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18 February 1932

Brooks, J.W., was a pioneer peace officer and operator of the first drug store after the city of Collinsville was moved to its present site.  Mr. Books was postmaster in 1886 and was city marshal of Collinsville until his death in 1905.  He was secretary of the Knights and Ladies Lodge of Collinsville.

Daily Times Herald
Dallas, Texas
Thursday evening, July 20, 1905
pg. 3, col. 3


Officer Stabbed to Death by Prisoner at Collinsville
(Special to The Times Herald)
Collinsville, Texas, July 20 - City Marshall J.W. Brooks was stabbed and instantly killed by Z.T. Trice last evening at 2:30 p.m.  Trice had been fined by the city court about six weeks ago and had failed to pay his fine.  He came into town last evening on his way to Fort Worth to have his foot treated.  Brooks arrested him while in his buggy with his wife and took him about ten steps up the street to a chair.  Brooks returned to the buggy and was apologizing to Mrs. Trice when Trice came up behind him, cutting him to the heart and across the abdomen, either cut being fatal.  Brooks fell to the sidewalk.  A physician pronounced him dead in two minutes.  Both are men of families and have grandchildren.  Trice has a farm, living two miles from town.  He was arrested for the killing by Deputy Sheriff Mitchell.

James W. Brooks
Born November 1841, age 61
Collinsville City Marshall
Collinsville, Texas
length of law enforcement service = 5 years

Cut, Stabbed, and Killed in the Line of Duty, July 19, 1905

On Wednesday, July 19, 1905, at approximately 12:00 noon Collinsville City Marshall James W. Brooks arrested Z.T. Trice for failure to pay court fines issued six weeks earlier.  Trice was in his buggy with his wife, and on his way to Forth Worth to have his foot treated.  After making the arrest, Brooks had Trice sit down in a chair.  Brooks was apologizing to Trice's wife when Trice came up behind Brooks and cut him across the abdomen and to the heart.  Brooks fell to the sidewalk and was pronounced dead by a doctor within two minutes.
Z.T. Trice was arrested and charged with the murder of Collinsville City Marshall James W. Brooks.  Grayson County District Clerk records show that Cause #9863, The State of Texas vx. Z.T. Trice, charge - murder, was tried and on October 26, 1906, the jury gave the following ruling.  "We the hury find the defendant not guilty."
City Marshall James W. Brooks was survived by his wife Nannie, had seven children, with four surviving him.  No death certificate was made for James W. Brooks, and no cemetery records were located for him. 

Researched by Terry Baker
Assistant Chief Deputy (Retired)
Dallas County Sheriff's Department


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