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The United States postal card  was patented in 1861 by John P. Charlton. He sold the rights to Hymen Lipman. Lipman added borders to his post card and it became known as "Lipman's Postal Cards".  In 1873 the first American postcard was developed by the Morgan Envelope Factory.  In the early 1900's, postcards became very popular with the postcards being printed with images of buildings and other structures.  Two decades later, came the 'white border' era with postcards featuring a white border around them.  The 'white border' postcard was replaced by the 'linen card' era in the 1930's, lasting into the 1950's. These cards featured a texture similar to linen cloth.

Postcards allowed one to to communicate with family and friends by providing a 'snapshot' of one's travels and surroundings. The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum Library's collection includes 10,000 postcards.  A series of postcards trace the aftermath of the 1908 Dallas flood.
Definition: a card for sending by mail without an envelope

Published by businesses to promote products or services
Sent out in mass mail or given away directly by hand

Governmnet Issued Postcards that were first known as "Penny Postcards"
The stamp was printed in the upper right hand corner
The oppostie side was blank for messages

Greeting Card
created to address a specific consumer need
Best Wishes

Most newspapers at the turn of the 20th Century did not publish images - drawn or photographed.
A photographer could quickly capture a news related item and quickly reproduce it in a Postcard

created to address a specific consumer need


Photograph Postcards
Some were taken while traveling but most were scenes of homes and yards often with posed family members in them

Postcard Collecting
Made to serve no specific purpose other than to catch the eye

Produced for Tourist Consumption, mostly consisting of views

produced almost exclusively for a more local audience
Small town scenes of places that received little or no Tourism
each had a certain appeal or meaning to the community

The History of Postcards
Vintage Postcard History

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