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Blue Creek Cemetery
(Independence Springs Cemetery )

Blue Creek was the location of a Freedmen's Town after the War Between the States.
Independence Springs was an 'everlasting spring' used much further back by wagon trains and travelers. The 'Colored' school was located at the spring which today is on Independence Road south of Hwy 82 East of Sherman. It is on a dead end road 'L' shaped on the south side of the Hwy 82, ends at the location of the Independence School house and spring. 

The Blue Creek Settlement is often marked 'Boddie' on maps . Independence Springs CME church is located at 817 Boddie Rd, Sherman, TX . The cemetery is nearby and reported to be in bad shape.


Choctaw Creek is to the East and South of that area is the main creek that fed that part of Grayson county. Often floods and was a big fishing creek.

Cemetery by Paula

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Last          First                 Age                       Dates

Ayers William                  62y                         Oct. 1872            5 1934
Boddie Mrs. Nettis                                        10/29/1886          5/17/1960
Bowen Teana                                                 1875                    1950
Bowen  Artia                    4y, 2d                    Feb. 1920            Apr. 1924
Bowen  Alonza                40y                         1925
Bowen  Ann,  Wife of George                       Dec. 12, 1852     1/20/1900
Bower Zepher                                                4/22/1884            7/23/1960
Boyd Mr. Samuel            66y                        1897                    1/18/1963
Boyd  Mrs. Alex             83y, 7m,  19d         1/1897                 1/8/1962
Boyd  Mrs. Dennis         84y, 3m, 2d            11/1879               Jul-63
Boyd  Alvin                      27y, 6m
Boyd  Infant                                                   10/8/1942
Boyd  Marulla                20y, 23d                  Oct-22                 Aug-42
Boyd  Jefferson                                              5/3/1905              9/20/1906
Boyd Miss. Elizabeth     20y                          1909                    3/14/1929
Campbell  Geneva                                         9/22/1912             3/7/1924
Campbell   Will                                                1875           1956
Cannon Jerry                                                  7/16/1846            7/17/1910
Carroll Norman  Texas, Pvt 509 Engrs                                     10/3/1932
Cerr Fay                          32y,24d                   1932
Colham Billie                   15m                        11/21/1937 or 2
Cross Richard H.            16y, 2m,10d            5/1938                 5/30/1954
Everett Pickney M.                                         3/7/1855              7/19/1923
Everett  Anna J.                                              4/3/1862              7/12/1964
Everett  Warren E.       Brother                      2/1/1888              10/21/1913
Henderson, T.L.               29y                         1915                    5/31/1944
Henn Mrs. Bernice                                         7/22/1937
Hughes Charlotte L.                                        8-2-8                   10/23/1962
Jenkins Blanche May,  Daughter of W.M.                                6/17/1889
 and A. B&D
Jenkins America, Wife of W.M.                   2/10/1851            12/31/1891
Mack Nellie Mae                                            8/27/193?
McDaniel Beatrice Bruce                               3/19/1983             3/28/1924
Morgan Briscoe Infant   9d                            10/24/1954
Orr Mr. Thomas            94y, 10m, 14d          1841                      1/23/1935
Orr Mr. Houston                                            11/28/1892            9/11/1963
Orr  Miss Ernestine      16y                            1920                      1/3/1936
Orr Mrs. Mary                                                6/11/1905              11/4/1954
Patterson   Oneal, Son of G.E. and M.          10/9/1901               11/12/1918
Polk Ira                         38y, 10m, 3d              1903                       3/31/1941
Reid Leeander, Son of H. and Jane               5/20/1879               8/25/1881
Reid Leeanna,  wife of T.                                1830                      2/21/1905
Reid  Jane                                                        1851
Slaughter  Ophelia Dennis  29y, 4m, 12d       1912                      11/19/1941
Stark Birdie Bruce                                           4/17/1886              6/15/1921
Strange Mr?ttie?   D?                                    4/8/1905
Stubblefield, Mrs. Eudie                                  1884                      5/2/1905
Tate M. Marshall    49y, 8m, 6d                     1905                      5/7/1905
Washington Catherine                                                                   6/17/1898 *Probably another name on other side
Whitfield Henry      42y, 25m, 8d 1895            6/29/1937
Whitfield Lavell      7y                                      1927                      5/27/1934
Wright, Noah                                                   1836 - 12/2/1911 unmarked grave. 

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