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1012 Natchez : a memoir of Grace, Hardship and Love
Njoki McElroy

The author grew up in Texas, spending summers in her maternal grandparents' house at 1012 Natchez in Sherman.  Her grandparents, Jefferson and Julia Washington, move to Sherman in the 1890s and attended Harmony Baptist.  She mentions Sherman neighbors with the surnames of Tatum and by Marjorie Castle

Ancestors and Descendants

Grayson County Texas
Compiled & edited by Grayson County, Texas Genealogical Society

This book has an Every Name index.
Out of print, copies are in most large Texas Libraries and in all local libraries.
Also found in the Card Catalog of any Family History Center - microfiche.

Copies can be borrowed by interlibrary loan or request lookups by mail at the Sherman Library

100 years, 100 yards : The story of Austin College Football
Willie Jacobs
Sherman : Austin College, 1996

Biographical books on Grayson County Families
published by Frontier Village

Available by mail.
Both books are in all local libraries.


Women Claiming Their Land : Women Homesteaders in Texas
Florence C. Gould & Patricia N. Pando
El Paso, Texas : University of Texas at El Paso


Daniel and Crabtree History in Martin Springs, Pottsboro, and Hagerman Texas
by Natalie Bauman

The Descendants of Owen Dogharty
by Donna J. Hart
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Foundations of American Grape Culture
T.V. Munson

Books available at Frontier Village or by mail

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Ghost Towns of Texoma, vol 1 ~ Preston Bend
by Natalie Bauman
available at or "Pottsboro Texas Genealogy - Old Times Remembered" Facebook

Grape Man of Texas : The Life of T.V. Munson
by Sherris S. McLeRoy & Roy E. Renfro, Jr., P.H.D.

Grayson County Marriage Records
1846 - 1877
Frances T. Ingmire

Mountain Press
P.O. Box 400
Signal Mountain, TN 37377

Grayson County Texas
: Miscellaneous Wills and Probates 1833-1923
Abstracted by Charlotte Holder & Catherine Overturff
Bryan County Heritage Assn., Inc.
PO Box 153
Calera, Oklahoma 74730


Hidden Headlines of Texas : Strange, Unusual and Bizarre Newspaper Stories, 1860-1910
Reachered & Compiled by Chad Lewis

High on a Windy Hill

by Margery Evans Eldridge
Eakin Press, c2001

History and Business Guide of Sherman and Grayson County, Texas

Ed H. Anderson, c1940
Contact the Sherman Library for lookups or interlibrary loan

"History Gals"
Mavis Anne Bryant & Donna Hord Hunt

Images of America : Denison

Two Schools on Main Street

Lives in Photography : Denison, Texas
This book tells the stories of 125 photographers who worked in Denison.
Many of them also took pictures elsewhere in the West & the Great Plains

Donald Mayes of Denison, Texas

"History Gals"
31 Via Esplanade
Denison, Texas 75021


I Remember Things: An Informal History of Tioga, Texas
by Ross Estes
Quannah, TX: Nortex Press, c1977
James George Thompson, 1803-1879:  Cherokee Trader, Texan, Secessionist
by Dr. Mavis P. Kelsey

Dr. Mavis P. Kelsey of Houston, TX, died this morning at his home at the age of 101.  Educated at Texas A&M and the UT Medical School at Galveston, he is best remembered in medicine as the founder of the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic in Houston, which was modeled on the Mayo Clinic and has grown into one of the largest medical providers in Texas.  In the 1990s, he published two retrospective, autobiographical books about his medical career.
 He was also a scholar of Texas history and printing.  His earliest book was The Family of John Massie, 1743-c. 1830 (1979), a work of genealogy.  His next publication was James George Thompson, 1803-1879:  Cherokee Trader, Texan, Secessionist (1988).  That was followed by Travel Journals of Mary Wilson Kelsey (1990), which he edited.  He published The Courthouses of Texas:  A Guide (1993 and revised in 2007), which is the standard reference on the subject, featuring short histories and color photographs of every Texas courthouse. It was meant to encourage historical tourism.  His last publication, Texas Sayings and Folklore (2013) was a compilation of Texas colloquialisms and regionalisms that he had spent a lifetime compiling.  His contribution to Texas printing history and illustration is his Engraved Prints of Texas, 1554-1900 (2005), which lists and illustrates hundreds of engravings showing Texas scenes and personalities and is the standard work on the subject. 

