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 Hampton Schoolhouse Cemetery
aka Mt.Carmel and as Desert Cemetery

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33.38872 N  -  96.40266 W
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(many are not marked today) and about some of the burials.
    The Desert area was named back before the Republic of Texas, it was a popular camp spot and water hole for ox teams carrying supplies to the new settlements, a company of men were camping there and they had a cook who was a slave with them, one morning they awoke and he was gone, putting them in terrible shape as none could cook. It was called "Desertion Camp" and then finally just "Desert".
    This cemetery is often called the Desert Cemetery by oldtimers referring to it as the name of the townsite that grew near it.
    The cemetery is also called the Mt. Carmel cemetery, which is probably it's proper name as that was the name of the church which stood there. The Hampton family had given land for a church, school and cemetery; the church was named Mt. Carmel, the school named for the Hampton's. After the church closed and the school went on for a long while, leading more people to call it the Hampton Schoolhouse cemetery and of course those who called it the Desert Cemetery. The more modern and easier to get to Presbyterian "Cross Roads Cemetery" located just south of Desert was the new cemetery for the area.
    There are many unmarked graves here. It is in terrible shape.

    The book"Murder at the Corners"by Gladys Ray 1957, states that " John Baldock & Dow Nance were buried in one grave in the old Mt.Carmel Ceme.West of Desert Creek". They were part of the Peacock side of the famous "Lee-Peacock Feud"

