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Andrew Family Letters

Mr. S. G. Andrew

Dear Cousin
I this morning seat my self to answer your letter Which I received afiew day ag We ar all Well hoping this Will find you al injoying the same I wish you was here to go with us to the picknic I dont ame to get drunk I have quit drinking I have not drank any since march and I dont ame to drink any more soon I am going mary I guess I ask a girl to how she would like to chang her name and she dad al. O.K. and I felt al amerish I said to her you dont mean what you say she said she did with all her heart I guess the contract will fall through
I went to Albany last court and stood my trile with louis and it only cost $50. and the cost it looks pretty heard to pay that for one dram and it going from me But I dont think I will another Bory adram soon I wish you was here to go with us to see the girls I have more fun than a mule can pack evry Sunday I will close hoping to here from you soon and tel how crops looks out there.
Good By From
                 H. J. Wells 
                           to S. G. Andrew 

Seventy Six Ky
July 29, 1888

Mr. F. Andrew & family
Pilot Grove Tex.

Dear friends; As Willie is writing to you this morning I will attempt to send you a few lines also.
 I am teaching school at Seventy again, have taught three weeks, been getting along nicly so far.  The scholars are nearly all small.  I have fifty names enrolled & there is twenty five or more of them that cannot read & quite a number that has not yet learned to count one hundred so you may guess I have my hands full.
 Father bought a cow & calf from uncle John for $25 he stayed all night with us one night last week & took her home next morning he also bought a black fille one year old last spring for $65.  Willie & Lewis  went to the post office yesterday evening & rode it they said it could pace faster than old Doc could lope.  I am in hopes they will get it broke well enough for me to take a ride before Father comes after it.
 You speak of not having any late beans Nannie  went out in the corn this morning & was gone seemingly about five minutes when she came in with her apron full of beans saying she never saw the likes of them in her life.  We are helping ourselves to early roasting ears & the tomatoes are beginning to ripen.  I guess you Texas folks have been eating such vegetables so long they are no varity to you.
 I read a letter at school some days ago that Galen  had got from Cyrus he was in Kansas when the letter was wrote but was talking of going to Oregon he spoke of the people being very wicked there where he was.  Said he had about seventy acres of fine looking corn & seemed to urge his uncle Henry to sell out here & go west.
 There is going to be a circus show at Albany the 8th of August I recon then us mountain boomers (hoomers) will get to see something provided we get to go.
 Louisa  kiss Suba  for me
 I remain as ever
  your( bottom of page torn off)............

      Author Unknown

End of first letter

July 29, 1888

Mrs, Ettie Sloan 
Pilot Grove Tex
Dear Cousin:  I learn you have changed your name since you have gone to Texas you will please allow me to wish you much Joy.  I would ever so much like to have you & Mr Sloan pay us a visit this fall & we will go to Beaver Creek to the association.
 I am aiming to get some pictures made this fall I think I will send you one to keep the moles scared out of your garden.
I want you to send me yours & your husbands pictures taken together
 I want to see what good looking kin folks I have got.
(?????..) write soon to
(  Name  ) your Cousin

bottom corner of page torn off) 


Clinton Co Albany Ky
Mar 31st 1889

Dear Brother and family I will try to write you a few lines to in form you that we havnt  for goten you all yet but it has been a good while since I hav written to you all Sally  and I went last week down to see father and family they were as well as common for old folks to be I havent binn to sick to work one day since I moved down hear I hav a bedstid don for you but it looks like I cant find sale for it yet I thought i had it sold to John Rector  but he went back on me he sent for them and they did not cost him much so they wer not verry good I thought i would sell your bedstid before i would write to you if i sell it i will send you the money I want six dollars for it if i can get it
Wheat is worth 75 per corn 30 to 35 per bu flour is now 2 1/2 cts per pound we hav had the prettys mach wether I ever saw I think I think they think there is mor money in clinton co now at this time than there ever was at any one time ever frithias you wrote to P. Hopkin to collect fifty cts that I owed you i paid a debt to M. O. Andrew for you M. O. Andrew was maried last sunday he maried Idom Burtchett Sarah  on the cumberland river we ar grinding all we can get come over and help me eat once more in old Clinton I would like to talk with you once more so I trust that if we never meat on earth any more that we will mete in the next world to come So no more at present wright when you feel at home