Journey to Freedom: A Genealogical Study of an African American Family and the Political and Social Issues That Impacted Their Lives, 1778 - 2013
by Lonnie R. Bunkley
Terrell HS, class of 1948

Author : "
Much of the book, which begins the colonial year 1778, is about my family's life in Denison"
The Bunkley family ran a restaurant (Hollywood Gardens) on the corner of Morton Street and Mirick Avenue in Denison for many years.

The book can be ordered from

A Journey Through History :  
Chronological Listing of Public Officials Grayson County, Texas, 1846 - 2000
with Related Stories and Comments
Weldon O. Williams

Katy's Baby
by Jack Mcguire & Robert S. Stevens
Nortex Press

Kentuckytown and Its Baptist Church

Joe W.Chumbley, c1975
D. Armstong Company Inc.
Houston, Texas

Contact the Sherman Public Library or the Whitewright Public Library for  lookups.

The Last Buffalo : Walter Potts, Oldest Documented
Buffalo Soldier
E.B. Hogan
Chronicles Walter Potts' life and family (Denison). Includes some Fannin & Grayson County families.
Copies still available in book stores
Eakin Publications, ASIN: 157168364X

A Little Good : The Sisters of St. Mary in Texas

John Begnaud

Legends of the Red River Valley

by Bright Ray (aka G.B. Ray)

Collection of stories from the early days of the Red River Valley

Whitewright Public Library

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plus $2.00 s/h for each item

Whitewright Public Library
PO Box 984
Whitewright TX 75491

Lives in Photography : Denison, Texas, 1872 - 1999
by Mavis Ann Bryant

Mac and His Yellow Jacket Boats
by Marty Franz
Accumulated history of the Yellow Jacket Boat Company of Denison, Texas and its president, Mac McDerby

Murder at the Corners

by G.B. Ray

Details the Lee-Peacock Feud which took place 1867-1871 in the contiguous corners of Fannin, Grayson, Collin, & Hunt counties.

Send a check or money order for the price of the book(s), plus $2.00 s/h for each item.
Whitewright Public Library
PO Box 984
Whitewright TX 75491

Mt. Zion

Cooke Co., Texas
History of Community, School, Church, and Cemetery
By Cass & Sue Reasor
$30 with $10 of the sale price going to the Mt. Zion Cemetery Association

Recipes of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Mt. Zion Cemetery Association
The sale price of $7 goes to the Mt. Zion Cemetery Association

contact :
Cass Reasor
Sue Reasor


The Poor Farm of Grayson County, Texas
by Dusty Williams
To be released summer 2015

Pottsboro Texas & Lake Texoma Then...and Now
vol. 1
by Natalie Bauman


Quantrill's Raiders in Texas

Evault Boswell
Ft. Worth, Texas : Eakin Press

In the fall of 1863, William Clarke Quantrill, the Missouri bushwacker, took about 300 of his followers across Indian Territory to Sherman, Texas.  There they made camp at Mineral Creek until returning to Missouri in 1864.

Red River Women
Sherrie S. McLeRoy

Republic of Texas Press, c1966

Includes stories about these Grayson County Women:
Sophia Porter, Lydia McPherson, Olive Ann Oatman Fairchild, Lucy Ann Thornton Kidd-Key, Edna Browning Kahly Gladney

The Windows of St. Patrick Catholic Church
Denison, Texas
by Suzanne Broussard
Photography by Marie Anderson
Scatterlings : Blair, Williams & Turner to Texas
1853 - 1873
by  Dusty Williams

School Days Around Pottsboro, Texas
by Natalie Clountz Bauman


Sherman Museum

Book Shop
Two Schools On Main Street

Theater Row : Movie Palaces of Denison, Texas

Billy Holcomb


When The West Was Wild in Pottsboro, Texas
by Natalie Clountz Bauman

Paper Trail

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