    Austin, Hester E. wife of W.F. 29 Jan.1871-5 Oct.1890
    Bailey, Mrs. Joe           died 25 Dec.1886 unmarked
    Bird, Mrs. Sarah           died Aug.1887 age of 76        unmarked
    Blackwell, Infant          son of J.M.& L.J. Blackwell Died 7 Sep 1887
    Blackwell, Sentine      dau. of J.M.& L.J.Blackwell 21 May 1868-28 Feb 1889
    Blevins, George M.      30 Dec 1879-18 Oct 1882, son of H.F. & S.J. Blevins
    Blevins, John W.         1875-1905
    Blevins, Martha            7 Jan.1853-9 Apr.1882 wife of William J. Blevins
    Blevins, Stewart L.      23 Nov.1885-22 Mar 1886
    Blevins, Vona A.          21 Oct.1888-9 Sept.1889 dau. of H.F.& S.J.Blevins
    Blevins, William J.       27 Sept.1845-26 Jan.1897
    Buchanan, Lexington H. 17 Oct.1879-31 Sept.1880  son of J.L.& J.H.Buchanan
    Buchanan, Maggie A.   1 Apr.l862-7 Sept.1903    wife of W.D. Buchanan
    Buchanan, Norah         10 June 1883-2 Aug.1883     dau. of W.D.& M.A.Buchanan
    Buchanan, William       30 May 1907-19 Feb.1908    son of W.D.& F.B.Buchanan
    Butter-Butler , spelled both ways.
    Butler, Arizona              3 Aug.1879-9 Mar.1881  dau. of M.E.& J. Butler unmarked
    Butler, Elizabeth Ann 13 Nov.1815-27 Apr.1894  wife of Ransom ; This stone and Ransom's was
    moved to Burns Cemetery near Trenton, the graves were not emptied but the stones moved.
    Buttler, Ida H.              13 Mar.1877-3 Oct.1879
    Buttler, James             5 Jan.1836-28 Feb.1881
    Butler, Ransom          19 Apr.1815-27 Dec.1882 Born in Virginia, stone moved.
    Clark, Susan                30 June 1818-23 May 1890  wife of William Clark
    Clark, William              4 Feb.1815-17 June 1893
    Crouch, Infant Son    2 May 1892-7 May 1892
    Crouch, Walter           28 Apr.1890-27 Jan.1891
    Damron, Maggie A.    22 Jan.1883-6 Feb.1884 dau. of J.W. & M.J. Damron
    Damron, William E.   10 Feb.1887-22 Sept.1887 son of J.W. & M.J. Damron
    Dillard, Jesse              1 Feb.1882-2 Oct.1882 , son of M.L.& E.R.Dillard
    Fletcher, Emily   wife of Wilkerson
    Fletcher, Wilkerson  father of Elizabeth
    Footstone reading B.B.
    Frogge, Ellen J.         14 Aug.1861-7 Feb.1869 dau. of F.M.& R.C.
    Frogge, J. broken stone
    Frooge, Francis M.     22 Mar.1820-25 Apr.1866 Husb.of R.C.
    Gardner, Cordela        29 Aug.1864-29 July 1885  dau. of B.A.& M.E.Gardner
    Gardner, John H.        23 Jan.1882-5 Mar.1883   son of B.A.& M.E.Gardner
    Gentry, Elizabeth       12 Aug.1840-11 May 1911 wife of Martin
    Gentry, Martha J. Elms 27 June 1858-16 Mar.1878  wife of S.V. Gentry
    Gentry, Martin             28 June 1827-4 May 1890 Mason
    Glass, John M.           11 Nov.1870 aged about 29 years
    Golden, Bossie          16 Nov.1880-5 Aug.1883
    Golden, John (Rev.) 20 June 1806-10 Apr.1880
    Golden, Sarah (Sarah Ann Lewis) 1813-1895    wife of Rev.John Golden
    Golden, Thomas W.  14 July 1848-4 May 1888  husb. of Cora
    Goodrum, Granville Hickman  16 Apr.1824-7 Nov.1875 CSA
    Grounds, Flora A.      22 Jan.1865-21 July 1889   wife of T.J.Grounds
    Hampton, Mary aged 5 yrs,5 months, 10 days
    Hampton, William M.   10 Jul. 1852-14 Jul 1861 Age 10 yrs 4 dys
    Harrison, Bettie            3 Jun 1893-6 May 1894
    Harrison, Ethel             7 Dec.1890-23 June 1896
    Harrison, Ida B.            20 Aug 1866- 2 Dec.1893
    Ingram, Dorcas            1824-1883
    Jordan, John H.           b.& d. 5 Jan.1880
    Jordan, John H.          11 Feb.1843-25 July 1879
    Keller, Beulah               1  July 1886-13 June 1887
    Lafever, Robert            1 Mar.1818-6 June 1883
    Land, Rufus                  22 Aug.1878-29 Apr.1887
    Lorance, John L.        15 Jan.1828-25 Apr.1883  husb. of Sarah O. Lorance
    Mangrum, John I.        11 Jan.1841-30 June 1882 husb. of M.A.Mangrum
    Marchman, H.A.           29 Jan.1867-24 Aug.1888
    Martin, Alma E.            25 Aug.1888-8 Oct.1888 dau. of P.L.& S.E.Martin
    McCollom, E.D.           13 Jan 1894-17 Jan 1896 son of J.S.& V.R.McCollom
    McCollom, Grover S.  29 Mar 1885-1 Jan.1896 son of J.S.& V.R.McCollom
    McCollom, Hurshal K. 15 Feb.1892-16 Oct.1892 son of J.S.& V.R.McCollom
    McCollom, Infant dau. of James & V.R. McCollom   b.& d. 4 May 1884
    McCollom, J.S.            18 Mar.1808-1 Mar.1887
    McCollom, Jonathan S. 23 Mar.1859-5 Apr.1859  son of J.S.& M.A.McCollom
    McCollom, Missouri   22 Mar.1879-13 May 1887    dau. of J.S.& M.A. McCollom
    Mccollom, Nancy J.    5 May 1850-21 Sept.1869
    McCollom, Ura M.        6 June 1884-8 Sept.1885   dau. of R.M.& N.M.McCollom
    McCollom, Url               6 June 1867-24 Sept.1876  son of James S.& Nancy M.A.McCollom
    McCollom, William       2 Apr.1858-5 Jan.1870   son of J.S.& M.A.McCollom
    Morrison, Elizabeth    11 Apr.1815-26 Aug.1859
    Morrison, Harvey        31 Jan. 1829-23 July 1881   husb. of Rebecca G.
    Morrison, J.                   27 Oct.1811-12 May 1859
    Morrison, Jonathan     8 Jan.1872-16 Feb.1892 son of Harvey & Rebecca G.Morrison
    Norwood, George       22 Nov.1877-18 Aug.1879   son of W.J.& M.R.Norwood
    Norwood, Maggie E.    9 Aug.1857-21 Oct.1878   dau. of J.S.& M.E.Norwood
    Page, Mary M.                aged 27 years
    Scott, Malindie C.         Died 12 Mar.1888 wife of N.J.Scott aged 52 yrs.
    Smith, James O.           4 Mar.1881- 2 May 1889   son of G.A.& J.A.Smith
    Smith, Victory               20 Oct.1858-28 Oct.1881    dau. of J.R.& P.M.Smith
    Thacker, Beatrice       17 Jan.1887-14 Feb.1887
    Thacker, James M.      27 Oct.1859-24 Dec.1889
    Tidwell, Henry E.         19 Nov.1889-12 Dec.1890   son of H.F.& J.E.Tidwell
    Tidwell, Henry F.         20 July 1843-31 May 1918- unmarked today
    Tidwell, Julia               14 Feb.1848-21 Sept.1913 wife of H.F.Tidwell
    Tidwell, Willie F.          22 July 1871-18 Nov 1872 son of H.F.& J.E.Tidwell
    Tomlinson, Mary E.    22 Apr.1872-14 Sept.1882   dau. of W.A. & B.J. Tomlinson
    Tomlinson, Ruby L.   24 May 1885-12 Sept.1887   dau. of W.A. & B.J.Tomlinson
    Walker, M.C.                 25 Jan.1865-7 Nov.1885 wife of W.A.Walker
    Walker, Mary .              1816-8 Feb.1882 wife of W.G.
    Walker, W.G.                1813-20 Oct 1873
    Wallace, Bulah            30 Jan.1885-2 June 1888    dau. of J.E.& N.J.Wallace
    Wallace, Lillian            died January 1885 aged 3 yrs.4 mos.3days
    Webster, C.                  25 Jan.1863-7 Nov.1885
    Withrow, Alonzo        9 Jan 1818-25 Apr.1887

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