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Washburn Cemetery
aka - Pink Hill cemetery in some records
(* Antioch Cemetery is the main cemetery that is known of as 'Pink Hill' Cemetery)

Photographs by Tony & Patricia Held

Latitude: 33.6017 Longitude: -96.4556

This is an annotated List and not all the graves are marked that I have listed below
and I have added data as known.
This is a copyrighted List.
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Unknown FHM1918loose letters "LL"
Adams, Jason Wade3 May 197316 July 1999
Adams, Jeffrey Alan5 August 19774 June 2011
Aston, John Richard24 May 181611 October 1891
Aston, Priscilla Katherine Eatherly24 May 183422 January 1889w/o- J.R. Aston
Baker, P.
Benson, Sherifey26 March 189119 Feb 1897s/o W.C. & L.V. Benson
Benton, John T6 October 186821 Nov 1935
Benton, Lucille Green10 July 189618 January 1932
Bradley, Ballard Lee 18 April 190723 May 1992
Bradley, Cletie M.Stewart13 November 189810 June 1973w/o-  James Bradley
Bradley, George Washington30 November 190112 May 1972
Bradley, Herm Patton29 July 188914 July 1967
Bradley, Infant Son31 May 195531 May 1955s/o Werley B. Bradley & Selma G. Hooper; lived 6 hours
Bradley, J. Buford9 October 192019 May 1922s/o James Bradley
Bradley, James13 December 189230 July 1983
Bradley, Joe20 May 186831 May 1946s/o George Bradley
Bradley, Rachel15 December 186616 August 1952w/o- of Joe Bradley
Bradley, Sarah Caroline22 December 189413 August 1967d/o Joe Bradley & Rachel Isom
Bradley, Synie E. Stewart11 November 190019 Dec 1994w/o- George W. Bradley
Bradley, Werley B.21 June 190513 June 1961
Bradley, William Jack2 July 189629 June 1961
Brown, Cameron "Cam"29 July 188222 Dec 1936s/o J.S. Brown & Mary Davidson; husband of May Brown
Brown, Cora 30 September 187210 April 1941w/o John Thomas Brown
Brown, Elizabeth18061878
Brown, Francis Marie9 August 19156 October 1933d/o F.M. Brown & Wilma Dodson
Brown, J.S18311908
Brown, John Thomas30 September 187210 April 1941
Brown, Mary Davidson30 December 18416 March 1934
Brown, William17941874
Cherry, Ann M.17 November 181420 October 1892
Cherry, D. J. 17 September 186426 October 1887
Cherry, F. M.1 December 183026 June 1903
Cherry, Infantsinfants of W.O. Cherry & wife
Cherry, Jacob19 August 183720 Dec 1913h/o- Jane Cherry
Cherry, Jane13 June 184117 Nov 1921w/o- Jacob Cherry
Cherry, L.O.11 May 188016 April 1922
Cherry, Levi3 February 186925 Sept 1876
Cherry, Nancy Ellen20 October 184225 March 1919
Cherry, Susie13 September 187813 Feb 1878
Climer, Evelyn Flois19281929
Cobb, Cecil10 February 18996 June 1899s/o J.S. & Mahalia Cobb
Cobb, infant daughterd/o J.S. & Mahalia Cobb
Cobb, John S.18621931
Cobb, Mahalia22 March 186411 Feb 1899wife of John S. Cobb
Cowan, Laura Ether4 October 188128 August 1899wife of A.L. Cowan
Crews, Charlie Lee7 February 189015 Nov 1936w/o- J. Robert Crews
Crews, baby22 March 1910
Crews, James Robert "Bob"3 September 188021 Nov 1952s/o W.H. Crews & Mary Whitehead
Crisp, Cordella A.   22 May 18137 January 1884w/o- W.G. Crisp
Cruse, Dessie Noe3 October 18816 August 1917
Cruse, William Marrion24 May 18742 April 1920
Davis, Billie A21 March 193516 Nov 2001w/o- William L. Davis
Davis, Ina J.6 January 19005 October 1900d/o J.W. & C.L. Davis
Davis, Infant21 February 189922 Feb 1899s/o J.W. & C.L. Davis
Davis, Joseph Walker1 November 185515 March 1909
Davis, Sarah E26 February 186111 June 1894w/o- Joseph Walker Davis
Davis, William L.8 September 1933no date
Dodson, Billie Marie 28 August 19335 Nov 1934d/o Claude C. Dodson & Pearl Huckaby
Dodson, Billie Marie 24 June 184424 March 1880
