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Pearl Milford Rudasill 12 yrs 
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He was killed by his half brother, Charles A. Tait

Dallas Morning News 28 May 1922
"Grayson County Farmer is Shot and Killed"

Sherman, Texas  May 27 - Pearl Rudasill, 44 years old, well -known farmer of Grayson County, died in a Sherman Sanitarium at 8 o'clock tonight from the effect of bullet wounds received late this afternoon on the farm owned by his mother near this city. Charley Tait, 60 years old, half-brother of Rudasil was arrested immediately after the murder and placed in the Grayson County Jain.
The shooting occurred at the Tate home, four miles northeast of Sherman, just before noon today. The weapon used was a double barrel shotgun loaded with buckshot. Four of the shot struck Rudasil in the right chest and passed through his body, penetrating the right lung. 
Three more bullets struck him on the right side of the body but went around or in the body. One bulletcut the muscle and nerve in two in the right arm at the shoulder and naother made a wound in his right temple.
Rudasil's mother and father, both of whom are 80 years old, are living apart and Mrs. Rudasil is living with her two sons, Charles and Mivar Tate, children by her first marriage. 
Rudasil said after he was shot that he had heard that his mother was sick and rode over to see her. He was on a horse when he was shot and fell in the yard. 
Rudasil was single. Tate has a family."
Dallas Morning News - 29 May 1922 
"Pearl Rudasill Dies of Bullet Wounds"
"Sherman, Texas, May 28- Funeral Services for Pearl Rudasill, prominent Grayson County farmer, who died last night from the effect of wounds received Saturday at noon when he was shot, were held this afternoon at 4 o'clock at the home of his brother, Will Rudasill, corner of Houston St and Highland Avenue. Burial was in West Hill Cemetery.
Charley Tait, Rudasill's half-brother who surrendered immediately after the shooting and was placed in the county jail on a charge of assault to murder, is now held in jail on a murder charge".

Charley Tait went to trial in March of 1923, he plead self-defence "Tait said he 
told Rudasil twice to go back bfore firing his shotgun, and that Rudasil made a hip-pocket motion 
just before he shot."..." Rudasil formerly lived at Tait's home, but hat following the separation of his father and  Mrs. Permalla Rudasil, his and Tait's mother, he left Taits' home. It has been shown that a restraining order had been issued restraining Rudasil, the deceased from going to the Tait Farm."
March 25th, 1922 he received a sentence fo fives years in the penitentiary.  He asked for a new trial.  He was denied.
He received a sentence of five years.

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