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As told to Neva R. Pinkston by Grover Scarbrough

The Sandusky Community is located on Highway 377, nine miles north of Whitesboro and now consists of :
one store, "Fisherman's Headquarters," operated by T.R. and Norma Rich Eddings;
Sand Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church, a few miles to the southwest;
and Mt. Tabor Cemetery, four miles east

Grover Scarbrough's great uncle, Wesley Scarbrough (18  -  ) and his grandfather, Burrel Scarbrough (1814 - 1878) bought land east of Sandusky in 1866, and this land has been farmed by five generations.

Sandusky, at one time, consisted of a store, gin, church, blacksmith shop, the Munger school east of Sandusky, and two cemeteries - one at the church and the present Mt. Tabor Cemetery, for which the Scarbrough family gave eight acres near the center of their land with room for four roads approaching it.

Church leaders bought property for the Sand Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church in the 1880's. The first church, which was a building moved from the Jeff Scarbrough farm, burned; another was built immediately; a third building was built in 1942, and the present chapel was erected in 1963.

The Munger school burned but was rebuilt and then later consolidated with a school in the Pull-off Community to the west, and Sandusky school was built near the store. When the highway by-passed the store after Willis Bridge was built, the store was moved to the highway at its present location. The school was later consolidated with the Whitesboro District and the school building torn down.

Other Sandusky families that Grover Scarbrough remembers from earlier are R.H. & R.S. Armstrong, Dr. W. Blassingame, Elias DeMoss, Hiram Freeman, N.S.Henry, "Pomp" & C.B. Hodges, E.H. Hudson, J.W. Hughes, W.H. Lindsey, T.L. Miller, J.J. & W. Morris, Mrs. K. Munger, Jim and Rayford Pearce, E. Riddle, Bob Smithers, and C.A. Wright.
Descendants of several of these families still live at Sandusky and attend church there regularly.


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