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Edward Collier Williams

Edward Collier Williams was born September 8, 1870 in Morgan County, Alabama.  He worked at his father's sawmill.  There were eight children in the family and the mother was an invalid.  She died when most of her children were in their teens. Edward's mother expressed her wish to be buried in the family cemetery to Edward prior to her death.  The family cemetery was quite a distance, there was no transportation, and it was during a rainy season.  In 1914, Edward was able to keep his promise to his mother who had been interred for 52 years.  He had her remains moved to the side of her husband in the family plot.

At the age of twelve, Edward had pneumonia which almost proved to be fatal.  With the help of the family doctor, he was restored to health. After enduring the illness, he decided to study medicine.  Edward's family offered no encouragement nor financial assistance.

Upon the mother's death, the family was separated with the older siblings marrying and the younger ones going to live with relatives.  Edward provided for himself with jobs that ranged from sawmill laborer to store clerk.  While clerking, he heard many "tales" from local citizens who had returned from Texas.  Edward tried to interest cousins and friends in going to Texas with little avail. He set out for Texas alone.  He began his journey on a hand bicycle with twenty dollars and a few clothes.  He soon realized that traveling to Texas on a bicycle was a poor choice but he had no alternative.  Edward stopped in Hunt County, Texas to pick cotton to earn money for the remainder of his trip to Grayson County.  Edward arrived in the Ethel community in October 1894.  He obtained work at the local gin and worked for two years.

At this time he had been accepted by the Tennessee State Medical School in Memphis.  He returned to Ethel each spring to work again at the local gin.  It was difficult to earn enough money working in Ethel in order to attend school in the winter months.  Edward earned his M.D. degree in the spring of 1899 after passing the state board examination.  Shortly after returning to the Ethel community, the owner of the Ethel drug Store hung a sign which read "E. C. Williams, M.D."

In 1907, Dr. Williams purchased a two-story brick home in Collinsville which he remodeled and turned into a clinic which included a place to perform surgery.  He began taking patients to a Sherman hospital in 1916 but still performed surgery in Collinsville until 1941.

Dr. Williams mode of transportation was a horse and, later, a buggy with two horses. In 1907, he purchased the first automobile in the community and the twenty-eighth in Grayson County.   It was a red Buick.

Bazie Moncrief Williams

Bazie Moncrief was the wife of Dr. E. C. Williams.  They were married January 17, 1923.

When she was seventeen years of age, she went to work as a bookkeeper for W. L. Bruce, merchant and cotton buyer.  About ten years later, she opened her own millinery shop which was located in Pelphrey's store. Bazie, then, attended West Texas Normal School in Canyon, Texas.  She taught school at Barron.

While her husband, Dr. Williams, operated his hospital in his home, Bazie assisted him with patients and in surgery.  Upon her husband's death in December, 1943, Mrs. Williams became an agent and operated her own insurance business for several years.

Upon her death, one of her bequest was that one-tenth of her estate be given to the Collinsville Church of Christ where she had been a member for 71 years.

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