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The annotated list is copyrighted.
Photographs contributed by Dusty Williams unless otherwise accredited.
Census by Elaine Nall Bay.
Additional information found in newspaper accounts, personal knowlege and death certificates.

Originally the small cemetery of the Vaden Family, the county expanded it greatly when they purchased the farm in 1877/78. There are tens of hundreds of unmarked graves within its boundaries. Most of the graves are of those who had no family to speak of, no money and many who were unidentified. As a result, the county had the remains interred in the county cemetery as there was no one to claim the remains. The cemetery has several names, most commonly: Vaden, County Farm and Pecan Grove.

The following is an account taken from the Sherman Daily Register on September 24, 1887:
“THE POTTER FIELD: Is removed at some distance from the building above mentioned, but is hard by – road side and in easy site of the passersby. Through an oversight of the board they have failed to provide means for keeping it in good order and at their next session, which begins Monday, the REGISTER recommends action on this score. In this quiet spot lie a number of the pauper dead of Grayson County. The resting place of each unfortunate is marked by a head and foot board, each made of well planked bois ‘d-arc, painted white, with the number of the burial, which is kept in the “dead book” at the superintendent’s office. In this department, as in all others, order is noticeable.”

Through death certificates, newspaper articles and other means of research, included is a list of burials, both marked and unmarked, that I have compiled over the years.
Note: Individuals are not included in this list unless there is solid proof that they are buried here. While it is likely that while a resident at the county farm upon their passing they were likely buried here, there are some circumstances where family or friends had the body interred elsewhere. For that reason, only proven burials are listed..The Poor Farm, of Grayson County, TX by Dusty WIllliams


Unidentified Burials

County Poor Farm

First called - Vaden Family Cemetery
Grayson County purchased the land for a county poor farm.
Most were pauper burials.
Most grave sites are unmarked
Sherman, Texas
The cemetery is on a four acre site at the end of Shady Oaks Circle.

Alms House Cemetery
County Farm Cemetery
Pecan Grove Cemetery
Pleasant Home Cemetery
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Photographs by

Cemetery Index
Elaine Nall Bay

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