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Martha Tredway
1921 - 2004


Martha Carey was born in Madison, Morgan County, Illinois. the youngest of five children of John Foster Carey and Lena Smith.  After graduating from Cornelia High School in 1937, she attended Piedmont College and worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II. After the war, Martha met and married T.A. Tredway.
In 1950 she cut up a pair of old jeans and made the first denim diaper for her son.  This grew into a business and the family moved to her husband's home town, Greenville, Hunt Co., Texas.  After a 1957 fire, the city of  Denison attracted the growing business of Denim Diapers and Martha's other childrens clothing line.

As a pioneer of Texas political conservatism, Martha Tredway (1921 - —2004) was the first woman to run for the U.S. Senate from the state of Texas. In 1960, she ran for Lyndon Johnson'’s vacated Senate seat and was featured on the cover of Life Magazine.  The Big Spring Herald wrote in March 1961 that "a Georgia peach transplanted to Texas hopes her platform of equal rights for women will win her a seat in the U.S. Senate."
"Mrs. Martha Tredway, campaigning on an 'equal rights' for women platform, sheduled a series of hourly cruises on a large yacht on Lake Travis last Sunday to entertain interested voters." - - - The Victoria Advocate, March 22, 1961, pg.1.  
Mrs. Tredway ran as an Independent candidate in the Special Primary for the Texas U.S. Senate.  She received 1,227 votes compared to John G. Towers (Republican) 327,308 votes.  She lost her race for the U.S. Senate from Texas with only 0.12% of the vote,

Two years later, Mrs. Tredway was quoted in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal of March 2, 1963 concerning the difference education made between American and European women:
"Is the emancipated American woman too domineering, lazy, unfeminine, and sexually forward?
A sampling of American emancipated women across the country responded to that question Thursday with a resounding 'No'.  And several male sociologists and family counselors agreed with them.  The question was raised by a U.S. Information Agency poll which reports that some Euopeans think American women wear the trousers in the average family....Said Mrs. Tredway, 42, designer of her husband's childrens wear plant in Denison, Texas and recent unsuccessful candidate for the U.S. Senate on a women's business rights platform: 'Even I and many thousands of other women work, we are just as feminine as any European woman.  I think my husband would say the same thing."

Martha died in 2004 from strokes.  Her memorial service was held at the First Baptist Church in Denison.

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