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June 15, 2013

Dear Daugherty or Daughety Relative,

I am hoping to finish our family history book by this coming August or September.  If I meet that goal, the final chapter of the book should go to the publisher by no later than October or November and perhaps be finished by Christmas or next spring.  This will be a leatherette-cover book of 500-600 pages, with lots of pictures and, I hope, some of your stories.  I am enclosing a pre-order form that you may use if you’d like to buy a book now.  If the number of pages of the book gets out of hand, then I will have to bump the size from 8x10 up to 10x12.  In that event, the cost of the book will have to go up, so there’s a benefit in your doing a pre-order now, just in case.

The Table of Contents of the book is as follows and the italics will tell what is covered in the chapter:

Table of Contents

First Things (coat of arms, castles, etc.)
Generation One:  From Ireland to Virginia  (Owen Dogharty I [1656-1712])
Generation Two:  A Short Life  (Owen Dougharty II [1686-1725])

Generation Three:  From Virginia to North Carolina (Owen Daughety III [1715-1785])  
Generation Four:  The Two Families (Daughetys and Daughertys)

Those Who Stayed (in North Carolina)
Owen IV

Elizabeth and Susanna
Those Who Left (for Tennessee and Kentucky)

Last Things


I have spent thousands of dollars of my own money over the last 10 years, traveling here and there to gather information.  The price you pay for the book only helps me recoup some of that money.  The profit margin, I promise you, is pretty small.  I would love to have several pre-orders from you folks, if you are interested.

Donna J. Hart

Please fill out & mail


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