Dodson, Ellen Isabell 5 May 186117 July 1933d/o J.V. Savage
Dodson, John Hampton22 September 18553 August 1940
Dulaney, Henry28 February 185823 August 1921
Dulaney, Samantha Jane GrahamMay 18664 October 1926
Duncan, James A.25 January 186128 January 1916
Duncan, Sarah Carolina10 March 186415 October 1931d/o Jesse Vann; wife of J.A. Duncan   b TN
Elliott, John Crate 9 April 192621 July 1926s/o L.E. Elliott & Gertrude Dodson
Fields, Empsian18 April 18529 February 1919
Fields, T.S.7 June 185511 Sept 1899
Ford, Mary F. 24 June 184424 March 1880
Ford, Nancy E.11 December 186722 January 1871
Ford, Robert S.19 April 183310 April 1880
Ford, William D.6 March 187825 March 1880
Gentry, Allen D.12 Sept 1873s/o Jonathan & Catherine Gentry
Gentry, Mary 13 Feb 1867d/o Jonathan & Catherine Gentry
Gentry, S.L.23 January 187610 Sept 1897
Green, Alfred22 March 19103 October 1920s/o T.H. Green & Ova KinnaIrd
Green, Candace18 May 1876 (Butler Co. KY)5 July 1910d/o Wm Cook & Christine Gardener
Green, Ova M. Kinnaird18641916
Green, Wanda Fay28 June 1933 (hagerman, TX)8 April 1934d/o E.L. Green & Srlia Wade
Hargrove, Martha Janeb SC17 January 1912age 76 years
Hasting, Hester17 June 190730 April 1982obituary only
Hodges, John Levi23 March 1857 (KY)25 January 1935s/o James Hodges & Cecila Vaughn
husband of Ella Hodges
Hogan, James Jefferson25 July 184114 March 1925s/o James J. Hogan & Martha McDonald
Hogan, Sarah Logan27 December 184725 January 1908
Houston, Albert E.18801919
Houston, Dorothy Aycock6 December 192121 Feb 1986w/o Elmer F. Houston
Houston, Elmer F.16 December 191318 Sept 1991
Houston, J.G.12 June 18578 June 1901
Houston, R.L.14 October 186126 January 1899
Houston, Sarah Caldona23 May1856  AR9 April 1938wife of J.C.  Houston  
d/o John Cooper & Harriet Ford
Huckaby, Adolphus M.22 September 1873 11 January 1951
Huckaby, Mary T.29 August 18818 June 1959
Hudgens (Hudgeons?), Winson Glenn31 January 19331 Nov 1933s/o L.E. Hudgeons & Floy McGill
Huffer, Elizabeth23 May 195212 Nov 1999wife of J.M. Huffer
Huffer, Elmer C.7 July 1903 10 Feb 1904s/o J.C. & Isabell Huffer
Huffer, Isabell12 July 18851 April 1913w/o J.C. Huffer
Huffer, John Madden27 September 18653 February 1932
Huffer, Nancy Fllorence23 October 186718 Sept 1948w/o John Madden Huffer
Hunsucker, Glen Wilson4 November 19217 April 1922s/o Edd Hunsucker & Mattie Morre
Hunsucker, Justin Troy25 December 192719 July 1930
Isom, Lendon C. Haynes12 February 18565 Sept 1934s/o Lendon Isom  OBIT ONLY
Kenney, Earl I.3 December 190711 Dec 1947
Kenney, George A.5 February 188021 July 1953
Kenney, Minnie Edna13 March 188230 January 1947wife of George A. Kenney
Kilgore, Mary Elizabeth12 August 190217 March 1940d/o J.M. Sharp & Julia Gladden
King, Leonward 19071973
King, Missouri 18741939
King, Newton L. 1 September 187010 Sept 1942
Kinney, Roy Lee2 May 19142 Dec 1917s/o G.A. Kinney & Edna Dodson    
died of diptheria
Lee, Autie26 August 188115 July 1883
Lee, Mollie E.22 October 185222 Dec 1897wife of A.L. Lee
Lee, Moses P.22 July 18186 Dec 1897
Lee, Willburn L.3 July 18919 February 1892s/o A.L. & Mollie E. Lee
Lee, Willie30 January 188513 Feb 1885
Manning, Edna Pearl14 August 18808 February 1969w/o-  William E. Manning
Manning, William E.9 May 18755 July 1950s/o-  Joseph Manning
Marshall, Will Samuell15 December 193818 January 2002
Mauldin, Earl Elias31 October 187919 October 1938s/o Elias Mauldin; husband of Bessie    b Easly, SD
McCarter, Lloyd P.19181994
McCarter, Mabel 19122005
McCollum, Cecil A.30 Jan 18902 August 1936b Blue Ridge, Collin Co., TX
s/o Bill McCollum & Missouri Short
husband of Susie McCollum
