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Dollarhide & Harris


Thomas W. Dollarhide, Sr.

Overton Harris

Thomas C. Dollarhide (born 1825 in Virginia) married Elizabeth Victor (1829–1919) in Scioto County, Ohio, in 1848. Moving on, they were in Tipton, Cass County, Indiana, by 1850 and in Louisville, Pottawatomie County, Kansas, by 1870. They had seven children before splitting up before 1880. He remarried, to Susan Richards, in Hickory County, Missouri, in May 1880 and had more children with her.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Dollarhide headed for Denison, Texas, with her four youngest children. The 1880 Census listed her as divorced, but later sources all described her as "widow of Thomas Dollarhide." The children, in 1880, were Gillis A. (1855–1890), Horace George (1856–1950), Thomas Willard Sr. (1857–1941), and Luella (1868–1926). An older son, John R. (1854–1950), and his wife Mattie, lived in Norman, Oklahoma. Horace George left Denison soon, perhaps joining John there. Gillis, unmarried, died in Denison in 1890, leaving Thomas W. and Luella with Elizabeth, now called "Mother Dollarshide." She lived for decades at 615 West Woodard Street.

In 1882, Thomas married Cora Lucinda Griffin (1863–1949). Born in Iowa, she was in Denison by 1880. The couple lived at 127 West Monterey Street. In 1880, Thomas was working as a fireman on the railroad. Thereafter, he focused on establishing himself in business.

In 1887, T. W. Dollarhide & Co. was selling "groceries, produce, hay, feed and grain" at 323 West Main. Associated with Tom in the business was Jesse D. Yocom, soon to become Denison's mayor.

The Sunday Gazetteer
Sunday, June 21, 18 91
pg. 1

The 1891 City Directory listed Thomas and Cora living at 1002 West Nelson Street at the corner of Chandler Avenue. At 305 West Main was Dollarhide & Harbison, selling "hardware, stoves, cutlery, tinware, guns, ammunition, sportsmen's supplies, agents for Hazzard Powder Co." The new partner was Edward C. Harbison. By 1893, Thomas was a clerk at F. E. Shaffer & Co., hardware. Elizabeth Dollarhide had gone into business with Frank E. Shaffer at 321 West Main Street.

Enter Overton Harris

Overton Harris (1857–1938) had come to Denison after 1880 from Boone County, Missouri. By 1887, he was a partner with Hiram Brooks (1856–1920) in Brooks & Harris, a firm selling groceries, provisions, and feed at 210 West Main Street. He and Hiram likely had been friends back in Cedar, Boone County, Missouri.

In 1891, according to the City Directory, Harris had become a partner with John W. Hayes in Hayes & Harris, purveyors of clothing and gents' furnishing goods, at 105 West Main Street. Both Hayes and Harris were rooming at 600 West Woodard Street and taking their meals at the McDougall Hotel.

"Hayes & Harris, Denison, Tex."
Metal button found in antique mall.
Actual size 11/16 inch. This scan is much enlarged.

Later in 1891, Harris married Elizabeth's youngest child, Luella. The next year they had a daughter, Sabra Harris, named after Overton's mother. Elizabeth lived with Luella, Overton, and Sabra at 615 West Woodard Street, while Thomas and Cora, with their four offspring, had their separate household on Monterey Street.

By 1896, Overton Harris had withdrawn from Hayes & Harris. That year the firm of Dollarhide, Maynard & Harris was selling hardware and guns at 311 West Main. This was a partnership among Elizabeth Dollarhide, M. F. Maynard, and Overton Harris. Thomas W. Dollarhide was a salesman in the store.

"Dollarhide & Harris Hardware. 311 Main Street."
Robinson, Frank M., comp. Industrial Denison. [N.p.]: Means-Moore Co., [ca. 1909]. Page 81

Dollarhide & Harbison, Guns and Hardware.
Photo by Paul Verkin, Denison Texas.
Collection of Grayson County Frontier Village.
Verkin took photographs in Denison from 1885 to around 1893

By 1903, Thomas had taken over Elizabeth's interest in the business, which had become Dollarhide & Harris, still at 311 West Main. Thomas' son Jesse worked as a clerk there by 1905.


Dollarhide & Harris advertisement in 1903 Denison City Directory
Thomas W. Dollarhide and Overton Harris, located at 311 West Main Street

In 1907 the Harris household had moved to 723 West Gandy Street. Two years later, it had moved again, to 531 West Gandy. By 1915, the home address was 531 West Woodard. Elizabeth passed away in 1919.

Advertisement for Dollarhide & Harris
Denison High School Yellow Jacket yearbook

Around 1909, Thomas and Cora moved to 630 West Woodard, a block away from Overton, Luella, and Elizabeth. Luella, who had been working as a choir director, died in 1926. Overton lived on in the house with Sabra. Unmarried, she graduated from Denison's Educational Institute in the Class of 1909 and then worked as a stenographer in the MK&T offices. Overton Harris continued to work at Dollarhide & Harris until near his death in June 1938. The business had operated at the same address, under one family's ownership, for over forty years.

H. H. Peterson's Peterson's Hardware succeeded Dollarhide & Harris at the same location.

Thomas Dollarhide lived until 1941, while his wife Cora survived him, passing away in 1949. All the immediate family members were buried in Fairview Cemetery in Denison.

Name Birth Death Comments
Dollarhide, Cora Lucinda Griffin 1863 1949 w/o Thomas Willard Dollarhide, Sr.
Dollarhide, Gililis 9 Oct 1855 15 July 1890 s/o Thomas C. Dollarhide & Elizabeth Vector
Dollarhide, Griffin Sr. 1888 1964
Dollarhide, Jessie 4 Jan 1886 1929 s/o Thomas C. Dollarhide & Elizabeth Vector
Dollarhide, Elizabeth Vector 1832 1919 w/o Thomas C. Dollarhide 
Dollarhide, Norris 1882 1883
Dollarhide, Thomas Willard 18 Dec 1856 14 May 1941 s/o Thomas C. Dollarhide & Elizabeth Vector
Harris, Luella Dollarhide 1868 1928 d/o Thomas C. Dollarhide & Elizabeth Vector
Harris, Overton 1856 25 June 1938 h/o Luella Dollarhide
Harris, Sarah (Sabra) 1892 25 July 1966 d/o Overton Harris &  Luella Dollarhide

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