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Charles Peyton Beauchamp 

Charles Peyton (Pate) Beauchamp 
b. August 19, 1882 to William Lewis & Rosa Leftwich Beauchamp
m. Dec 12, 1912 to Jennie Myrtyle Vaden (See Vaden Family) by Bishop Joseph S. Key at Meadowside Farm Sherman, Texas
d. January 24, 1962 in hospital at Beeville, Texas. 
Buried at Beeville, Texas
Only son to live to adulthood he grew up with seven sisters on the P.G. Beauchamp farm in Collinsville.   A fine upstanding man he was also a prankster and very adventurous.  As a young lad it is said he won the Grayson County Cotton Picking contest.  As strange as it may be, he left the farm when of age to seek adventure.  He decided cotton farming was not what he planned on making an occupation of and headed to Indian Territory.  He lived for a while in Indian territory and actually lived with the Indians for a while. He came home to Collinsville to see his parents on one occasion and came in with his hat on in the house which was taboo.  His sisters scorned him about it and when at the table, his mother told him to get that thing off his head; and low and behold, he had a Mohawk hair cut!
After a while his father bought into and ran the Brass hardware store in Roff and Pate joined him for a while in the bussiness as well as being a Deputy.  About this time he met or began couting his future bride, Myrtle Vaden, who was teaching school there.   He was a prominant member of the Masonic Lodge as were his father William and Grandfather Sabird, both members of the Collinsville lodge.   His life was full of accompishments and memerable events. such as a gunfight in Roff with a fellow officer who died from his woundswas killed, etc...   The Beauchamp's were active members of the Collinsville Methodist Church.
The Beauchamp girls of Collinsville
William Lewis Beauchamp's farm at Petrolia, Texas
Not pictured is Charles Peyton Beauchamp, brother to the girls

Peyton G. Beauchamp Family
My Great-grandfather's (William Lewis Beauchamp) brother was Peyton Graves Beauchamp.   Some military papers list him as "Paden", but it is "Peyton". 
P.G. Beauchamp owned two parcels of land on the edge of town. My great-grandfather William and family also lived on one of the two properties shown on the plat (see next page) as well as their father Sabird O. Beauchamp.
No picture is known to exsist of him or his wife.  They had no children.  The old black & white picture of the church window below is from the Methodist Church in Collinsville.  They must have been a well liked pair to have been called "Aunt" and "Uncle" in the window.   A Beauchamp family reunion was held in 1989 and when visiting the church, the window was still there."
Methodist Church Window

Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas

Containing Biographical Sketches of the Representative Public and Many Early Settled Families. 
Chicago: F. A. Battey & Company 1889
pages 67-68

Contact : Will & Karla Beauchamp

Beauchamp Family Land Plat
Peyton G. Beauchamp's Confederate Service
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