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 Woodmen Circle Home 
(Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle Home)

Photograph by Walter P. Lebrecht

A House is built of bricks and stone,

of tiles and posts and piers;
But a Home is built of loving deeds
that stand a thousand years

The loving deeds of members everywhere
made possible the Home fo Aged Members
and Children which the Surpeme Forest
Woodmen Circle maintains at Sherman , Texas.
National Headquarters of the Society are in Omaha Nebraska

Words from the back of a Postcard, featuring the home.

The Home's Motto;
"Thrift and Efficiency"
In the late 1800's women were not able to purchase insurance.  With the help of Mr. John T. Yoates of Denver Colorado, who was one of the founders of Woodmen of the World Fraternal Society, the Supreme Forest of the Woodmen Circle was formed for the purpose of insuring women.

One of the early members of the Woodmen Circle Fraternity was Dora Alexander Tally (sister of J.A."Hot" Alexander) of Garland Texas.  It was Mrs. Talley who had the vision for a home for the insured members, widowed or retired, and orphaned children of the insured members.  As a Texan she was instrumental in choosing the site for the home. In November of 1928 ground was broken and construction began on a hill three miles west of Sherman.  The 240 acres of the original site was formerly known as the LeBaron Farm.

In 1930 the doors of the main building were opened to receive the first members.  The Pennsylvania Building was erected in 1933 and the west wing of the building was added in 1940-41.  John Tullock was architect for the main building and James R. Grady was architect for the main building addition.  In Jun 1938 the regional convention of the Woodmen Circle was held in Sherman.  The main building was rededicated and named the Dora Alexander Talley Building.  The home was closed in 1962 when the Woodmen circle and the Woodmen of the World agreed to merge.  In 1972 the property was sold to five local businessmen.

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Beneficiary Certificate

The Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle was the first company to value the life of women and to offer life insurance for women in the late 1800s.

An insured woman who was "aged, indigent or in need" had the option to surrender her policy and move to the Woodmen Circle Home.  Likewise, if an insured woman died, the policy guaranteed care for her minor children until each reached the age of 18.

Woodmen Circle Home uniquely combined care for the aged and the young

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