McCollum, Eula Ruth6 April 189328 June 1895d/o F.L. & M.L. McCollum
McCollum, infantinfant of F.L. & M.L. McCollum
McCollum, James Loyal1909
McCollum, Jennie18561933wife of Newman McCollum
McCollum, Josh186525 June 1940s/o Joe McCollum & Martha Roberts
McCollum, Luella E.4 October 18863 April 1906wife of J.H. McCollum
McCollum, Mary Jane Savage23 January 185629 Sept 1933d/o Jim Savage; wife of Newman McCollum
McCollum, Newman18521928
McCollum, Ruth McGill1 December 19191 August 1936w/o Clyde McCollum
McCollum, Susan4 September 184822 Sept 1901
McCollum, Vashtie8 September 186216 April 1943d/o Joe McCollum & Martha Roberts
born New River, AL
McGill, Abigail 18311907
McGill, Alice E.7 December 187813 January 1968w/o R.L. McGill
McGill, Emma J.30 November 187419 July 1928d/o J.J. Flannagan & Ann Sanford
McGill, Etta18621927
McGill, Harold Dean27 December 193825 July 1976s/o William Kyle McGill & Margaret Catherine Fowler
McGill, Infant 21 September 193122 Sept 1931
McGill, J.W.28 May 18563 June 1920s/o Tom McGill & Abbie Standford  b MS
McGill, Louis C.15 November 187019 July 1940s/o Tom McGill & Abbie Standford
McGill, Mamie Ethel6 July 18972 July 1898d/o R.L. & A.E. McGill
McGill, Margaret Catherine 30 December 19035 Dec 1976w/o Wm Kyle McGill
McGill, Marvin Kyle3 October 19269 Sept 1985
McGill, R. L.21 December 186428 March 1928s/o Tom McGill & Abbie Standford
McGill, Roy Louis4 February 183029 June 1900
McGill, William Kyle4 November 19002 March 1978
McGill, William Kyle30 September 193130 Sept 1931s/o Wm Kyle McGill & Margaret Cathrine Fowler
McGill, Word30 December 18553 June 1920
McManus, Cannie23 November 187418 Feb 1942wife of Charles McManus
McManus, Charles15 November 187128 May 1931
McManus, Kester L. 19021944
McNew, Robert Lee20 February 19278 May 1999s/o Ernest Robert McNew & Beulah Edith Daniel
McRae, W.H. 19 February 186327 August 1894b Lewis Co., MO
Millirons, Virga12 March 1882 25 Nov 1909w/o J.L. Millirons
Monger, Duncan8 January 190424 Feb 1973
Monger, Margaret3 February 190615 April 1982
Monger, Maud14 September 187910 Nov 1918w/o J.M. Monger
Moore, Cora A. O'Brient22 May 18797 April 1934w/o Joseph Nathaniel Moore
Moore, Joseph Nathaniel15 September 186323 June 1943
Moore, Lillian23 July 190219 Sept 1919d/o Joe Moore & Cora A. O'Brient
Morgan, Mattie Moore20 July 189819 Dec 1968
Morris, Willas Carlous18 August 189517 March 1896s/o D.R. & E.J. Morris
Morrison, Alice L.28 November 190529 Nov 1905d/o T.H. & Meda Morrison
Morrison, Lela Z.15 April 190723 Oct 1908d/o T.H. & Meda Morrison
Neal, Callie Washburn15 September 17 Nov 1947w/o Zibe Granville 
Neal, Lula May19101985
Neal, Mary E.14 April 193218 June 1967
Neal, Wayne S. 19021972
Neal, Wayne S. Jr.19301995
Neal, Zibe Granville10 May 186117 April 1955
Olive, Elmer R.2 April 189730 June 1897s/o L.B. & A.C. Olive
Olive, Jesse6 July 189828 January 1899s/o L.B. & A.C. Olive
Olive, Mildred2 November 188723 June 1890d/o L.B. & A.C. Olive
Olive, Myrtle E.25 March 188629 June 1896d/o L.B. & A.C. Olive
Pike, Betty Ruth25 November 19307 Dec 1930d/o Hobart Pike McKinley & Ina Mae Nelms Pike
Prince, Ada B.6 March 18879 August 1899
Prince, Etta Ellen Scott 18731967w/o George R. Prince
Prince, Eura Frances8 June 189718 October 1923d/o George Prince & Etta Scott
Prince, George R.24 July 186316 July 1902
Prince, Lucinda A.6 February 18606 February 1906d/o W.C. & E.F. Prince
Prince, William M.6 September 188427 Sept 1900
Railsback, Henry Thomas11 July 190524 January 1913s/o C.E. Railsback & Edie Rainey  
b Coryell Co., TX
Reynolds, Claud23 September 188621 Sept 1962h/o Fronie Reynolds
