns of Texoma, vol 4 ~ Georgetown, Fink & Reevesville
by Natalie Bauman
Large pring paperback

Ghost Towns of Texoma, vol 5 ~ Locust & Mill Springs, Willow Springs & Overton
by Natalie Bauman

Grape Man of Texas : The Life of T.V. Munson
by Sherris S. McLeRoy & Roy E. Renfro, Jr., P.H.D.

Grayson County Marriage Records
1846 - 1877
Frances T. Ingmire

Mountain Press
P.O. Box 400
Signal Mountain, TN 37377

Grayson County Texas
: Miscellaneous Wills and Probates 1833-1923
Abstracted by Charlotte Holder & Catherine Overturff
Bryan County Heritage Assn., Inc.
PO Box 153
Calera, Oklahoma 74730


Hidden Headlines of Texas : Strange, Unusual and Bizarre Newspaper Stories, 1860-1910
Reachered & Compiled by Chad Lewis

High on a Windy Hill

by Margery Evans Eldridge
Eakin Press, c2001

History and Business Guide of Sherman and Grayson County, Texas

Ed H. Anderson, c1940
Contact the Sherman Library for lookups or interlibrary loan

"History Gals"
Mavis Anne Bryant & Donna Hord Hunt

List of books & order form

I Remember Things: An Informal History of Tioga, Texas
by Ross Estes
Quannah, TX: Nortex Press, c1977
James George Thompson, 1803-1879:  Cherokee Trader, Texan, Secessionist
by Dr. Mavis P. Kelsey

Dr. Mavis P. Kelsey of Houston, TX, died this morning at his home at the age of 101.  Educated at Texas A&M and the UT Medical School at Galveston, he is best remembered in medicine as the founder of the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic in Houston, which was modeled on the Mayo Clinic and has grown into one of the largest medical providers in Texas.  In the 1990s, he published two retrospective, autobiographical books about his medical career.
 He was also a scholar of Texas history and printing.  His earliest book was The Family of John Massie, 1743-c. 1830 (1979), a work of genealogy.  His next publication was James George Thompson, 1803-1879:  Cherokee Trader, Texan, Secessionist (1988).  That was followed by Travel Journals of Mary Wilson Kelsey (1990), which he edited.  He published The Courthouses of Texas:  A Guide (1993 and revised in 2007), which is the standard reference on the subject, featuring short histories and color photographs of every Texas courthouse. It was meant to encourage historical tourism.  His last publication, Texas Sayings and Folklore (2013) was a compilation of Texas colloquialisms and regionalisms that he had spent a lifetime compiling.  His contribution to Texas printing history and illustration is his Engraved Prints of Texas, 1554-1900 (2005), which lists and illustrates hundreds of engravings showing Texas scenes and personalities and is the standard work on the subject. 

The Jefferson Highway: Blazing the Way from Winnipeg to New Orleans
by Lyell Henry
Order from The Jefferson Highway Association

Journey to Freedom: A Genealogical Study of an African American Family and the Political and Social Issues That Impacted Their Lives, 1778 - 2013
by Lonnie R. Bunkley
Terrell HS, class of 1948

Author : "
Much of the book, which begins the colonial year 1778, is about my family's life in Denison"
The Bunkley family ran a restaurant (Hollywood Gardens) on the corner of Morton Street and Mirick Avenue in Denison for many years.

The book can be ordered from

A Journey Through History :  
Chronological Listing of Public Officials Grayson County, Texas, 1846 - 2000
with Related Stories and Comments
Weldon O. Williams

Katy's Baby
by Jack Mcguire & Robert S. Stevens
Nortex Press

Kentuckytown and Its Baptist Church

Joe W.Chumbley, c1975
D. Armstong Company Inc.
Houston, Texas

Contact the Sherman Public Library or the Whitewright Public Library for  lookups.

The Last Buffalo : Walter Potts, Oldest Documented
Buffalo Soldier
E.B. Hogan
Chronicles Walter Potts' life and family (Denison). Includes some Fannin & Grayson County families.

Legends of the Red River Valley
by Bright Ray (aka G.B. Ray)

Collection of stories from the early days of the Red River Valley

Whitewright Public Library

Send check or money order for the price of the book(s),
plus $2.00 s/h for each item

Whitewright Public Library
PO Box 984
Whitewright TX 75491

A Little Good : The Sisters of St. Mary in Texas
John Begnaud

Available at
Denison Chamber of Commerce
313 W. Woodard St.
Denison, TX 75020


Main Street Mall
500 W. Main St.
Denison, TX 75020


Lives in Photography : Denison, Texas, 1872 - 1999
by Mavis Ann Bryant

Mac and His Yellow Jacket Boats
by Marty Franz
Accumulated history of the Yellow Jacket Boat Company of Denison, Texas and its president, Mac McDerby

Murder at the Corners

by G.B. Ray

Details the Lee-Peacock Feud which took place 1867-1871 in the contiguous corners of Fannin, Grayson, Collin, & Hunt counties.

