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  Cottonwood Cemetery
South East of Sherman
(aka-Taylor Cemetery )
This cemetery was SE of of Sherman 
New Info and photos -2012 -from Ken Buenzow &  Ned & Judy Nickson
GPS is N 33.61862  W 96.57085 
It is on Ida road just east of Merriman Parkway.


Thank goodness some stones are left.

Read a 2003 list of this cemetery

This list is largely annotation and research. The cemetery was a fairly large community cemetery.
It had a lot of wooden markers and fieldstone markers which are totally gone now.
Read the note about its condition, at the bottom of this page.
It has suffered a lot of damage. 

The stones that have been read in the past 30 yrs, are marked * below .
It was started by the Taylor family (That is what I have been told , but I do not have a date on when the Taylor family owned the surrounding land). 
Land was given for a schoolhouse and school, The school and community were called Cottonwood and the cemetery 
was always called the Cottonwood Cemetery during that period. Most death records and obituaries read Cottonwood Cemetery.
Nowadays it is again often referred to as the Taylor Cemetery. 
Auston, Walter          Died 23 Dec 1912, age 20, died of "pernicious Malaise" (same as pernicious anemia), He was single and a farmer. 
Bower, Luther Franklin Died 22 Jun 1910, age 42 yrs and 3 dys. Father - Fielding K. Bower and mother Lycinda Chapman. He was killed by lightening.
*Brown, Margie       5 Mar 1880- 3 Aug 1910
Burns, Mrs. Mollie   Died age 55 on 22 Jan 1912, She died of uremia, she was born in Miss. dau. of J. Hutcheson & .. Osborn (b. Ms). Informant was W.P. Fauche? of Sherman.
*Canon, Ernest Elbert 1 Feb 1886 - 3 Feb 1886
Caywood, Edwin B.  20 Dec 1890-4 Dec 1910. Born in Austin Co.,Tx. ,parents M.P. Caywood b. in Tenn. and Annie McMott b. in Austin Co.,Tx. He died of acute peritonitis.
*Crouse, Mrs. Ila    23 Sep 1878 - 18 Dec 1912, age 32 yrs, 6 mos, 12 days. She died of Jaudice, family info not filled out., Wife of P.H. Crowse.
Dixon, Infant Daughter, 2 May 1910 - 2 May 1910, born premature 3 mi. S. of Sherman, Dau. of John Dixon (b. in Ark) and Rosa Sharp (b. in Mo)
Dixon, Infant Daughter, 15 Jan 1912- 16 Jan 1912, born premature 3 mi. S. of city. Dau. of John Dixon & Rosa Sharp, both born in Mo.
Dixon, Mrs. Rosa    Died 18 Apr 1913 age 32 years died. 3 miles s. of Sherman.
*Duke, James E.     10 Dec 1874 - 4 Apr 1901 , Age 27 yrs.
Estes, Little Jessie  14 Dec 1894 - 5 Feb 1896
Estes, O.E.               12 Feb 1878 - 20 May 1885
*Evans, T.F.           23 May 1802 - 27 Sep 1882
*Evans, William     27 Feb 1884 - 12 Mar 1884
Field, Jediah             22 Mar 1803 - 2 July 1885
*Foster, J.F.             ... Born in Butts Co, Ga. Died 18 May 1894
Gilford, Infant Son of D.W. Gilford (b. Pa) and Collie Nordman (b. Indian Territory). Died 19 Feb 1911 age 3 days. L. A. Nordman was the informant. Premature.(Gilmore?)
Hallman, Infant Daughter, stillborn 27 may 1913, Dau. of W.W. Hallman (b. Ga.0 and Mattie Rodgers (b. Ark.). The baby was born and died at 621 Richards St. in Sherman.
*Harris, Charles  Obituary 16 Dec 1864 - 2 Mar 1887, Son of Wm. & Susan Harris
*Holdtke, Henry( Heinrich)      1 Aug 1837  -9 Apr 1910, He was born in German and was a farmer, family info note filled out, he was married. Dr. reports " He was dead before I reached his house" cause of death unknown. 
*Masten, Wm. 22 Jul 1857 - 2 Feb 1896
*Moore, Rebecca Ann 23 Nov 1883 - 17 Sep 1894, Dau. J.H. & M.C. Moore
Murray, Marion  He died 8 Apr 1910 age 53 years, he was born in Germany. He died of congestion of brain and overwork.
Newton, Infant son of H.F. Newton (b. in Ky.) & M. M. Smith ( b. in Tx) 27 Dec 1910 - 28 Feb 1911.
  (This name looks like Newton bu may be Deaton)
*Rothrock, Katie H.  5 Dec 1875 - 14 Feb 1883, Dau. of C.W. & E.J. Rothrock
Rubarts, Infant Son, born and died 7 Aug 1910, premature. Son of W. Rubarts (b. in Ky) and Para Sims (b.Tx.)
Rutledge, Elizabeth H.  died before 14 Feb 1910(her burial date, the cert. was not properly filled out) She was age 64 yrs. family info not filled out. Cause of death: Dr. attened patient 12 Feb 1910. "She was suffering with LaGrippe and pneumonia when I saw her (I don't know when she died nor cause of death any further than stated. had an enlargement of spleen...). She died at 526 E. Cherry, Sherman, likely her residence.
*Smiley, John M.     7 Apr 1876- 28 Oct 1896, Son of J.& E. Smiley
*Staley, Fredrig J.    18 Apr 1861 - 25 Apr 1882
* Taylor, Robert K. 9 Jun 1816 - 24 Jan 1877 
Thompson, Callie    23 Sep 1911 -22 Dec 1911, Died 5 mi. S.E. of Sherman, died of indigestion. Born in Grayson Co.,Tx. Dau. of J.H. Thompson (b. Ala) and Callie Cargill (b. Tx.)
*Vaughan, Alice  5 Feb 1857 - 6 Jan 1888
*Vaughan, Carrie May    12 May 1876-19 Sep 1891
*Vaughan, E.F.   19 May 1854-24 Oct 1903
*Vaughan, Maude 10 Dec 1887 - 26 Dec 1887
Wilson, Infant Son of E.Wilson (b. Ky) and Nancy Thompson (b. Grayson Co.,Tx)  Born 16 Jun 1911 - 17 Jun 1911, premature, died on Thomas Ave. in Sherman.  Informant was J.Wilson of Thomas Ave. in Sherman. 
*Wood, Elizabeth W.   8 Jan 1859-29 Sep 1914 "Mother"
Zell,.....See Note below;

"More on Cottonwood cemetery.  My grandfather  (John Christian Zell) went to Grayson in the 1950s to visit the grave of his mother. ( Hannah  Zell,  19 Jan 1871 - 18 Feb 1899 ) He found the cemetery had been bulldozed and all the tombstones were pushed into a creek (Gully).  He confronted the farmer and was told by the farmer that he did not know any of the people buried there.  After the very heated confrontation, the farmer agreed to let Grandpa find his mother tombstone and he moved it to Parker County where he was farming.  In 1980, my dad and grandfather and me set the tombstone in the Johnson Cemetery next to where Grandpa would be buried.  I wish I had asked him where the Cottonwood Cemetery was but did not.  Dad told me it was north of Sherman.(* it is SE of Sherman )"  From; Glen Zell

Gate to the area with the cemetery. It is on private land. (for sale at this time 2012)

Tombstones Scattered around base of trees. 

Note the periwinkles marking grave sites. This cemetery was known to be a fairly large one.
It was at least a couple of acres large.



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