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Photograph & census by Dusty Williams

Lavinia Williams Boyd
I found this Cemetery while walking through a field. I did research on the individuals here to provide more info on them.
The cemetery is located off of Flanery Road. Take Flanery from highway 1417. The road comes to a T. Take a left, you will be heading for a field. The cemetery sits in the field.
Boyd Cemetery has been vandalized very badly.

Lavinia (Williams) Boyd
Born: December 11, 1790 in Tennessee
Died: March 15, 1872 Grayson County, Texas
Aged 81 years, 3 months and 4 days
Lavinia was the wife of Hugh Boyd. In 1850, they were in Polk County, Missouri. In 1860 and 1870 they were in Grayson County, Texas. They had several children.

Hugh Boyd
Born: Circa 1785 North Carolina
Died: Bet. 1860-1870 Grayson County, Texas
I am not completely sure Hugh is buried here, HOWEVER, there is a lot of evidence that he is. Him and his wife were living here in 1860. In 1870, Hugh has died and Lavinia is widowed and living here still. She dies in 1872 and is buried in this family cemetery. It looks as if there are 2 graves in the cemetery and one is Lavinia's. One would only suspect that the other is that of her husband as the two graves are side by side.



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