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Sarah C. Acheson


Birth : 20 February 1844
Death : 16 Jaunary 1899

Sarah Cooke Acheson was born at Washington, Pennsylvania.  She married in Pennsylvania and had four children.  Her girlhood was spent in the town of her birth, where she was married at the age of 19, in 1863, to Capt. Alexander W. Acheson (1842 - 1934), of the same place, then on Gen. Miles' staff, the marriage taking place while the Captain was on furlough with a gunshot wound in the face.  He left for the front ten days after, encouraged by his young wife.

Dr. and Mrs. Acheson moved to Texas in 1872, settling in Denison.  During their residence in Texas, Mrs. Acheson has been a moral force.  Her influence has been strongly felt, not only in the city where she resides, but throughout the State.  Her generous nature has been shown in heroic deeds of a kind which the world seldom sees.

When a cyclone struck the village of Savoy, many of its inhabitants were badly wounded, some were killed, others made homeless.  Mrs. Acheson reached them as speedily as a train could take her, doing duty as nurse and special provider for the suffering.  

She gave three years of active service to the Women's Christian Temperance Union.
She served as President of the Denison chapter of the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) 1883 - 1888.  Then, in 1888 - 1891, she served as President of the Texas WCTU when a strong leader was greatly needed, guiding their bark into a haven of financial safety.  Her life is active along all lines of duty.  She is abreast of the advanced thought of the age.  The world's progress in social, scientific and religious reform is no only an open, but a well read book, to her.

She helped to organize and served as first President of the Denison Equal Rights Association, the first suffrage club in the state.  In 1893, the Texas Equal Rights Organization was organized, and Sarah Acheson became 4th Vice President.  She became Superintendent of Educational Opportunities for Women and Children in 1894 and served on the Business Committee in 1895.

She died on January 16, 1899, and is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Denison, Grayson County, Texas.


American Women, Fifteen Hundred Biographies, Vol 1, Publ. 1897. Transcribed by Marla Snow.


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