Reynolds, Curtis E.18921959
Reynolds, Emma Rae5 June 20035 June 2003
Reynolds, Floyd R.26 October 191924 January 1994h/o Willadean Jenkins Reynolds
Reynolds, Fronia24 January 188826 August 1980w/o Claud Reynolds
Reynolds, Mae 18951963w/o Curtis E. Reynolds
Reynolds, Willadean Jenkins8 February 19259 May 2000d/o John Jenkins & Vera Mae Davis
Rogers, Annie Mildred12 August 191110 April 1913
Rogers, Florence L.15 May 187010 May 1916w/o J.F. Rogers
Rogers, J.F.2 May 185927 Nov 1926
Rogers, Martha M. 16 May 183927 Feb 1926w/o J.R. Rogers
Rogers, Velma13 September 190629 Sept 1906d/o-  J.F. & Florence L.  Rogers
Rogers, Zelda Z.13 September 190613 Sept 1906d/o-  J.F. & Florence L.  Rogers
Rose, David Eugene31 August 19554 March 2009d/o-  J.F. & Florence L.  Rogers
Rose, Susan23 May 1954
Rush, Duncan11 October 1918Pvt US Army
Savage, John B.12 January 184620 January 1890s/o James Robins Savage & Louise Jamerson
Savage, James J.1 February 184124 July 1884s/o James Robins Savage & Louise Jamerson
Savage, James Robins15 February 181912 May 1874h/o of Louise Jameson  
Savage, Louise Jamerson5 March 181620 May 1869
Scott, Beulah Isabelle28 August 191128 July 1912d/o James Wesley Scott III & Callie May Vaughn
Scott, C. Calvin27 October 190323 March 1906s/o R.J. & E. Scott
Scott, Callie May Vaughn23 February 187724 Nov 1862w/o James Wesley Scott
Scott, Effie Clyde9 January 18871 July 1888d/o J.W. & S.J. Scott
Scott, James Wesley13 October 1870 20 October 1947s/o James Wesley Scott II & Sarah Josephine Moreland
Scott, James Wesley13 October 182725 June 1924s/o James Wesley & Malinda Scott
Scott, Leonard L.25 February 18971 July 1920s/o James Wesley Scott III & Callie May Vaughn
Scott, Lois18981899
Scott, Nannie Pauline29 August 190419 August 1905d/o James Wesley Scott III & Callie May Vaughn
Scott, Sarah Josephine Moreland30 June 184416 January 1928w/o James Wesley Scott
Smith, Lillie B.18761899
Souther, Arthur  L.11 September 188320 July 1885s/o James & Samantha Souther
Sparks, Owen Miller2 May 188210 July 1967Pvt Batter E 1st Field Artillery, Nat'l Guard WWI
Stalnaker, Janice Eugenia4 June 19374 July 1967d/o Gus Stalnaker & Ada Moore
Stanley, Alvin Lee18 September 191415 January 2000s/o Jodie Stanley & Sarah Bradley
Stanley, Bobby Glen19362008
Stanley, Ernest Eldredge8 August 191724 Feb 1951s/o Joe E. Stanley
Stanley, Harvey Beecher18 March 190121 January 1918s/o M.L. Stanley & Mary E. Daugherty
Stanley, Jesse J.6 November 192222 Nov 1993Pvt 1st Class, US Army WWII
Stanley, Jodie E.28 July 189030 May 1980
Stanley, Martha Ann 26 September 189111 March 1945w/o of Joe E. Stanley
Stanley, Mary E. Daugherty 24 July 187515 June 1926w/o of M.L. Stanley
Stanley, Nellie M.18 June 191626 August 1988
Stanley, Troy F.28 November 19095 April 1993
Stanley, Virginia Rebecca 'Jennie' 5 July 185423 Feb 1938d/o Lewis Thomason
Stanley, William Calvin21 August 1898 10 June 1899s/o M.L. Stanley & Mary E. Daugherty
Stanley, William Henderson September 185120 Nov 1913
Stewart, Caroline6 August 18359 March 1911w/o J.F. Stewart
Stewart, Garvin1 April 189523 February 133s/o Joe Stewart & Callie Williams
Stewart, J.F.29 September 183712 Feb 1911
Stone,  Helen  Mar18441936w/o  Samuel P. Stone
Stone, J. P.18661942
Stone,  Samuel  P.18411908
Stroud, Elmer C.18 August 190612 Nov 1908s/o R.D. Stroud & Ollie Hodge
Stroud, R.L.6 October 190919 October 1909s/o R.D. Stroud & Ollie Hodge
Stroud, Roy D.7 October 187618 July 1917
Thomas, Billy Troy16 December 195528 October 1973
Turbeville, Jeanette Smith26 September 19068 April 2006w/o William O. Turbeville Sr.
