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    Post Masters of Grayson County
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    Biographical pages of the Grayson County Plat Book. Many Photographs
    Glimpses of Grayson County From the Early Days - by Tom Bomar- Many biographical sketches
    William Jefferson Blythe III, President Bill Clinton's father
    Grayson County
    Military Pages

    Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Native of Grayson County

    His Family Tree

    Mamie Eisenhowers Life & Family Tree

    Olive Ann Oatman Fairchild
     Lived and died in Sherman Texas
    She is buried in West Hill Cemetery

    View her Tombstone in West Hill Cemetery

    Gene Autry
    Born in Tioga, Grayson County
    Tioga, Texas

    Buck Owens 
    Born in Sherman, Grayson County

    Grayson County People Listed in

    • Acheson, Alexander  W.
    • Acheson, Sarah  C. 
    • Bass, Thomas Coke 
    • Bivins, Lee
    • Bledsoe, Joseph 
    • Bourland, William H.
    • Brown, Thomas Jefferson
    • Burns, Rollie C. 
    • Carlisle, James McCoy
    • Cockrell, Jeremiah Vardaman
    • Coffee, Holland
    • Colville, Silas Creek 
    • Conner, Lincoln Guy 
    • Diamond, George Washington
    • Diamond, James J.
    • Dillard, Frank Clifford
    • Earheart, Joseph Bonaparte
    • Emberson, John 
    • Everts, Gustavus A. 
    • German, James Layfayette
    • Gilbert, Mable
    • Gladney, Edna   Browning
    • Gregg, Edward Pearsall
    • Guleke,  James O. 
    • Hall, Benjamin Franklin
    • Hall, Richard Moore
    • Hare, Silas Jr.
    • Hart, John
    • Herring, Cornelius Taylor
    • Hudson, J.E.
    • Hurt, James Mann 
    • Kimbell, Kay
    • Kimbell, Velma Fuller
    • Lamb,  William Robert
    • Lease, Mary Elizabeth Clyens
    • Loving, Jesse P.
    • Lively, Elizabeth Marcelle Hamer
    • McKinney, Collin
    • Means, Robert Madison
    • Munson, William Benjamin 
    • Nation, Carry Moore
    • Parmer, Allen 
    • Sophia Suttonfield Aughinbaugh Coffee Butt Porter "The Confederate Paul Revere "
    • Quantrill,William Clarke 
    • Randell, Choice Boswell
    • Reeves, George Robertson
    • Sanborn, Henry Bradley
    • Selman, John Henry
    • Shannon, Thomas Jefferson
    • Simmons, Marshall Lee
    • Stem, Jesse
    • Strong, Henry W.
    • Taylor, Robert 
    • Thompson, James George
    • Truett , George Washington
    • Walsh, Charles Clinton
    • White, Ambrose B.
    • Wight, Lyman
    • Wilkinson, Alfred Ernest
    • Young, Hugh Franklin
    • Young, William Cocke.


    Government WPA Interviews
    Containing stories about Grayson County Families
    Manuscripts from the Federal Writers' Project,
    1936-1940 National Archives

    Mrs. Jim Bolton - Sanborn Ranch and Amarillo

    Mrs. John Coleman - Frontier life in Grayson County (Cox family)

    Buster (Dad) DeGraftenried, tales of his life as a cowboy. He was from Grayson Co.; his story is long and interesting.

    Hardie Spence - His life as a Cowboy and time on the Jot Gunter Ranch

    Jesse Pipkins Loving - Memoirs of early Grayson County

    R. L. Maddox born in Grayson Co. and moved to West Texas

    J. D. Shannon shoot-ups in Denison and Alligators in Bonham

    Mrs. Agnes Mender Snyder of Sherman and her family settlement in Arizona

    J.H. Yardley , Grayson Co. Native , West TX. Cowboy



    Elaine Nall Bay

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