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The Gowdy Family
of Grayson County

Samuel Gowdy (1790, Lancaster Co., PA - 1876, Hiatt Co., KY) was the only son of Samuel  Gowdy and an Irish mother.  His father died by the time Samuel was 2 years old.  While still a youth, Samuel migrated to Kentucky and married Nancy Burnet.

James Logan Gowdy (29 Dec 1818, Lebanon, Marion Co., KY - 1864, Tyler, Smith Co., TX) was the 2nd son of Samuel & Nancy Burnet Gowdy and head of the Grayson Co, Texas line; he married Sarah M. Bass (1814 - 1889) on 5 Jan 1841 in Green Co., KY; James and Sarah Gowdy came to Grayson County in 1855 from Kentucky with their children:

1.  William Tomas (9 Oct 1841, Taylor Co., KY - July 1902), never married

2.  Josiah Woodson (23 Sept 1843, Taylor Co., KY - 9 April 1862 in service of Confederate Army, never married

James & Susan Francis Bryson
3.  Susan Francis (22 August 1846, Taylor Co., KY); married 1) James Bryson, 20 Sept 1868; 2) J.G. Maggs of Ocean Park, Calif.

John S. Gowdy, about 1872
4.  John Samuel (b 27 Oct 1849, Campbellville, KY - 28 Dec 1882, Whitewright, TX) married Sarah Jane "Sallie Jo" Porter (14 Nov 1850-18 Feb 1935), daughter of Mary Jane Montgomery and Robert Felix Grundy Porter; she is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Texas.

5.  Mills Alford (16 April 1851, Campbellville, KY - 12 Feb 1903, Jackson, TX); married 1 Jan 1878 to Mary Ella Ray.

6.  George Benjamin (25 January 1853, Taylor Co., KY - 20 April 1920) is buried in the City
Cemetery Whitewright, Texas.  
George married Vina Margaret "Maggie" Swearingen (16 January 1875, Bloomington, TX) on 20 January 1898.
source : "Gowdy Family in Kentucky: Pennsylvania Branch"; Gowdy Family of Kentucky, vol. II

James Logan Gowdy, Private in the Texas State Troops, 2nd Regiment, Texas State Calvary State Troops for six months, "...died at Tyler, Texas while in the service of his country in 1864."

Mills Alford Gowdy, brother to John Samuel and George B Gowdy, 
lived in Jacksboro, Texas.  The christmas Card, above, may be his
house in Jacksboro, Texas.

left: John S. & Sarah Jo "Sallie" Porter Gowdy, 1876
right: John S. & Sarah Jo “Sallie” Porter Gowdy with baby Mary Ella, 1874.

They were the parents of Mary Ella Gowdy, born October 26, 1873
in Whitewright, Grayson Co., Texas.

Mary Ella and her mother, Sarah Jane Porter Gowdy in 1890, just two years
before Mary Ella’s marriage to James W. Goree in 1892.

James William Goree and Mary Ella Gowdy’s wedding portrait, 1892

The Gowdy family gave some of their land to the city of Whitewright, and there is a Gowdy Street named after the family in Whitewright.

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