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Andrew Family Letters

'Sixteen letters in the possession of my grandmother, Louretta Hanna Andrew Ball at the time of her death. These letters late from 1887 to 1892, many are addressed to Asa Frithias Andrew in Texas in late 1887), her father, and include related Surnames of Hopkins, Wells, Sloan, Hamon and others all of whom were from Clinton Co., Kentucky. '
Barbara Brinkley provided the photos below.

Photo of Frethias & Louisa Wells Andrew

John C. Andrew
Father of Frethias andrew
All is well this morning.

Pilot Grove Grayson Co Texas 
June 11th 1887

F. Andrew 
Esteemed Friend & Bro
Your most Excellent Letter came to hand in due time was very glad indeed to hear from you again Sorry though that old Tiger had been chasing you through the Swamp hope you was not worsted by the Ferocious Mastiff in his wanton attack on you.  And now my dear old Deacon it Seems that you was deeply moved when our Letters were called for and that you are ashamed of your weakness but let me say I am fully as weak myself for I postponed making the request long as Duty would admit of I had been going to our old Church so long generally to and from there with you and was warmly attached to all the members had FellowShip for Everyone of them and the House the Spring the grave and the Creek where I was Baptized 20 years ago all seem so familiar I can never forget the place or the People and never will find a Church that will fill the void caused by the Seperation and I will say there is as much difference between Seventy Six and other Churches in my feelings as there is between my own Family and the Family of my Neighbor and now may peace and Harmony Prosperity and the Blessings of God attend you all and may Christian Affection good will and Fellowship and Union abound may you hear each others Burdens and so fulfill the Love of Christ Esteeming Each other as better than your Selves Sustain your Pastor by your attendance your Sympathy your Prayers and your Money as Bro Burtram  is a most worthy man and a faithful and sound Minister of the Gospel and is like most of Baptist Ministers a very poor man and my Dear old Deacon while I know some have said to much in regard to the  Support of the Ministry yet that is no Excuse for our Brethern they failed to do their duty that is the most of them and if the Baptists of that section do not turn over a new Leaf and Sustain the Ministry they will go down as the Hardshells did it is all nonsense for us to depend on   the Lord to Call Qualify Feed and Clothe our Ministers as we all know it is a poor Profession that will not Support Itself.  If our members would come up to $10 20 or $25 instead of nickels and dimes and that be a free will offering their own Property would be increased there would be more Preachers and better ones and the Spirit would attend their Labors and God would be gloriefied in the Salvation of Sinners and by the Prosperity of the Churches.  I could say a great deal more but you have heard me in the Stand and in Social Conversations and my views have not changed and perhaps never will until I receive a Revelation from on high but Alas I fear there be no change for the better during this Generation yet we will hear it said it is darkest just before day God grant the Dawn may near at hand.  A heavy Rain this morning it has been wet 5 weeks and the Crops are getting lost in the grass yet Corn is very fine up to this time if the Rain continues much longer wheat will be lost in the Shock.. Write soon 
yours truly

JD Hopkins 

(PS)  We have not received the Church Letters yet.

Dec the 23 1887 
Seventy Six Clinton Co Ky

Mr F Andrew
Dear friend it is with pleshure that I drop you a few lines in answer to your kind and most welcome letter  I am glad to hear that you and your family was well and as well satesfied as you is I was aferd that you would not be as well satesfied as you was when you write that other letter well times is mity dul out here we have hard times her but we ar acquainted with them corn is 60 cts a bushel and meat is 4 cts groce well we had a good meeting at seventy  I would love to a seen you there but I did not see you well my old briar field made corn a nough to do me about to Jany and pay for my colt well you said you could sing like six yet I would love to hear you sing at old Seventy Six I miss you worse then any boddy that ever left the County I don?t think I ever had a better friend then you was well you said you could take a old fashen Clinton talk you could not beat me a talking I would have loved to a sean a walking through them old bamboo briars when you lost your hat and tore the filling out of your old home spun pants well I am in better helth then I was when you left here I am not working much yet but I will soon go to work I would love to see you all I will respect you as long as I live well pap says to tell you that he is at his old trad a making rails and sawing wood he says to tell you that he would love to see you and talk with you he says to tell you that him and mother is in tolerable good health we would love to see you all we want you all to come and see us pap says to tell you that he has quit chewing tobacco like you

Well I wil for this time write soon and often from
J. D. Garner  to Mr F Andrew

Albany Ky
Jan 4th 1888

We send you two Checks, amounting to $400.00, we had a chance at this time to get it and was fearful to let it out as you might call for it when we could not get it, and you can use it there to a good advantage  Can Send you about $75.00 more Soon. we think it best for you will then know how to make your arrangements,  yours with Respect.
P. H. Hopkins 
       J. F. Brents

Pilot Grove .  Tx . 88 

Cyrus  Andrew
Dear son enclosed you will find a check on Merchants & Planters National Bank so you can save your stock from selling you can take it to the Bank and cash it you must sell out and pay me back soon as you can for we are hard pressed have not paid all we promised on our farm and have no money to by lumber with and no house to go in until we build now when you get the money to pay back you must go to the Bank and by a check in my name and send it for it is unsafe to send the money neigthern is safe for you to carry it with you when you come so send a check you and Po  do so soon as you can  now Cy come home and Tex we have sold six bales cotton brought us $255.00 has Po any notion to come and look at this country write soon as you get this so I will know how the matter has gone
F. Andrew

Tilda  we have bought us a small farm down here the cotton crop is short this year wish Po could come and look at this country the cotton crop is the money crop here and is cash to we sold six bales and will make about three or four more bales to they bring us $45.00 per bale so you can tell some thing about about the money it will bring hope you are all well good by
F. Andrew

(PS) Cy when you indors this check write your name just like it is in the check letter for letter notice there is an s to  the name Andrew

June the 27 ?88

Mr. S. G. Andrew 

Dere Cosine
I will try this morning to ans: your kind letter well i have not got any thing to rite Well I wish you would com back & help me talk to the girls i have my hands full every sunday I go to 76 every two weeks to see my girl and I go to (pin hook) the rest of my time Well Sheb I wish you was here to go with us to the pick nick at Creelsboro the 30 of this month we would have a nice tim with the girls We would not get drunk like you and henry did Sheb you must come back to my weding I dont no when it will be it may never be and it may be before it gets much longer I will let yo no in time for you to come if i no it in time Well Sheb tell your ma aunt fannies postoffice is (left blank) Co Ky Albany Landing, Comberland We are just be ginning to lay by corn it have bin so dry that corn couldant gro but it is raning now and prospecks is for plenty of rain now i will close by saying rite soon 
from G. W. Wells 
to S. G. Andrew good By

End of first letter

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