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John & Eliza Magers
of Whitewright
View Their Tombstone in Oakhill Cemetery

View Tombstone of their daughter ~ Fannie

The family photo taken on the front porch of the J.K. Magers home is of John & Eliza and their family.  Behind them and on the wall there is a board with lots of pictures.  John Magers (my great grandpa) loved taking pictures of people around town.  He would hang them up on the porch for everyone to come by and see. 
Dad (
Roby Magers, father of submitter, Katherine Crabtree) said his Gramps used to make homemade taffy and sell it when the carnival would come to town.
That old house in the picture was scary to walk in but he HAD to show me where he used to stay upstairs and something about how his Gramps made his own booze.  I took a picture of the stairs inside the house because they were neat. 

The house sits right next to railroad tracks and Dad said there was always what he called hobos stopping and asking for stuff.

My great-grandparents, John King Magers & Eliza Jane Elmore, place  where Dad (Roby Magers) lived part of his childhood with them.  Their house is right down the road from his parents' home. It is standing, but barely, and was donated to the city years ago.  Behind this house there is a storm cellar with words over the door carved in concrete that it was built in 1922 by John and Eliza Magers. 

Great -Granddaughter of 
John & Eliza Magers

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