Veal, Herman8 March 19013 June 1901
Veal, Ovey6 December 18648 April 1901w/o of Andy Veal
Veal, Perrin31 March 18972 April 1897s/o Andy & Ovey Veal
Wade, Emily Prince20 May 188221 May 1906w/o G.Y. Wade
Waldrum, Albert M.13 November 187131 Dec 1933s/o Lett Waldrum
Waldrum, Alfred Lee8 December 19374 January b1938s/o A.J. Waldrum & Viola Miller
Washburn, Ada Mae19 August 188017 Dec 1930
Washburn, Arthur18811961
Washburn, baby19131913
Washburn, Claude C.27 June 189527 Dec 1973s/o David Henderson Washburn & Matilda Evyline Scott
Washburn, Clide18 July 189014 Feb 1781s/o Wm Preston Washburn & Elizabeth Alice Huffer
Washburn, David Eugene 11 Decenber 1926h/o Patsy Lois Washburn
Washburn, David Henderson25 October 184925 March 1924s/o John Preston Washburn & Hannah S. Ford
Washburn, Eliza Alice18621929w/o William Preston Washburn
Washburn, Elizabeth Alice Huffer29 July 186118 October 1929d/o Dan Huffer; wife of Preston Washburn
Washburn, Floyd Evert25 September 191226 Nov 2003h/o Ruby Mae Washburn
Washburn, Hannah S. Ford29 August 183021 January 1912w/o Preston Washburn
Washburn, Infant26 September 187719 October 1877d/o D.H. & M.E. Washburn
Washburn, Infant3 September 19183 Sept 1918s/o Will Washburn & Pearl Hughes    
lived 5 hours
Washburn, John Preston17 January 182816 January 1897
Washburn, John Tipton22 July 187113 August 1889s/o John Preston Washburn & Hannah S. Ford
Washburn, John Wesley26 March 188210 Sept 1963s/o David Henderson Washburn & Matilda Evyline Scott
Washburn, Liza Alice29 July 186118 October 1929d/o Dan Huffer & unknown Nye
w/o William P. Washburn   b IL
Washburn, Mary Vashtie27 March 18864 March 1943w/o of Arthur Washburn
Washburn, Matilda Evyline (Evie) Scott18531958d/o James Weley Scott II & Carolina Burleson
Washburn, Patsy Lois14 November 193314 Nov 2006w/o David Eugene Washburn
Washburn, Ruby Mae25 February 1916w/o Floyd Evert Washburn
Washburn, Timothy Wayne9 November 195623 August 2010OBIT ONLY
Washburn, William Preston8 November 185714 Feb 1917s/o John Washburn
Watkins, J. Van10 July 18366 May 1896
White, Fannie M.16 May 185811 March 1901w/o J. Van Watkins
White, Ida Cherry18811921
Whitley, James W.16 March 18747 October 1900
Williams, William M.20 February 188214 July 1883s/o W.L. & M.C. Williams
Wilson, John Henry10 January 18563 May 1941s/o Jim Wilson & Lou Beaty
Wilson, James E.18621959
Wilson, Lavonia3 July 187915 March 1932w/o- James E. Wilson
Wilson, Minnie C.18 February 186926 Feb 1902w/o- J.E. Wilson
Wilson, Minnie Grace28 August 190326 October 1908d/o H.H. & Rutilla Wilson
Woods, Christie Dawn24 Sept 1977
Yeary, Freemont14 August 185425 April 1934h/o- Kate Yeary
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