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The Public Square in Sherman, Texas
Read the description of Sherman that appears ia book written in 1875, at the bottom of  this page.

Sherman Public Library
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The Handbook of Texas - Sherman Story

Fantastic Online Book ~ Sherman, Texas, Indelible Photographs



  • Aerial View of Sherman 1930

    A Bird's Eye View of Sherman- Travis Street
    The Great Sherman Storm of 1896
    The Interurban - Texas Electric Railway
    St Vincents Hospital
    St. Vincents Post Card
    Sherman Central Fire Station - before 1908
    Sherman Central Fire Station 1908
    Sherman Central Fired Station, shortly before it was torn down
    Sherman Police Officer, 1910
  • Sherman Police Department, 1920
    Wilson N. Jones Hospital


    1924 Masonic Temple
    Building being torn down, Walnut & Houston Streets
    Downtown photo of Bus station & Taxi Building
    Federal Building ~ United States Court House (& former Post Office)
    Hotel Texas Fire ~ 1967
    IOOF Fellows Hall #45 ~ (Rebekah Lodge #297)
    Sherman Little Theater 
    Sherman Opera House
    Old Sherman Public Library
    Travis Lodge No. 117 A.F.& A.M.
    Union Station
    Woodmen's Circle Home
    Carnegie Library


    Binkley Hotel
    Caradine Photography
    Commercial Bank
    Continental Bank & Trust
    Dannel Funeral Home
    P.F. Goben ~ photography
    Gray - Button Photo Parlors
    Hall Furniture Building
    Love Monument Company
    Marshall & Co. Livery Stable
    Merchants and Planters National Bank
    Pioneer Cotton Seed Oil Mill
    Pool Manufacturing Company
    Roberts Sanford & Taylor Hardware Co. Building
    Texas Nursery
    Washington Iron Works
    Wears Studio ~ photography



    Central Christian Church
    First United Methodist Church
    Saint John CME Church
    St Mary's Catholic Church and Historical Marker
    Trinity United Presbyterian Church
    Walnut Street Church of Christ


    Birge~Ellis~Hodges~Wolfe~Lough House
    Capt. N.A. Birge House
    Carr - Taliaferro House
    Ely - Elliott House
    Lyon House



    Austin College
    Capt. LeTellier's School ( for Boys)
    Fred Douglas School
    Kidd-Key College & Music Conservatory
    St Joseph's Academy ~ Post Card
    St Joseph's Academy ~ early photograph
    Sherman High School Alumni website
    Old Postcards of Sherman High School


    1895 Sherman's Texas League Baseball Team
    Belle Starr
    Bison hides arrive in Sherman
    Sherman Germania Band, 1888
    Black Friday, 1896
    "Fire at the Sherman Cotton Compress Co. 1903"
    Sherman ~ Denison Concert Band 1905

    Red River Valley Fair, 1924

    Sherman Riot of 1930
    Sherman Riot of 1930
    Washington Iron Works car

    Sherman Exchange Directory, 1912
    Telephone Book, 1921


    Post Oak Creek
    Carpenter's Bluff
    Grayson County Poor Farm

    Barber, Miller
    Blackford, Godwin Lewis ~ Merchants & Planters National Bank
    Buster, James D. ~ Attorney
    Clarke, Lafayette W ~ Businessman & Agriculturalist
    Durrett, Elmer Cable "Red"
    Field, O'Neil ~ Architect
    Hamblen Family
    Hay, William Lynn
    Hull, Benjamin Pierce ~ Sherman & Denison contractor
    Maxey, Rice ~ Attorney & Judge
    Pasco, Gilbert W. ~ Lawyer (1878 - 1888)
    Robertson, Findley N. ~ Sherman & Denison attorney
    Shoffner, Milburn "Milt"
    Williford, Frederick B. ~ 1893 - 1900




    Birdeye View of Sherman from the Northeast corner of the courthouse

    Index of all Post Cards on this website

    Lots of good photographs of Sherman on the Grayson County Government Website

    1876 City Directory, Sherman 
     Part 1           Part 2

    1899-1900 Sherman - Denison Directory

    History & Business Guide of Sherman and Grayson County


    Worley's Sherman City Directory
    1947 - 1948

    Worley's Sherman City Directory

    Black Friday- May 15, 1896 ~ Sherman Cyclone
    (complete book online)

    Also newpaper articles :
    Newspaper articles about the 1896 tornado
    More newpaper articles about the 1896 tornado
    Historical Marker Commemorating the Tornado of 1896 in West Hill Cemetery, Sherman

    Dallas Morning News, "Sherman Shavings", 26 May 1887
    Dallas Morning News, "Sherman Shavings", 15 July 1887
    Dallas Morning News, "Sherman Siftings" 1800s
    Sherman Growth  - 5 July 1887
    Dallas Morning News - "Sherman Notes"
    Excerpt from:  The Great South: A Record of Journeys in Louisiana, Texas, the Indian Territory, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland (1875)
    By Edward King, Illustrated by James Wells Champney (Read the first part, which is about Denison)

        "So, faring forward through forest and brake, over creeks and under hills, beside smiling fields and along mournful wastes, into primitive clearings and out of forsaken nooks, and crannies where civilization had only made the wilderness look worse, we reached Sherman, the forty-year-old shire town of Grayson county. "
         "Glorious sunlight enlivened the town as we entered it, and intensest activity prevailed, the county court being in session. The town is built around a square, in the centre of which stands a low, unpainted wooden building, known as the Court-House. The "grand jury" was not far from the aforesaid building, as we drew up at the hotel opposite it, and was to outward appearance a collection of rough, sensible farmers, impressed with a full sense of their duty. The horses on which half-a-hundred of the neighboring farmers had ridden in to attend to their marketing and upon the sessions of the court, were hitched at a common hitching frame not far from the court-house; and in the centre of the square a noisy auctioneer, whom the Texans were regarding with admiring eyes, was bawling out his wares. The plank sidewalks were crammed with tall youths, in patched homespun; with negroes, whose clothing was a splendid epitome of color; with spruce speculators--Northerners and Westerners--dressed in the latest styles; with dubious-looking characters, who shrank a little apart from the common gaze, as if afraid of the day-light; with swine, that trotted hither and yon; and with the hook-nosed and loud-voiced Israelites, who are found in every city and hamlet throughout the South."
        "Large numbers of people seemed diligently engaged in doing nothing whatever, or in frankly enjoying the delicious sunlight, which gave new glory and picturesqueness to everything upon which it rested.
    Now and then a soft breeze came gently from the uplands, and softened the effect of this generous sun. The excited gambler came out to bathe his livid face in zephyr and sunlight; the negro crawled to the side-walk's edge, and with his feet in the mud, blinked like an owl in the fierce glare; the stage-drivers swore round but rather jocund oaths at the rearing and plunging mules drawing the coaches for Denison, McKinney, and other little towns; and the big negro who guarded the court-house door twirled the great key majestically, and looked ferocious."
            "Although it was midwinter, the day was as perfect as one in June at the North; but the languor which stole over us was purely Southern, as I imagined myself to be dreaming away the afternoon in lazy abandon and irresolute comfort, spiced only with the charm of studying new types of a common nationality. Toward evening there was absolute tranquility all over the place. Not even a loud word was spoken. The dusky figures who sat crouched in the porch of our hotel, mutely regarding the glories of the setting sun, seemed almost in the act of worship"........
    He then continues with his description of Denison and sums up his thoughts of Texans...

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