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 Goverment Cemetery No. ?
(Official Number is not known)

by Charlotte Holder

Government cemetery was created circa 1942 when Lake Texoma was built. The people buried here were moved from another cemetery which is now under the Lake. There are several Funeral markers which simply state Unknown. The cemetery is very grown up and there are several unmarked graves. Charlotte's list was made in the 1980's.
Read Dusty Williams list of this cemetery in 2007, includes photos.

Belgar, Baby                          no dates
Belgar, Henry                        no dates
Echols, Alfred                        6 Dec 1866-5 Jul 1872
Echols, Ruth                                     1823-         1869
Echols, Terry                                    1803-         1872
Jackson, Martin D.              5 Sep 1871-9 Sep 1876 Son of J.D. & S.L. Jackson

McKenzie, W.J.                    no dates
McKenzie, Jim                      no dates
McKenzie, Asa                     no dates
Oglesby, Daniel                    no dates
Oglesby, James                    no dates
Oglesby, Mary                     no dates
Oglesby, McIrving               no dates
Oglesby, Sarah                     no dates
Oglesby, Samuel                  no dates

Boles, Allen                          no dates
Boles, Effie J.                       no dates
Simco, Charity E.               31 Jan 1832-31 Aug 1876
Simco, David C.          21 Dec 1849-18 Aug 1876  Son of D.W. & K. A. Si,co
Simco, Kathy Ann       7 Jul 1867- 40 yrs 11 mos 6 dys Wife of David W.Simco

Webb, A.F.                       16 Feb 1838-12 Mar 1889
Webb, W.A.                      no dates

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