M. D. Andrew 

76 clinton co Ky
Aug the 6 1889

S. G. Andrew. 
Dear Nephew Sir
 This morning I will try to wright you a few line to let you know that I have not forgot you yet.  we are all well now but your aunt she has a very bad cold at this time.  last Saturday they thought nancy was taking the flux and I have not heard how it has turned out. we have heard of 40 odd death by flux they are looking for Clarasa Oliver to die with flux. also Wash Garner youngest child to die. the fever has started after the flux and a bowel complaint also. this country is amot of sickness it seems like Sheb you all go to washington to (purse health). so I must come to a close rite soon
good by 
H. B. Andrew

End of first letter

S. G.
I was at the Election yeasterdy the Railroad tax is certain to cary the Railroad is certain to come I killed a crow to day I was at meeting a Sundy and i went with mi girl to I am a going to the quarterly Meeting a Sundy She will be there to the 14t day of September.  Clinton Co will go under (Holesaple or Halesaple) saud he would carry the Co with $500. and Brandy and other means al the white People will vote against it and if the tax carys I will leave So I will close By saying rite soon tell

Galen  to S.G.A.

(P.S.)  Cy I would love to (squease ale the Suba)

Point View
Pawnee Co. (Kan)
June the 5th 1891

Mr. W. S. Andrew 

Dear brother
I received your picter  I think it look so much like you  I was so glad to get it  Why dident you rite  how are you getting along the hail storm took half of wheat so I wont get to go to see you all this year as we in tended to do you boys try to get Pa and Ma to come to see us  I want them to come and see us how is Ettie  and hows (name ?) getting a long tell her to rite to me and tell me what her babys name is tell me what you all are doing
 I have told you all I can think of hows Sudey  ( ? )Andrew and has (Name ?) come out ther rite soon don?t wart (Name?)

M. C. McComas 


June 10 1891
Seventy Six

Dear Brother i seat myself to answer your cind letter you said you reconed that i was a getting tired of riting to you you must excuse me for i have bin so bisey that I did not take the time to rite but i think i will not do so any more wee are all will hope you are all well and doing well I ant got much to rite wee have had 2 messes of potatos have beens nerley big a nuf to eat chereys is ripe wee have had one pie i am going in a day or two to get some to can up and i will bake a pie when you and luisa comes to help me eate it they is a heap of peaches and aples this year and berys Milt and Sary was here a sunday and susie  to She is a going to tex in August Cooper  is in Childress Co he sayes land is as good as ever a crow flew over so i will close rite soon do not think that i am a geting tired of riting to you for i am a shamed that i did not rite sooner tell etty to rite to me  Fom
      N. A. Hamon 
to all the famly

Well here I come but I dont know what to write more than wee have had rane once more Oates has fald agane Wheat not much corne is about finger hie gras faled & I think Starveasion is close at hand I dont know what I ame agoing to do but I reson starve to deth Some of Clintons boys still cills them a man once anwhile Hope you all may have plenty to eat awhile longer So I dont know what to write & will close
W. H. H. 

Wee had a nother case of murder the other day billey Pircey shot Harnon Brown and ciled him the other day i dont no what thay will do withe him but i guess will clear him he done it in self defence Brown had his gunn drawed on him and shot him in the leg but did not hurt him bad he was the father of that boy that kiled Lon Oliver i recon that they was all glad of his death so no more at present


August the 15th 1891

Dear Brother
i seat my self to drop you a few lines We are all well as comon hope you are all well they held a week of meeting last week at Seventy Six they was 3 profesed John Smith and his wife and Juley Pitman they will join the church on Saturday of the next meeting and will be babtized Mr Butram and Henry Green held the meeting Milt  has his sale the 18th of the month he ames to start the 21 of the month  Lewis  is a going to i dont now wether he will go to you or go on with milt he talks a bout going out there and take up some land Pa is talking a bout going in the spring it looks mity hard fore all the Boyes to leave him in his last dayes pore old feler he takes it so hard to see them all leave milt left here last Sunday for his last time i donte no but it semes to me like it is the last time that i will ever see him on this erth but i hope to meete him in heven where parting  comes no more i hop that wee all will meet thare and then wee will not haft to part no more so i will close fore this time
N. A. Hamon your affectionate sister

Cartwright, Ky.
Oct. 23, 1891.

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