Send a check or money order for the price of the book(s), plus $2.00 s/h for each item.
Whitewright Public Library
PO Box 984
Whitewright TX 75491

My Life in Print
by Donna Hunt
Donna Hunt's new book, MY LIFE IN PRINT, has arrived! Here Donna tells about her life as a child growing up in Denison, as a young woman journalist and then editor of the Denison Herald, and as a historian, columnist with the Herald Democrat, and author of local history books. The book has lots of photos and a section listing all of Donna's writings over the years. It's for sale at the Denison Chamber of Commerce, and at Main Street Mall (500 W. Main, Denison). You can also order by mail, by printing out this form (Linked from title above) and following the instructions!

Mt. Zion
Cooke Co., Texas
History of Community, School, Church, and Cemetery
By Cass & Sue Reasor
$30 with $10 of the sale price going to the Mt. Zion Cemetery Association

Recipes of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Mt. Zion Cemetery Association
The sale price of $7 goes to the Mt. Zion Cemetery Association

contact :
Cass Reasor
Sue Reasor

Northwestern Grayson County, TExas Cemetery: List of Burials
by Natalie Clountz Bauman
available at

The Old Country Store
by Natalie Clountz Bauman

Available at
Order now. $12.95
Also available on Amazon

A place vanished from many record books was a home to many residents of Grayson County, was, The Poor Farm. Follow the colorful history of this eventful place from its begining to its end. The County Farm of Grayson County, like other County Poor Farms, provided a home for the needy and less fortunate. From times of peace, prosperity and production, to Edna Gladney's famous march on the dire circumstances that surrounded the county farm of Grayson County. Trace the intimate history of many of the residents, including farmers, doctors and even a niece of Davy Crockett who once called this place home. This book not only documents the history of the home, but provides biographies of those who lived here as well as those who ran the farm throughout its long history.
-Also includes a history of the Pecan Grove Community, west of Sherman.

Postcard History Series : Denison
by Brian Hander

purchase at:
Barnes & Noble
Arcadia Publishing
Denison Chamber of Commerce
Mary Karam Gallery, Denison

Pottsboro Texas & Lake Texoma Then...and Now
vol. 1

Pottsboro Texas & Lake Texoma Then...and Now

by Natalie Bauman


Quantrill's Raiders in North Texas & Grayson County
by Natalie Clountz Bauman
Print version @
Kindle version @

Quantrill's Raiders in Texas

Evault Boswell
Ft. Worth, Texas : Eakin Press
In the fall of 1863, William Clarke Quantrill, the Missouri bushwacker, took about 300 of his followers across Indian Territory to Sherman, Texas.  There they made camp at Mineral Creek until returning to Missouri in 1864.

Red River Bridge War: A Texas-Oklahoma Border Battle

by Rusty Williams
Red River Valley Books, sponsored by Texas A&M University, Texarkana

Red River Women
Sherrie S. McLeRoy

Republic of Texas Press, c1966

Includes stories about these Grayson County Women:
Sophia Porter, Lydia McPherson, Olive Ann Oatman Fairchild, Lucy Ann Thornton Kidd-Key, Edna Browning Kahly Gladney

The Windows of St. Patrick Catholic Church
Denison, Texas
by Suzanne Broussard
Photography by Marie Anderson

available at
Scatterlings : Blair, Williams & Turner to Texas
1853 - 1873
by  Dusty Williams

School Days Around Pottsboro, Texas
by Natalie Clountz Bauman


Sherman Museum
Book Shop


Two Schools On Main Street

available at

Erwin Smith, Texoma’s Own Western Photographer Pg 4- 8
Cattle Ranching Pg 9-10
Hudgins Ranch Pg 11-17
Edward Younger E.Y. Goode, Cowman Pg 18-44
Bill Goode, Deputy and the Sherman Riot Pg 45-59
Kimberlin Ranch Pg 60-66
Olive Ann Oatman, Emigrant, Indian Captive, Rancher’s Wife Pg 67-82
Memories of Indian Territory in 1887 Pg 83-84
Pioneer Holder Family Pg 84-91
Pottsboro Postmaster Pg 92-93
Pottsboro Man on USS Indianapolis Pg 94-96
Stories About the Good Ole Days in Pottsboro in the 40s Pg 97-117
Pottsboro’s Major League Native Son Pg 118
Potts and Quantrill Pg 119-121
Local Hermit Retires from Seclusion Pg 122-124
Bayliss Massey, From Slave to Friend of the President? Pg 125-139
LAL – Learning to Laugh At Life or LFL - Learn From Life Pg 140-177

Theater Row : Movie Palaces of Denison, Texas

Billy Holcomb

ioga & Collinsville
Images of America
by Don & J.R. Davenport
available at
Arcadia Publishing Kindle edition
Barnes & Noble

