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Bible of Jeremiah Levi Davis

My great-grandfather, Jeremiah Levi Davis moved to Grayson County, TX in the
1890's with his wife and adult children.  Most of the family stayed.  He is buried in Tioga Cemetery.

As you will see by the paper, This was written in Elmview, TX by a 16 year old.
If anyone wants to exchange information,

John Willliams Johnson   bornd Dec the 11th 1801
Elisabeth Mitchel Johnson was bornd Oct 28th 1804
John W.Johnson & Elizabeth M. Johnston was married Jan 21th 1877
Sarah Ann Johnson was bornd Dec the 18th 1822
Frances Barnett Johnson was borned Jan the 10th 1826
John Williams Johnson was borned Sep the 18th 1828
Mary Parks Johnson was bornd Oct the 13th 1831
Deborah Elisabeth Johnson was borned Aug 31st 1834
Letta Matilda Johnson was bornd April the 7th 1837
James Noel Johnson was bornd Jul the 2th 1846
Marthy Elmira Johnson was bornd Feb the 15th 1844
Clary Marget Johnson was bornd Oct the 16th 1847

Jery Mire Leevy Davis was bornd April the 22th 1840
Jery M.L.Davis & Letta W. Johnson was married Jan the 20th 1861
Mary Elizabeth Davis was bornd March the 6th 1862
John Robert Williams Davis was bornd Feb 22th 1866
James Thomas Davis was bornd the June the 28th 1868
Martha Sarah Ann Davis was bornd April the 14th 1871
Frances Marion Davis was bornd May the 10th 1873
George Edward Davis was bornd Aug the 23th 1877

Frances M. David & Laura E. Long was married Aug the 1th 1894
Alfred Lee David was bornd Oct the 24th 1898

  (Large Space)

         this was drawn up by
   7,8,  ,4,1,22,9, 19,
    5, 12,13,22,9, 5,21,
     20, 5,24,2,19,
(If you use A. as 1 and 26 as Z, you will see that this is
G.E.Davis  Elmview, Texas --- George was 16 at the time

In the large space before the Coded ending -
Laura Davis wrote the following
Gilbert Henry Davis was born May the 6 1901
Sallie Billmeier died 5-27-28
G.E.Davis died Jan 28, 52
J.E. Davis died Dec 11,1929
This was follwed by another handwriting;
Aunt Patsy died March 30th 1929
married Nov 15th 1868

this transcript was made from a typescript:

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