Trails of Our Past

By Dusty Williams
Available at
Cost - $13.00

While documenting the small portion of Grayson County History presented here in this book, I have met many individuals who were and are vital to the retelling of this history. A special thank you to all those involved in every aspect of our local history. While this book comes to a close, we know that with history it is never, “The End,” but rather, “Until Next Time.” And should, for some reason, I not be able to continue the documentation and publication of Grayson County History, please, dear reader, use this as a dock as you set sail on your own voyage of discovery. As you read, research and uncover long forgotten histories and mysteries, please share them with the world by publishing your own compilation of your discoveries. It is the greatest gift that we are able to give those who have gone before us…to honor and to remember them and to share their stories with all those who are willing
to read. 
Until Next Time…
Dusty Williams

Trails of Our Past, 2015, is an excellent collaboration of local history written by Dusty Williams. The contents of this book contain articles from the column, Trails of Our Past which appeared in the Van Alstyne Leader throughout 2015. Williams, in his informative, well rounded writing style, documented many topics in regards to local history. The writings are not only filled with colorful events, but they are backed by documentation which leaves little room for doubt in regards to their content. Williams is a 9th generation Grayson County resident and has ties to almost every little community or establishment throughout Grayson County. He is known for bringing attention to the lesser known histories that have someone slipped through the cracks with the passing of time. This compilation not only includes the histories that he wrote throughout 2015, but it also includes some follow-ups and additional information that has not been previously published. 
Stories include:  My Grandparent’s House : a history of the Doc McKinney homestead; Van Alstyne From the Orphaned Boy : a history of the founding of Van Alstyne; My Walk to School :a first person account walking through Van Alstyne in 1901; Communities : a history of Jameson, Oxford School and Starks Chapel; Sister Grove Farm : a history of the J. P. Dumas estate; Along Came Cannon : a history of the community of Cannon; Along Came Cannon, Part II : a history of the community of Cannon; Sedalia : a history of the community of Sedalia; That old Christian Church : a history of the First Christian Church in Howe; Take me to the Ballpark : a first person story of baseball and Monty Stratton; Wondering About Warden : a history of Warden, Burke; Maple and Lonestar; Howe about Some History : a history of Howe; Lick Skillet : a history of Pilot Grove; The Pilot Grove Difficulty : a history of the Lee-Peacock Feud; Keep it Up : the Confederate Monument in Sherman; Deserted : a history of Desert; The Myth of Two Sisters : the naming of Anna, Melissa and Van Alstyne; Take Me to the Poor Farm : a history of the Grayson County Poor Farm; The Bushwhacker : a history of Bushwhacker Bill Wilson and his murder near Mantua; The Bushwhacker, Part II : a history of Bushwhacker Bill Wilson and his murder near Mantua; To the Gallows : a history of the first legal hanging in Grayson County; To the Gallows, Part II : a history of the first legal hanging in Grayson County; A Tale of Remorse : the final words of William O. Blackmore; Halloween Town : the Halloween tradition in Van Alstyne; That Old Christian Church, follow-up : A follow up on The Christian Church in Howe; Happy 170th ; Grayson County’s 170th birthday; The Lost State of Red River : a history of the myth of a new state in Sherman; Farewell to 2015 : A wrap up of the 2015 articles; 2016 Expedition: Grayson County : Plans for future hands on research in Grayson County

True Ghost Stories & Other Strange and Scary Tales, vol. 1
by Natalie Clountz Bauman

available at

CONTENTS CHAPTER ONE TRUE GHOST STORIES Pg 3 - 150 CHAPTER TWO BURIED ALIVE Pg 151 - 158 CHAPTER THREE WEIRD TRUE ANIMAL STORIES Pg 159 - 181 CHAPTER FOUR - THE STRANGE, WEIRD, AND SCARY pg 182 -204 True Ghost Stories of Grayson County Texas…. And Other Strange and Scary Tales - Introduction. Ghost stories are not just passed on around camp fires on dark nights, although that IS the ideal venue for them. Most of them can actually be found recorded in the pages of old newspapers, passing on the eye-witness accounts of sightings. It is left to the reader to believe what they will and draw whatever conclusions they wish from the articles and stories, but they certainly DO make for entertaining reading. This book will not only recount ghost stories, and identify places reputed to be haunted, but also many odd, strange or scary phenomena will be examined which have been found to occur in Grayson County and the near vicinity over the years.

True Ghost Stories & Other Strange and Scary Tales, vol. 2
by Natalie Clountz Bauman

available at

TRUE TRUE GHOST STORIES OF Grayson County and other strange & scary tale, Vol. 2 - The ghost s and strange tales in Vol. 2 of Red River Hauntings are not just fun scary stories; they are also part of our history.  Many of these true ghost stories also contain a great deal of the area's past.  While we are reading and enjoying the interesting tale, we are learning about the past.  Who said history had to be boring, right?
Even if you are not sure about the reality of ghosts or just don't believe in them, it is still an interesting light-hearted read from which we may actually learn something about the area.

A Twist of Tobacco trilogy
by Rita Ownby Holcomb

available at
available at
Vittitoe Cemetery Book
published by Vittitoe Cemetery Board of Directors
Contact : Laverne Darwin

When The West Was Wild in Pottsboro, Texas
by Natalie Clountz Bauman

Paper Trail

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